What the Hell is a ROMPHIM? | Sewing Shoutout on SNL ‘Scorpio’ | Organizing Projects | LIVE SHOW

hey everybody I’m sorry I’m a little bit tardy this week I literally just got back from a baby shower went a little bit long I had a good time in case you don’t know me I’m Jennifer Moore with the sewing report I help you discover your love of sewing through videos articles live shows like this one where we talk about sewing issues and the things that affect us and this is a special LIVE edition once again and there’s a few things right off the bat that we just really need to get to number one and I’ve got some some picture evidence right here the number one like thing that everybody’s been talking about this week is the romphim what the hell is this thing it’s a romper for men have you ever heard of this like what what is up with this trend so we’re going to talk about some fashion trends also talked about in this episode we’re going to talk about sewing and the shoutout that it got last night Saturday Night Live which was very cool I was pretty excited about that give me one second I’m actually just going to log in over here so I can see some of your comments and everything and thank you for joining me I apologize for being tardy today but you know I didn’t want to miss out on some life events so I decided to just push the show back this week and actually um next week I’m gonna have to work next weekend so I’m actually going to be at a might just this light over here’s a little intense I have to work next weekend so I’m actually going to be putting up a pre-taped show just so that there’s something here for you guys so I’m not leaving a hanging so hopefully that is okay with you but feel free to let me know in the comments what you think and again let’s let’s just start talking hello champagne twists are a champagne twist this year hopefully this time difference didn’t get everybody all screwed up and whatnot but we are in case you can’t tell we are alive in my bedroom again yes and that door does not have any trim on it really long story um but hopefully we’ll be getting that back up hopefully soon so and I’ll be able to see your comments over here too but it might be a little wonky because I might you you might just kind of see me glance over here every once in a while but I really wanted to talk about the raw PIM which I’ve heard literally everybody at work was talking about I’ve seen it all over Facebook and election log into facebook home here as well what do you think of this trend it’s a romper for men I don’t really like there’s a Kickstarter for it and oh holy cow so the original goal for this Kickstarter was $10,000 as of right now that $10,000 has been smashed because three hundred and fifty four thousand dollars have been raised for the RompHim Kickstarter which is the the romper for dudes so is this something that you would buy is this something you’re the guys in your life would be interested in I was curious like I feel like this is kind of a novelty item like guys would buy it once where – like a 4th of July party or a cookout or something just as a novelty I don’t know if I see this trend being more of a long-term thing um so yes so let’s take a look at some of the Rob him photos this guy looks like he’s having the time of his life here um on is that like some patio furniture or something all right Tara terraces hell no my man said turn the channel that’s funny so your man would would not be interested in the Rob him is that are you is that a safe assumption so here’s some other action photos of the the product and yeah and all like okay guy on the treadmill using it cuz that’s what you do you go to the gym in your romper um this gentleman right here he looks like he’s having a good time um also like I’ve noticed not to be okay Zoey says my best friend would love the Robin and so here’s my question so what is the for the guys that are interested in this what is have they said what the appeal is like are what it is it the Comfort idea or is it like the idea that it’s just one piece of clothing that they don’t have to worry about I don’t know terraces that’s as bad as the dirty pants at Nordstrom for 400 I saw those Dara and I would have to agree with you that was a pretty ridiculous fashion I’m along with those didn’t they sell jeans with like clear knees like there was like a clear window and it had like a piece of vinyl in it or something I saw a lot of problems with it and here’s a bunch of guys having a blast in their wrappers for men so of course we we had to talk about this this is yeah this is definitely um definitely something something we need to discuss champagne twist says to each to their own but I’m not sure this is more than a bad and I would have to agree with you I think this is sort of sort of like a kitschy item I don’t know Zoe says my best friend is gay he loves new fad okay so they said that your friend likes it because it’s kind of the in the moment type of thing okay that that makes sense you know sort of like with women we’ve got the year of the sleeve we’ve got