Western Rise AirLight Button-Down Shirt Review

hello travellers, today we’re taking a look
at the AirLight button-down shirt from Western Rise. it’s made from a highly
durable, incredibly soft air textured supplex nylon and an airy post-consumer
recycled polyester. the fabric is finished with a light durable water
repellent finish. and it does indeed repel water very well as you can see
here. before embarking on the trip to Thailand. I applied a coat of Sawyers
permethrin spray-on insect repellent. and although it says it doesn’t harm water
resistant coatings on the clothing. I think it did somewhat reduce the
efficiency of the water repellency on this shirt. so be careful if you’re
thinking about doing that yourself. Aside from that the shirt does dry very quickly
and is fairly resistant to creasing. it dries in less than an hour and sometimes
in half an hour given the right conditions. especially if you wring it
out and thoroughly after washing it. there are a few times I roll up the
shirt and put it into my backpack and then pull it out and put it on the next
day without any noticeable creases. the fabric is very lightweight and
breathable too which make it perfect for hot and humid weather. I usually rolled up the sleeves while I was wearing the shirt during the day. and unrolled them an
evening to protect against mosquitoes and in both cases I never felt too hot
or overheated. in terms of sizing I’m about 5’10” and 154 pounds or 70 kilograms
and I usually wear a size extra small for t-shirts and button-down shirts.
especially in the Outlier range. however the smallest size available from Western
Rise is a size small. and I feel that it probably is at least half a size too big.
it looks like more of a relaxed fit on me but it’s nothing a trip to the tailor
couldn’t fix. 2 of my favorite features of this shirt are that it has a hidden
button-down collar which makes the shirt look a bit more formal than those with
the visible button. the second feature I really liked, and was complimented on a
couple of times while wearing the shirt is the rail tape secured front pocket.
it’s a really great feature and came in handy more than a few times while I was
traveling. it’s really quick and easy to open and secure it closed again even
with just one hand. It has a very satisfying
clicking closure sound as you can hear here. the shirt costs 109 US dollars which
is about 158 Australian. which certainly is not inexpensive for a shirt. but is
lower than competitive brands like Outlier. the quality of the shirt and
fabric and the components alone make it worth the cost in my opinion. I’ve been
wearing the shirt in some hard-wearing conditions with a backpack and there’s
no signs of wear or tear. so I can say with confidence that I believe
this shit will last for a long time. overall a really nice lightweight, quick
drying shirt that is perfect for warmer weather while traveling. and I highly
recommend this shirt especially if you’re looking for a new tech wear button-down
shirt. so thats it, thanks very much for watching be sure let me know in the comments what
kind of travel shirt you wear when traveling and be sure to stay subscribed
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