What is Banana Fabric

It is a very interesting fabric, It is my favorite I always try to be as innovative as possible in choosing the fabrics. And have a very unique fabrication. And that is one of the reasons that I chose Banana. Because when I heard it first, I had never heard of banana fabric. So I was very interested to learn more about it. And when, after I had learned more about the fabric, and how it is made, I became very enthusiastic using the banana in my collection And the banana fabric is actually made after banana harvest. It is the tree stem that are used and the leaves after banana harvest. Which actually is usually just burned, which is causing polution. So instead of that we are using what is just left in the nature. And using that to make the fiber. I think that makes it very unique, and the fabrication when you touch it, it is very, it has a very silky texture and it is very comfortable. Very nice to wear it. And the colors in the pattern when you print on it, it is very deep and very beautiful.