the cold shoulder tops we’ve got the sleeveless tops anything with ruffles and I’ve also noticed pom-pom trim which I have also been using it seems to be a really hot for this season I don’t know so yeah there’s a lot of trends that are pretty interesting this year also stripes gingham gingham seems really huge I personally have not made any gingham items it looks it looks cool I like gingham I would like to work with gingham but my fabric stash is out of control so I’m trying to keep it I’m trying to kind of keep it keep it reigned in here so I don’t go too crazy but uh yeah oh here’s the like paint splattered Rompin okay I’m not really sure who this girl is okay oh oh it’s a co-founder Elaine okay so Elaine is partly responsible for this phenomenon with the male rappers and on the kick stirrer said is it a Rob Ford design for men sure but it’s also pretty damn comfortable and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution I do feel like that that’s a little bit of a yeah a big statement to make right now I will see how long these things stay popular for I’m curious they are $95 but alright so they’re 95 bucks and I heard some people at work be like oh that’s really expensive on yes compared to something you buy it you know sears are like forever 21 that is expensive but one brownie point I would like to give to the Rob him is that they are made in the USA under manufacturing location it says though we have identified a production partner in Chicago if this partner is unable to satisfy demand in a timely manner we may move some of our manufacturing to Los Angeles regardless the product will be made in America so you know I have to say to the Rob him I really applaud you for making sure these garments are made in in a more uh in a morally responsible way and I think it’s cool that they’re made right here in the States Zoey says Jennifer you should make a romp in for your hubby Zoey I did show him to rob him I can’t say James James was not interested in rougher for men um so I probably won’t be making one for for him in the near future but I def host this on Facebook earlier in the week and I said something like it’s only a matter of time before someone someone in the sewing community comes up with a pattern or start selling a version on Etsy so if you’re an Etsy seller out there make a romp in and sell it for like 20 bucks cheaper although maybe not honestly that’s something I’m generally kind of against because I think it devalues um the talent of sewing overall but I you know sort of like how when those freshly picked baby leather moccasins were real popular everyone started selling them I think that’s something to keep in mind okay so we’ve got a comment my hubby was not interested either and yeah so yeah James not not into the Rob him idea um although that was not surprising to me at all but I think it’s an interesting you know I think anytime that something so nuh you know becomes sort of the the water cooler thing of the week I think that’s something to to take in mind you know kittenish behavior says hello hello hello and kiddush behavior by the way I I know I enjoyed your recent make where you posted some drone video of you in a dress which was pretty awesome so I think um kittenish behavior that says to me I need to step it up a few notches I do not have a drone but maybe maybe maybe I’ll I’ll try to uh to figure that out so if you haven’t checked out kittenish behavior her channel is awesome and uh she I love her personality she’s just very like Honda nose she’s just very sassy and hilarious okay so kiddush behavior says that was all new someone hey Linda from Mon Montana and if you are watching today feel free to show me some love let me know where you’re watching from what you’re doing this fine weekend and be sure to hit that like button so I know that that people are actually watching besides me um terraces that’s it I’m making man leggings would you call that Manning’s like meggings I don’t know like are we so is this a new thing or we’re taking fashion trends for women and then just translating them to men also we should make the guys in sleeveless some off the shoulder tops and cold shoulder top cold shoulder tops for men that would be kind of Awesome see yeah that’s a trend that I I just think this is interesting oh and um everything I’m talking about in this show I’m linking in the description box so I have linked to a couple stories about the romp in the Kickstarter if you’re interested in that I’m also linking to some other 2017 fashion trends that I’ve been seeing the one trend that I really little actually there’s two trends that I really like I love ruffles so I’m definitely going in fact the dress I’m wearing today incorporates some ruffles this is the one I wore to the baby shower alright so this is this is ruffle sorry I don’t want to show you any leg but um this was one this is the the Rebecca Schiff dress by sis boom patterns and it’s a Jennifer paganella fabric Zoey says yes Linda I’ve been seeing guys for Capri or cropped length pants and Pixies here Melinda