Wednesday 1/01/20 Lamentations 1:1 – 1:19

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God’s word. Pastor Murray’s unique
teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning as he takes you on a
chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse study of God’s
letter to you, the Bible. And now here is
Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you. Say welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel, welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour. Starting a new book
today, Lamentations, written by Jeremiah and of
course penned by, no doubt, Baruch his scribe. And Lamentations is not the
original name of the book, okay, and I’ll go
into that in a moment. The book of Lamentations
is the seed-bed from eleven which many, which I’m
quite proud of the work and it’s a different work
for a different time. But the reason it is a
seed-bed from Lamentations and with eleven,
meaning disorder, when things are in
disorder you wanna look, you wanna be careful. The book itself is made up. I’m going to read from page 1097 from the Companion Bible. Because there are
acrostics throughout which if you don’t know
what an acrostic is, an acrostic, call it a
crossword puzzle if you like, something similar to that, meaning there’s a hidden message or a reason for it, okay? All five of these, and
I’ll explain ’em here, I’m going to call ’em elegies, but you can call ’em
eulogies if you want, elegies means kind of a
poem, okay, in the structure. The elegies are arranged
in a remarkable manner the first two chapters
of, that’s one and two, consist of 22 long verses
of three lines each. Each verse respectfully, commencing with the successive
letters of the alphabet. In other words there are 22
letters in the Hebrew alphabet and progressively the first
verse starts with a Alef, second with Beta, and
then Gimel, and so forth, which keeps ’em in line and
each word starting with that. And the third chapter,
chapter three, consists of 66 verses,
that’s three times 22, or six times 11, but
you’ll find every chapter will divide by 11. Each triad of verses,
commencing with the same letter, and the first three lines
commencing with Alef, the next three lines
with Bet, and so on through the 22 letters
of the alphabet. This, what this does
and you might wonder, well, what is the meaning of, it is part of the ma-ha-ser-a, meaning you can’t
change anything in it or it shows up, okay,
it’s locked in, all right? That’s being the point. The fourth chapter,
chapter four, is arranged in 22 long
verses of two lines each, also arranged acrostically. And the fifth chapter is
lamentation is received into a prayer. And the acrostic
arrangement gives way before the outburst
of the motion. The only connection
with the alphabet is that the number of
the verses correspond with the number of the letters, in other words,
there’s 22 of ’em. So what a fantastic study and you with Companion
Bibles you’re blessed because those Hebrew
letters are carried forth as we go through the, the book. Now, Lamentations has
not always been the name, the title of this book. The title of the book
is the first word of chapters one and chapter
two and chapter four. And it’s How. And you might say,
how in the world did we get in this mess, okay? And if I were to modernize
it you would have, and this would be the problem. You might look around you today and kinda say the same thing. How in the world did
we get in this mess? And then when you
recount, and observe, things kinda begin
to fall in place. The word, how, in the
Hebrew tongue is, eikh, and it would kinda be
like if you wished me to put the emphasis
on it’s eikh, okay, like you were crying out, it is a sad song. How, how did we get
in this mess, okay? So having said that
let’s get right to it. Fantastic book I
hope you enjoy it. It isn’t just a sad song there’s also some answers in it if you pay close attention. Chapter one, verse one. How, eikh, okay, doth the
city sit solitary, it’s empty, that was full of people! How has she become as a widow! She that was great
among the nations, and princess among
the provinces, how is she become tributary! How is it that she doesn’t
amount to what she used to? Well, naturally the Assyrian took 10 tribes
captive, they’re gone. Nebuchadnezzar would come and take two other
tribes captive, they’re gone, the
children are gone, okay? But that doesn’t mean that
God’s covenant expired, but here we go, you know, looking at how did
all this happen. Verse two, she weepeth
sore in the night, Jerusalem does, okay. And her tears are on her cheeks: among all her lovers she
hath none to comfort her: all her friends have dealt
treacherously with her, they are become her enemies. Her allies turned
on her, you know. If you’re not careful, if you’re a nation that
has God’s blessings and you have enough that you, you have, you lend
to other nations, you give to other nations. But then when you
stop serving God, and God’s blessings cease, this why it’s written
never should we use, borrow money from
another nation, you shouldn’t go into
usery from another nation, that’s disobeying God. When you disobey God he
withdraws those blessings and you’re not the
happy-go-lucky group
you used to be. How did it happen? Well, let’s find out. Allies turned out to be enemies. Verse three, Judah is
