You Tube Tutorial How To QUILT Quilting Tutorial – Easy

Capn America Projects Hi this is Coreen from
Capn AMerica Projects and today I’m going to show you a fun and easy way of making a
beautiful quilt to enjoy. How to make a quilt part 1. Alright so the first step for making
a quilt was to cut out a lot of squares. And so I used a 5 inch by 5 inch tile and cut
out squares of the fabric that I had on hand and I understand that you can go to a fabric
store and buy quilting squares so you don’t have to do that but I was just too cheap.
I just used what I had. And so I laid out on a sheet the pattern that I wanted to do
and how I’m sewing it together is I’m going row by row. So I have 2 rows sewed together.
So I just took two squares and I sewed along the edge there so when you open it you won’t
be able to see the seam. So that is what I did with these two rows and I’m just going
to go row by row and then after I’m done with that then I’m going to attach the rows together.
And after that then I will probably attach the body of the quilt to this sheet or I might
just use the sheet as a backing. I haven’t decided yet. Ok now I have all the rows sewn
together so now we have the basic top all done. And then I’m going to use this sheet
as the backing and it wasn’t long enough all the way around. So I ended up just cutting
it and sewing it together so that it can be long enough because what I’m going to do is
I’m going to fold it over and sew it to the top. Then it will have a nice border all the
way around it. Ok so the next step will be to get some batting to put in between these
layers. And then I’m going to make a simple design on the off-white squares. I think I’m
going to have lines going one way and then the other way on the adjacent squares. So
I went and got some batting. I just got a thin version of batting because I don’t know
how much my sewing machine can take. And it was only about 5 dollars at Walmart. So I
just laid it flat and laid the quilt top on it and so what I’m going to do is just cut
around the edges and then I’ll have the right size of filling to go ahead and start sewing
my quilt with. I put the tension on 3 because the thicker the material the greater the tension
needed supposedly. So I went ahead and did the pattern of stripes
going one way on a square and the other way on the square. I did that all the way around
the blanket. And I sewed the batting on to it while I was doing that. So now I can start
to attach the back of the blanket. And you’ll notice that some places I have wide stripes
and other places I have nice tight stripes. It seemed to work out ok. It looks alright
but it is just because I was getting sick of sewing. But anyway it turned out good.
So I’ll show you what I’m going to do now. So here is the backing that I cut out. It
was just an old bed sheet. So I’m going to lay it flat on the ground and then I’ll lay
the blanket on top of it. To keep the bed sheet nice and taunt. Taunt? I’m going to
take stick pins and pin it to the back of it then sew each edge of the blanket at a
time to the backing and then when I’m done with that. 1 Corinthians 13:4 then I will
just fold over the backing and then I’ll sew on a pretty border for the whole blanket and
that will be basically what I’ll do to make the body of the blanket.