hello from is it Rehoboth Beach I never knew how to pronounce it and I always feel like I’m pronouncing it wrong Delaware but Melinda when I was little my grandma actually gave me a Rehoboth Beach t-shirt I think from one of her vacations so it was one of my favorite shirts for a long time because it was like pink and ahead really cool like pastel letters on it and had like a like an Adirondack chair and in case you don’t know I grew up in Buffalo New York which is like the farthest place from the beach and yeah we didn’t have I you know I wish I’d grown up somewhere like sunny and tropical and cool but um you know I’m Buffalo is known for chicken wings uh a lot of losing sports teams and really really really like cold AF weather like alright champagne twist is why can’t they just call it in all-in-one rather than referring to the item is for men oh and I’m willing to thank you thank you for the councilman on the dress and that’s a good I think that’s a good question you know why not just make robber robbers you know ralpherz / everybody you know I feel they just seem a little weird that they’re distinguishing it from rob / to rob him like Anna no but you know I guess I get you know what though it worked because this product is gone viral so obviously what they were doing was was trying to play on that in and they were successful because everybody knows about this now became like it was mentioned on Saturday alive I’ve seen so many stories about it you cannot escape the romper for guys okay so hobo so rah-rah hobo Beach wait Rehoboth Beach I don’t know I and I’m really bad at pronunciation so whatever I have to say something that’s like a place I’ve never heard of it’s always it’s always a disaster so yes there’s a rapper for guys and this okay yeah so there’s a these gentlemen also sporting the rubbers okay oh this is apparently a shout-out to James Bond who apparently was like the og for romp ins so they’ve been doing that but yes there’s a lot of trends but the trends that I personally am really looking forward to incorporating into my handmade wardrobe are definitely ruffles in fact I have plans to take some patterns and add ruffles sleeves and ruffle details to them so that’s something I would definitely like to do the summer and I’m also really um I’m a really big fan of like interesting sleeves like they are everywhere like there’s a few McCall patterns that are really incorporating sleeves I’ve seen like I just think sleeve detailing is so interesting and coincidentally I took this like one day workshop locally here and and it was about how to alter commercial patterns to do different sleeves so I feel like I’m kind of well equipped to do it now I suppose um so hopefully okay so Linda see I rappers linka says okay we need to read the comment from Linda rappers are great until you need to use the bathroom it is a very very valid point oh and there was you know what I forgot I should have put this in the UM I should have put this in the description box but I saw a product last not not a couple days ago but like last week on shark tank called Linda you’d appreciate it’s called the bridal buddy just Google bridal buddy and it’s this product that’s supposed to be for brides I personally have never worn a wedding dress I have married but I’ve never worn a wedding dress and you’re supposed to put this um you know sewn item on under the dress and then it’s like a net for your dress so it’s got like little like sleet like handle sleeves on it so you’re supposed to kind of draw it up like a drawstring um / net over the dress hook it to your shoulders and that’s supposed to make it easier to use the bathroom on your wedding day which I thought was a pretty ingenious product for people in that situation are a Melinda says working on an off the shoulder top with recycled tops from thrift stores love cool sleeves yes and Melinda that I’m not really I’m down with the sleeves I am so I’m really trying to think of ways I can take patterns I already have so I don’t have to buy new ones and try to figure out how I can hack them in fact I’ve been trying to think of there’s a few top patterns I have that would be easy to add a gathered skirt to it so I could make a dress out of it just because then I would be able to UM you know have that top and then you know make a dress without buying a new pattern um so there’s so there’s that also we need to talk about Saturday Night Live if you’re not in the States I’m not sure are you able to watch Saturday Night Live on YouTube from what I understand like I have a friend in Canada and he says that sometimes like depending on where he’s logged in from on his browser there it’s like regional so some people might have trouble watching 7at live in other countries okay we got a couple other comments I’ll read for years trying to learn to make little girls summer dresses but can’t pass the difficulty of pattern would you recommend no classes for that where I live actually um two year amp to your point I actually bought some patterns from a nad paddling company called fresh stitch