gone into captivity because of affliction, and
because of great servitude: she dwelleth among the heathen, and she findeth no rest: all her persecutors overtook
her between the straits. And this word straits is
like an animal trap, okay, that you set up. It’s got two close walls
and you chase the animal and he’s trapped. They allowed themselves
to be set up, to be used, to be trapped because they
didn’t pay any attention. They didn’t, they didn’t
watch where they were going. They didn’t observe
who they put in power and you expect God to
bless a bunch like that? He won’t. Verse four, The ways
of Zion do mourn, because none came to
the solemn feasts: none come to the solemn feasts: all her gates are desolate: her priests sigh, her
virgins are afflicted, and she is in bitterness. Instead of the joy that
comes with serving God, when you leave God
out of the equation that’s what you
got left, nothing. You know there is only one thing that will bring you happiness and that’s to have
peace of mind. And unless you are in
good standing with God, and have his blessings, then you’re never going
to have peace of mind. So it doesn’t matter which
way the cookie crumbles you’re never gonna be happy without God’s blessings. Verse five, Her
adversaries are the chief, the very head themselves are
the enemies of the state. Her enemies prosper: for
the Lord hath afflicted her for the multitude of
her transgressions: her children are gone into
captivity before the enemy. That’s what happens when
God’s blessings cease. When God stops overlooking and certainly what
her adversaries, or the chief, how
did they get there? She put ’em there,
she allowed it. And the enemies are
certainly gonna prosper, not you, they’re gonna
take what you’ve got and give to the enemy. And the children go into
captivity before the enemy. Verse six, And from
the daughter of Zion all her beauty, that’s
the glory she had, all the glory is
departed, it’s gone. Her princes are
become like harts, that is to say like a wild deer, that find no pasture,
and they are gone without strength
before the pursuer. The pursuer of course is what
run you into verse three, the straits, and
you were captured. You know when, sometimes
these prophesies, these lamentations, this how, how in the
world did all this happen? Doesn’t take all that much
to really figure it out and he’s telling you. You disallow God,
you do as she did, let the glory of God
dissipate from among you, what have you got left? You got nothing. And your adversaries
are the chief they’ll take over. They’ll be your head honchos. But then, you know, really, you might say, well,
if you put ’em there who can you blame? Yourself, you have to wake up, that’s what this book is about. Verse seven,
Jerusalem remembered in the days of her affliction
and of her miseries all her pleasant things, the
delicate things, good things, that she had in the days of old, when her people fell into
the hand of the enemy, and none did help her: the adversaries saw her, and did mock at her sabbaths, made fun of her religion,
get God out of your alphabet, let us take over. We’re going to divide and
have God way over on one side and government on the other,
separation, separation. You know we have one Father
and he’s the God of all, you don’t separate
him from anything if you want his blessings. And all those, even
in the turmoil, even in the sad song of, how, how did all this happen to us? All you gotta do is
listen, he’s telling you. You let your enemies take
over and who do you blame? Yourself. Well, what do you do about it? Well, whatever your situation is you stand up and be counted. You can sure do
something about it. First of all you can
start by returning to God and let him know what
you’ve allowed to happen and then begin
making your recovery. Or don’t let someone mock
your Sabbath because, especially if you’re a
Christian, you know why, because Christ
became our Sabbath and they’re mocking Christ. So what’s new under the sun, you hear him mocked always, his name taken in
vain and it hurts, but God still loves
those that love him. They’re under his hand
and they are protected. Verse eight, Jerusalem
hath grievously sinned; that’s the reason,
therefore she is removed: All that honored
her despise her, because they have
seen her nakedness: yeah, she sigheth,
and turneth backward. She’s treated as unclean, okay, and so it is. However God promised,
I’m gonna scatter you if you don’t line out, okay? You gotta listen to the Father. Verse nine, Her filthiness
is in her skirts; she remembereth
not her last end; therefore she came
down wonderfully: she had no comforter. And you know the comforter
is available now, don’t ever forget that. And if you’re without him
that’s your own problem. O Lord, behold my affliction: for the enemy hath
magnified himself. There was no Messiah there, but God sent that Messiah,
Emmanuel, God himself, God with us. And when he was crucified
he sent the comforter and the comforter is the very
spirit of our heavenly Father. So you’re never alone,
he will never leave you, he will never forsake you, but if you’re not real careful you can lull yourself into
the trap, the straits, and allow yourself to be used. So you wanna stand
up and you wanna get your head out of the sand, you wanna observe
what’s going on, what’s happening to our people and you wanna do
something about it. What’s that? We turn to the Father. Verse 10, The adversary
hath spread out his hands upon all her pleasant things: for she hath seen
that the heathen entered into her sanctuary, whom thous didst command
that they should not enter into thy congregation. You put ’em right at
the head, so it is. Now verse 11, and
this being the 11, which is the acrostic of 11, which is the 11th verse, which is where we have
two sets of 11 here. All her people sigh,
they seek bread: they have given their
pleasant things for meat to relieve the soul:
not the flesh, the soul, see, O Lord, and consider: for I am become vile. And certainly that’s what
happened to the city, okay, that’s what happened
to Jerusalem. When Israel went into captivity and then we know what happened concerning the parable
of the fig tree that our sabbath
told us to learn which is to say, the
Lord Jesus Christ, that in the Year
of our Lord 1948 Israel become a nation again, but what most people
are not aware of is that both good and
bad figs were, shoots, were set out in that program and that began the
generation of the fig tree. But the comforter is with us. Now you would have
trouble understanding the second set of 11 in
this particular chapter because the city is
going to answer now, that was the people, and
what happened to the people, and their complaint
and the answer, the reason they’re that way. You see you got the answer
there don’t look over it and don’t read over
it, it is true. Now we have the city
herself speaking in the remaining 11
verses basically. Verse 12, Is it nothing to you, all you that pass by? This is the city speaking. Behold, and see if
there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow,
which is done unto me, wherewith the Lord
hath afflicted me in the day of his furious anger. And remember what
the Lord said himself when Matthew, chapter 23,
when he spoke of the Kenites standing in the holy place. When he spoke of the
fact that they’re guilty, the offspring of the
serpent is guilty for all blood shed, from
the righteous blood of Abel, all the way down to Zacharias, between the porch and the alter, I’m quoting from Matthew,
chapter 23, okay? The trouble that
came in to that place and then what did the Lord say. He said, oh
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft, how oft would I
have taken you under my wing and comforted you
but you would not. And I’m sure that’s
what he’s saying today as the children are spread. The city speaks, 13, From above hath he sent
fire into my bones, and it prevaileth against them: he hath spread a
net for my feet, he hath turned me back: he hath made me desolate
and faint all the day. You know you wanna
remember the desolation of the desolator, that’s
what it’s leading to and that’s what’s coming. Daniel warned you of it, the
abomination of the desolator. Christ warned you of it
in Matthew 24 and Mark 13. When you see the
abomination of desolation standing in Jerusalem,
the holy place, the land of Judea,
then know that that’s the final act, okay? You see the beauty of this is that in Ezekiel chapter 16 God made an eternal covenant and took Jerusalem to wife,
geographically speaking, for his final headquarters, the final location
of heaven itself, so he’s not going to
let anything too bad go wrong with this city, but he will punish
all those that try to mismanage his
children that love him and the city itself. 14, The yolk of
my transgressions is bound by his hand:
they are wreathed, and come up upon my neck: he hath made my
strength to fall, the Lord hath delivered
me into their hands, from whom I am not
able to rise up. But who did it? Who let the heathen rage? And the time of the
gentiles must be fulfilled, it is written, that should
be no mystery or miracle or wonder to anyone. 15, the Lord hath
trodden under foot all my mighty men
in the midst of me: he hath called an
assembly against me to crush my young men: the Lord hath
trodden the virgin, the daughter of Judah,
as in a winepress. And this, this, this is utilized always in certain feasts
by certain people and I’m not gonna go into, that is a different lecture for a different time. But the city does cry, okay? The city groans because
here you have Mount Zion, you have the rock over
which the dome sits. And do God’s children
control that? No they don’t. Some would say they did
and be that as it may all children are God’s children. But that tabernacle will stand until that time be over,
but Jerusalem weeps. 16, For these things
I weep: mine eye, mine eye runneth
down with water, because the comforter that
should relieve my soul is far from me: and my
children are desolate, because the enemy prevaileth. And the sad part
is is the children are not bright enough
to see it many times. You know when you take a
people and get them so close, the old vise turned
down to where the only thing they
can think about is surviving and chasing bread
rather then the true bread, you know it was
mentioned already. It’s the bread of life
that you wanna pray for and the bread of life
is Christ himself, that is to say, our Sabbath. But when you keep the people