patterns just getting your computer in Google that fresh stitch patterns and I recently made something called the play group dress and I’ll show you a picture of it I actually this was one of the gifts I gave at the baby shower day okay champagne twist says daisies are going to be huge in spring and summer but you didn’t 18 but you didn’t hear that for me daisies that is an interesting one to watch so okay so I’ll show you some pictures of the dress I made this is a kid’s dress and I do like making children’s clothes oh and you know what I almost forgot because I just got home at camp here I’m sorry guys I don’t have the prod luck this week because I just came right upstairs so I dropped the ball on that all right so to the gal that was interested in making children’s dresses this is a dress I made for a little girl and super cute pattern pretty easy to make and the pattern is pretty cheap so um go to go to fresh stitch patterns look just look them up and this lady was having a sale on her patterns so they were only a dollar each so I bought like for children’s patterns just because I figured at some point I would have to be making children’s clothes as gifts for somebody they also have really cute baby romper patterns but what I like about this dress was that it had like these little side accents of color so it’s a little more color blocked and I thought that added some detail some interesting detail with the dress I also of course added pom-pom trim because how could I not and it really went with it but I will be posting pictures more pictures later this week on Instagram and believe in lot guys I’ve actually been blogging um I did a blog post just to straight up blog post this morning at soigneur port calm if you’re interested in looking at it um I have a bunch of things that I’ve made in the past like last year that I just didn’t have very good pictures of like I made this outfit out of it’s like a hot pink outfit and I didn’t I didn’t have any good photos so James and I were somewhere yesterday to meet some people and before we met up with them we took some pictures in Midtown Atlanta and I’m not gonna lie I think they turned out I think they turned out pretty good I did post a few of them on Instagram so if you don’t follow me on Instagram you can check them out here and I even change I’ve changed my profile picture everywhere to one of the new photos that I think looks a little more updated so I posted a couple pictures of uh of my photoshoot there and then I literally did which is weird because I’ve been mostly vlogging and not doing a lot of uh I’ve been mostly vlogging on and not doing a lot of blogging but I actually did like just a regular blog with no video today which felt kind of weird but I think I might do one for this little girl’s dress I made just because I didn’t shoot video of it but I got some decent pictures of it and I think it’s a really cool pattern so here I’ll show you the blog post okay or are you and yes after this I promise we will get to the rock on Saturday Night Live because we totally have to talk about this so so yeah so here are some of the pictures that we took and then I detail kind of what the patterns are and what fabrics I used and then I also took a few photos of some of the purses I’ve made so yeah so yes so to the gala on fuller girls dress I will bend for you I will definitely do a blog post post all the photos it was actually a really easy pattern and the bodice is lined so you didn’t have to worry about doing like bye so one of the things I don’t like about like say dresses like this is that I have to do bias fighting for the sleeves and I really really that’s like one of my least two more things to do so the fact that the bodice of that girl’s dress was lined made it a lot easier for me to work with so I’m a fan of anything that’s line and I really I’m trying to incorporate more line garments into my own wardrobe just because I think that’ll help up my skill level for sewing yes so I will be posting the pictures and definitely if you’re not following my me on Instagram I’m at sewing report and I’ll also be posting some pictures there as well so Melinda says my daughter is 22 and I used to make her a dress a day but not anymore yeah I’m making a dress for a 22 year old it can’t be a little more complicated because with kids clothes you know the fit doesn’t matter they don’t have boots you know little girls don’t have chesticles yet so they don’t have to worry about that kid misbehavior says I love lined garments Pacey’s annoy me you’re right facing is kind of annoying me too although I like I don’t know I have trouble I’m having trouble really getting my mind around the lining there’s so many techniques used in doing the linings that I just feel sometimes it can be a little intimidating so I end up taking the easy way out which is the facing which I shouldn’t but um that’s where I’m at right now but we totally need to talk about the rock on Saturday Night Live Dwayne Johnson otherwise known as the rock or you know I don’t know mutton possibly the most like physical physically fit person on the planet um he did the sketch last night that was a shout out to sewing specifically Sony not even in a general sense but in a very specific sense and I posted some clips on my Instagram stories last night while this happened because I was like oh this I cannot believe this so the premise of the sketch was that he is the superhero named Scorpio and Scorpio like his I don’t know if it was like a Lois Lane type chick but he’s at this woman’s office with her in her office mates or all women and they don’t really care about the superhero part they’re just so distracted by the fact that he designs his own costumes and sewed his own clothing so champagne twist says the advantage of faison’s are they use less fabric more cost-effective but I agree I prefer buliding and if anyone has any good lining tips for me please feel free to throw them out there at me – all right so kiddush behavior says I agree have you seen the Sola hullick can’t be dressed so long it was a really just script good description of inserting a lining using your machine with no slip stitching I use that method all the time right now I’m gonna have to look that up because yeah like the linings for some reason I just can’t get my mind around it and I just have trouble so yes ah kiddush behavior are I don’t know if you’re able to watch the SNL link on YouTube but it’s in the description box so but I know sometimes I feel that regionally people have trouble watching um those clips if they’re not in the States I don’t know if that’s a problem for you but hopefully you could watch because that Scorpio sketch was amazing and it was awesome cuz at one point he’s like oh I made a winter capelet for winter missions would you like to see it and all the women are like oh my gosh yes alright kiddush behavior oh and it’s in the description box so you don’t even have to go anywhere to find it Saturday Night Live posts a lot of their sketches on YouTube so as long as you can watch the youtube link you should be good because the sketch was hilarious so yeah one point he’s like I made a wig a winter cape a wig capelin for winter missions would you like to see it and they’re like oh yeah and then this lady’s like how does it not crease at the seams and he’s like oh that’s because I cut it on the bias so they actually use some real sewing terminology and my guess is that I’m sure Saturday and none I’m sure Saturday Night Live employs quite a few seamstresses and costumers on the show so they actually probably I’m going to guess they probably got that information from those people Linda says you can also go to the SNL and see all the skits as well Linda that is correct although I will say though um SNL is really good about putting all the good skits on YouTube so I sort of like that it’s all in one place too so that kind of makes it convenient for me just because I don’t know I just I just like being on YouTube obviously I do YouTube and I I enjoy it I enjoy watching all kinds of channels so I’m a big YouTube fan and that’s that’s where I tend to watch all of my my stuff but Saturday Night Live does have a lot of those things on their YouTube channel and I’ve also linked it in the description box it’s called Scorpio S&L sketch starring join the rock Johnson and fun fact for you guys I actually met him once in person and he was like really he was a really super nice guy um he seems nice and he seems kind of down her he seems very down-to-earth in interviews and whenever you seem like promoting movies and stuff but I can personally test that um medium up close and personal he was just as nice just as friendly really cool guy and he was very like soft-spoken like he he’s not a loud bump basket guy like in some of the sketches obviously he needs to be or some of his acting roles but um he was just he just seemed like such a gentle soul Heidi says just saw the basket hilarious I know I was so I almost started shouting when I saw that I was so excited so if you haven’t seen it check it out I also kind of post some of my reactions on Instagram in the story section um just because I thought everyone in the sewing community needs to know about this this is awesome but yeah so you know um the in the reason I met and I’ll kind of explain how I met this guy um my old job I’m a my background is as a television producer and what am I edek at a few of my previous jobs um I I don’t know my role just involved working with celebrities like one job I had I produce celebrity interviews and entertainment pieces and then for a while I actually worked at the Home Shopping Network for several months and I worked with celebrities there and and another job I had I was a planner so I would end up booking a lot of segments for our morning show and sometimes we would have legitimate celebrities that were willing to come in on like a Friday or a Saturday at some weird time you know to come do an interview um and a lot of the interviews we did were pre-taped so um we met the rock that was actually one of my first work assignments work actually working