so busy trying to exist, then you can drive them
into that strait, that trap, and manhandle them just about
in any way you would choose else they wake up and
take care of business and they will, okay. Well, how do you know that? Well, it’s written,
it’s written. We will always
control our gates, don’t ever let
anybody see you sweat on your first cruise, okay? Our Father is still
on the throne, and you know something,
he always will be. No one else will
occupy that throne even though they try, that
is to say Satan himself. But this place does weep. The death and the
bombings and the sadness. When David himself
found this city when it was called Jebus,
named Jebus by the Jebusites that put the first
village there. David conquering it and
changed the name from Jebus to (speaking in
foreign language) which is to say,
the City of Peace, but there’s no peace
there, and so it is. She weeps and the children
that are scattered North, over the Caucasus Mountains, later being called, Caucasians, the 10 tribes of the North, Europe and then
America and Canada. They’re driven most of them
not even knowing who they are. And yet Jerusalem
weeps, she’s empty, the children are
gone and then later Judah and the remaining would
be taken by Nebuchadnezzar, 200 years later, they’re gone. And then we have the
prophesies of the end times that come into being. The enemy will not
prevail forever because God is
still on the throne and God only allows
that to go down that you allow it. He gives us the power
and the authority to take care of business,
so take care of business. Let’s have the
next verse please. 17, Zion spreadeth
forth her hands, and there is none
to comfort her: the Lord hath commanded
concerning Jacob, that’s all the natural tribes, that his adversaries
should be round about him: Jerusalem is as a
menstrous woman among them. In other words, it’s an
unclean place, and so it is. When you have the conflict which makes a mockery
of the very name, (speaking in foreign language), the place of peace,
a real mockery, but I assure you just
as it is written, this is the city speaking now don’t get away from
me, stay with me. This is the city, a
geographical location, God allowing his
thoughts concerning it, allowing her to speak. When that place is reformed and Christ returns
at the Second Advent, then much shall happen there. But remember this, what
is written in Mark 13, concerning the
geographical location, when you hear of wars
and rumors of wars fear not for the end is not yet. But then we have two
wars going on now and trouble all over
the world, brewing. This certainly isn’t it, but
what is the opposite of that? When you hear the
enemies themselves all sitting down at the
table saying, world peace, that’s when you
wanna be ready, okay? That’s when the
city will be ready. That’s when the
Lord will be ready and that’s what you
wanna be prepared for. Until then it’s
an unclean thing, but the time of the
gentile must be fulfilled before that can come to pass and so it shall be. One more verse, verse 18. The Lord is righteous:
don’t you ever forget it. For I have rebelled
against his commandment: Hear, I pray you, all people, and behold my sorrow: my
virgins and my young men are gone into captivity. And you know something
they had it coming. The Lord is righteous,
don’t you try to blame him, but those, why is it
that they are gone? They don’t know who they are, haven’t the slightest idea. Most people could care
less about history, history is his story,
well who’s story? Father’s story. And this is the seed-bed
of it right here. It is about one man’s family
and all people of the world that come in contact
with that family, that was the family of Christ, and Christ being
the Savior of all. But this geographical location is the barometer of time which you watch and you observe and you observe the actions of the children
that are scattered, the young men and the virgins. For as it is written
when the time is right they will all prophesy and speak and take care of
business as is written through the comforter
which was sent, as it is written in
Acts, chapter two, and will speak
through those children that have eyes to
see and ears to hear and are able to
comprehend, understand, the very word of God that he sends in this
elegy, this poem. That he made all five
chapters as an acrostic so that man can’t put
his little hands on it and change it. Every verse must start with
the word that he signified, or anyone that can,
knows their ABCs, knows what’s out of place
because God wanted you to have one thing for sure that you had a pat hand
that you could play if you wanted to play it and
that pat hand is the truth, that pat hand is the comforter, as the comforter comes to us looking to that
geographical location as that geographical
location speaks. Vere 19, probably will be
the last verse we’ll cover in this lecture. I called for my lovers,
but they deceived me: my priests and mine elders gave up the ghost in
the city, they expired, while they sought their
meat to relieve their souls. In other words,
they were not real. What was left in the city
was not real, where are they? They are scattered,
and well-scattered, but they are informed
those that do lead in the true word of God. And so it is, the city speaks. We’ll pick it up in