with the celebrity like he was one of the first celebrities I ever met he was opening a ride at Universal Studios it was like some sort of like movie it was some sort of like natural disaster type ride but what Universal does in other parks do is they’ll make some new ride and put a celebrities face on it and then the celebrity like Brendan Fraser has done them some Jimmy Fallon I think um so then the celebrity for the opening they’ll come and promote the ride so we went to Universal Studios so the rock could promote his new ride this was a really long time ago this was ten guys this was this was 10 years ago I can’t believe I’m can’t believe uh I’ve been doing this that long but I have but uh he was a really cool guy and uh you know and I was I’ve been really excited cuz he’s been doing so well professionally he’s been in so many movies um and he seems like a nice guy cuz you hear about celebrities some of them are always seeing some of them don’t always seem super nice or some of them kind of seem like they’re probably demanding in real life but in real life the rock was a totally cool guy so that is my rock story alright oh kittenish behavior says that link works I’ll be back and forth in four minutes all right well kiddush behavior we will be here for you uh hi he says he’s one of my favorites and yeah he’s really he’s actually a very good comedic actor um and actually I saw one of his recent movies with Kevin Hart called like Central Intelligence and it was actually pretty funny so Zoey says one of my friends is the biggest crush on the rock she even got a full sized poster 1 year and took him as her date to a Christmas party Zoey that’s awesome she should totally like try to Instagram that she should definitely send a picture to him he seems like the type that would respond back or at least have an assistant respond back um cuz that’s that’s pretty cool that’s very cool so yeah he’s a very nice he seems like a very nice guy um so yeah so that is my rock celebrity story I’ve got more to but I don’t want to bore you guys with it so let’s move on and next I want to talk a little bit about a sewing organization so I’ve been trying to I’ve been really trying to kind of document more of my sewing projects just so that I don’t forget about them because it’s very easy to forget about what you’ve made not be able to keep track now I keep track of your fabrics so I’ve got a link in the description box for this too but I found these really cool free printables free on Pinterest and they’re to help document your sewing projects so I’ll show I’ll show you in mind this is actually for the rebecca shift dress that I’m wearing so you kind of it’s you know and again I got in I’ve got a LaserJet printer so that’s why it’s not in color but you can detail like the details pattern fabrics you used fabric sources what kind of thread used in notes and then you can put some swatches down I just glued these on with Elmer’s washable school glue and so I just cut them using pinking shears and I just use scraps but I’ve been starting to make these for all of my projects just to keep track of what I’m doing and I really like these so I’m going to continue doing these for future projects and this is actually for the dress that I made for the little for the little girl so yeah so these printables are pretty cool and you can also so I downloaded a few different ones I downloaded the sewing projects one and then I also downloaded a sheet this lady owns she’s got one for like knitting projects crocheting projects this is to keep track of your fabric inventory so it’s in what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put three I’m gonna use my three-hole punch so how you says I take pictures after I make something and then I get bogged down in deciding how to tell or organize projects and that is true and honey I’m trying to do better at photographing all of my makes just so that I’ve got documentation of them because I give him some gifts away and I didn’t take any photos of them and I think that’s uh I’m kicking myself now kid nish behavior you bet okay she isn’t she’s really enjoying the SNL sketch and Kennish behavior thank you for joining us because I think isn’t it kind of late in the UK I think aren’t you guys like five or six hours ahead so I mean that’s uh you you’re definitely a trooper in it yeah and again I apologize to you guys because we did have to push it back today and then I was late getting home Atlanta traffic is no joke um all of those rumors are true kiddush behavior says it is 10:30 p.m. whoo well thank you thank I’m honored that you are taking time out of your evening to to join me in my bedroom talking about random stuff so yeah so this is a sheet and it just says name so the name of the fabric purchased from and what she paid for it and I think this is actually a pretty good thing for me to keep track of too because sometimes I can’t remember what price I paid for fabric some fabrics I will say I’ve gotten some really good deals on them so I definitely want to kind of keep these records so I’m gonna I’m gonna take my three-hole punch and then punch holes in these and put them in a binder and hopefully I could be a little more organized Heidi says I’ve been watching kit nice behavior Neeb aid made blogs yes and she is I just love her personality and I don’t know I just I I personally like when I’m watching other youtubers I like people who seem relatable and when someone seems too perfect or like they have it too together I don’t really want to watch them all right Zoe Vega says I have a Loosli finder for quilt printable patterns and do attach notes and fabric scraps and reminder of do’s and don’ts as record-keeping that is a good idea in kiddush behavior says I need to organize my stash but it’s so huge it could take days I feel you on that girl I do and that’s kind of why I’m trying not to buy any new fabric right now because I just think that I think that I’m at the point where I just really need I really need to use what I had use more of what I have and try not to buy as much stuff so I’m probably not gonna be doing a whole lot of haul videos for the rest of the year hopefully more sewing make videos um so that I’m actually using this stuff up so that’s where I’m trying to go but uh so yeah this has been a really random show um oh and you know what one other thing I do want to talk about but I didn’t I’m sorry guys I didn’t link this in here because I don’t know I guess I’m just not as on top of this um but yesterday I posted on Instagram this picture and kidness behavior says same here but I keep seeing so many beautiful new fabrics keep coming up on my Instagram feed and that’s so true excuse me it happens to me like all the time and then you’re like well this new fabric is so much better than the stuff I have even though I’m sure the stuff we have is totally fine but I posted this picture yesterday of Kate Middleton at her sister Pippa’s wedding and I want to see what you guys think of this dress I’ve heard some very mixed opinions this is a dusty rose Alexander McQueen dress and I don’t know a fabric this is it kind of looks like it’s like silk curse it definitely looks like it’s silk to me I’m sure you guys have all seen this photo but I’ve heard some feedback like maybe it makes her look too old or something but then I was reading an article that said that Kate really didn’t want to upstage her sister Pippa so that’s why she chose something that’s a little more like understated which i think is actually a very gracious thing of her thing of her to do on her sister’s wedding wedding day but I actually like the dress and I was I put this on Instagram yesterday and I said hey is there a pattern that’s like this and to you guys who wrote back with suggestions thank you very much apparently by hand London has a very similar dress called Alex al IX and apparently this is very much like this dress the other dress that I personally really like that Emily home and has made a bunch of times that’s sort of similar to this and the sleeves is I think the vogue vogue 88 25 and it’s supposed to be made out of it hurt and that one looks pretty cool too so I actually would be interested in getting a similar dress or at least try to make a similar dress out of this like nice dusty rose / beige fabric so I don’t know what do you guys think up for this dress so kiddush behavior says I thought she looked beautiful and very right about not upstaging her sister that is so lovely of her and exactly like I mean if she showed up it in like some like you know slinky red cocktail dress a lot of attention would have been lavished on Kate when really it was her sisters big day and let me find a picture of Pippa because I thought Pippa’s dress was gorgeous and I really loved that I loved the neckline and the sleeves I thought it was very cool very modest um and I thought it was just a very um I just really thought it was a very like a classy dress um that’s what I would say I was it’s very classy and she looked so um she just slept so grown-up and I don’t know it was just very cute so let me find a picture of Pippa’s dress I thought everybody at the wedding looked really good so here’s a picture I found comparing Kate in Pippa’s dresses they both chose like this like I think though Giles Giles Deacon or oh no sorry sorry Kate’s is um Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen who do also designed her dusty Rose dress and Pippa’s dress is Giles Deacon and I just thought Peppa’s dress looked so pretty I just love all the lace detailing and another thing that I have not ever done is made a lace dress and I would be interested I need to kind of do more research on like whether I should underline it or line it or what I need to do but I would actually really be interested in in try and trying to uh make some sort of lace dress I think that would be really cool we got check out this lace detail oh my gosh I’m just I’m literally dying over how pretty she looks and how elegant this dress is but it just it really worked for her and and yeah so I and I agree so though it says that dress is lovely and very lovely of Kate she’s a very classy lady I think that’s that’s what they spring these people scream class um they don’t look like they’re going because people don’t look like they’ve ever gone to the grocery store and sweatpants like me so um I feel like they’re they’re a little more aspirational um but they seem like nice people like I feel like if I met Pippa Middleton or Kate Middleton at like the grocery store if they ever went to the grocery store I think they would be cool um and they would at least be nice and polite to you even if they thought you were a total weirdo so I think they would be alright but I really want to know um if you’ve made a dress like this with sleeves and with a neckline like that oh my gosh that is just so gorgeous I really want to learn more about sewing with lace because it is just so so pretty so yeah but anyways what do you guys think did you watch the I personally didn’t watch the wedding I didn’t watch like any of the coverage of it I just saw pop photos afterwards but I don’t know like what out of this alright so out of everything crazy that’s been going on this week sorry what what trend like what fashion trend stuck out in your mind the most like was it the romp in is it the whole thing with the sleeves is it the Royal the quite royal wedding um I’m just curious because I don’t know they’re so there’s been so much going on this week with fashion that I just don’t like I was like every time I saw another one of these stories I was like you know I really want to talk about this on the show I want to talk about that on the show and then and then last night at like midnight I saw that SNL Scorpio sketch with the rock I was like oh my gosh this is the best thing ever and I was just really I was pretty excited um so I knew I wanted to add that as well but again thank you guys for joining me I know it’s been a little late later today and for all of you guys in the UK are from a timezone that’s so not near here oh my gosh Linda the rocks back cut out that was hilarious and you can see how ripped that guy is like he’s just I don’t know how you get into that good a physical condition but um I would want someone like that to be my personal trainer because um my back and my stomach does not look like that guys at all so I though I should probably maybe start following mine Instagram just to see what his workout routine is like I don’t know so Heidi says I hardly ever pay attention to what’s in fashion it makes me crazy you know what that’s that’s a fair up that’s a fair point ID and uh Zoe says she noticed his butt oh yeah I mean that guy like he’s just like I mean I don’t want to objectify seven but uh that that guy he definitely uh takes very good care of his personal appearance I will say that uh though it says it does seem fashion does not know where to go every decade tries to modernize the last in certain instances that’s very true and I do have an announcement again I think I mentioned this at the beginning of the show but next weekend I’ve got to work I’m sorry guys and okay and uh so I’m going to be putting up a pre-taped show but it’s going to be something that lends itself to conversation so it’s gonna be sort of like this where we talk about a certain topic and then I want to open it up to you guys um to to really start him I want us to have some conversations whether it be live or whether it be in the comments I think this is a really good place for you know I really feel like this the crowd Anisha in this little forum here has been really we’ve all been just had a lot to share and I know it’s been fun for me so hopefully it’s fun for you as well Kipnis behavior says I agree Heidi I tend to just make things that suit my shape these days and if it’s in fashion that’s a bonus I think that’s another good point there but I’m gonna log off soon because I’m gonna try to get some video stuff ready for next week and I’m also gonna be editing my pre-taped show I’m sorry I’m so sorry I promise I don’t normally work on Sundays but sometimes sometimes that’s required and Heidi says being sure it’s hard to find something that fits Heidi I feel yeah I’m pretty I’m not super tall either and I’ve got kind of a weird body type but uh you know this has been a lot of fun and next week there will be a video posted it so next week look for a video posted 3 p.m. and that will be our our substitute live show it’s gonna be a pre-taped live show so anyways thank you guys so much for joining me and I will see you guys all um in a couple weeks from LA see you you’ll see me next week but we’ll really get to talk in two weeks from now when we’re back with the live show so I will see you guys later on Kittenish Behaviour says thank you for hosting the show it’s been lovely it’s been lovely talking to you guys this is honestly a lot of fun and even though this set right now is kind of a little bit low budget we’re making it work so uh anyways I will see you guys in a couple weeks but next week you will definitely be getting a video in lieu of the live show all right I’ll talk to you guys later