the next lecture. I would advise you not to
miss any of the lectures in, how, the true
name of the book, the ancient name of this
book before it was changed in the Latin to Lamentations. This is a sad song,
it’s how in the world did we get in this shape? That’s what it’s about, okay? A good thing to think
about, to understand. All right, bless your hearts, you listen a moment
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the globe we come. We ask that You lead,
guide, direct Father, touch in Yeshua’s precious
name, thank you Father, amen. Okay, and question time. We got, I don’t
have a name on this. What is the difference
between C-A-I-N, starting with the letter, C, and the Kenites,
starting with a, K? Was Cain originally
started with a letter, K? Well, it was a Qoph, which would be a Q, or Qoph, in the Hebrew tongue. You know, you see
when you use the C it causes many people to
be confused with Canaan, C-A-A, okay, the son of Ham by
his own mother, okay, from that incestuous affair. But, you know, it’s
real simple for you, okay take your
Strong’s Concordance and go to the Hebrew dictionary and go to, go to the word 7014, 7014 will give you (speaking
in foreign language) and (speaking in
foreign language) okay? And then go to 7017 and
you will have Canaan, which is the Kenites, the
offspring of Cain, okay? Do not ever confuse that
with the offspring of Ham and his mother, that won’t work. A letter from Georgia. Dear Pastor Murray, do
you think that the elect, or the very elect, will be the two witnesses
come in the spirit, or in turn will
two of the elect, or the very elect, be killed? Well, the two witnesses
is most likely, are who showed up
with two, with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration? And what did Christ say,
don’t tell anybody about this until after I resurrect. Who were those two? It was Moses and Elijah. And many people think, we
know Elijah did not die, and many think Moses died
and so in a degree he did, but God would never let
anyone bury him, God took him, and they were transfigured. There he was in that same body, so I think that it’s
pretty well decided who the two witnesses are. Regina from New Jersey. I have, I have two questions. Who is the elect lady in
the Second Epistle of John, it’s mother Israel, okay? It’s God’s children
scattered abroad. And are the seven thunders in Revelation, chapter 10, verses three and
four, judgements also? Well, if you know the
thunders they have to do with certain of the judgements. The thunders, or what happens
first, lightening or thunder? Lightening does. If you have to wait till
you hear the thunder to understand it’ll
all be over, okay? So you wanna figure
out the seven seals long before the lightening
even strikes, okay? For God’s judgment
is a beautiful thing. You see, judgment on
some may be hellfire, but judgment for those
that serve him is reward, eternal life and
wonderful things that you can’t even imagine. Mariann from Washington. Is Satan already here? I told them he was not,
but how will we know when he is here? You won’t have any problem. He’s supernatural and he
will claim to be Christ. He is not here, but
his evil spirits are. You see for every, when
figuring God’s plan you gotta understand God
is always even, fair, he’s always righteous,
which means, right. He allows us, in as much as
this is a time of testing, to have the presence
of the Holy Spirit, but at the same time he allows the presence of the evil spirit, not defacto in person
here, but evil spirit. And that evil
spirit can certainly get into people’s
homes and lives if you, only if you allow it because
Christ gave us power over them. Satan is not here,
but you will know it. Why? Well, he will appear, we
know where he’s gonna stand. Read II Thessalonians,
chapter two, verse four, will let you know, in the
holy place claiming to be God, claiming to be Christ,
claiming to be savior. Glenda from North Carolina. If you only spend
a short time as a, in your life as a Christian, do you get the same
reward as someone who has spent their whole
life as a Christian? Does this pertain to the parable
of the workers in the field getting the same pay
if they work all day and only the last hour? Anytime you are saved then you are saved, but what you wear in heaven, which is meaning what
you possess in heaven, is woven together as it is
written in Revelation 19, from your righteous acts. If you, in other words,
the linen you wear is woven from your
righteous acts. If you don’t have
any righteous acts you don’t have any
linen to cover yourself so you’re naked. So it’s not good
to purposely plan to just serve him a short time, that’s a big negative. It’s good to make it,
but not good to be naked when many of us are
gonna be dressed in such finery, okay? I just, hopefully so. But we want you there with a full set of
clothing, all right? There is much you must remember about the parable
of the workers. It is not what is only
lived in this flesh life, God’s main workers were
chosen in the first Earth age, they were working in
that vineyard back then. And they were mature enough
that they spend their time trying to bring in the
latecomers without any jealousy of the fact that they
also have eternal life, but it is their bound
duty and they are driven to bring all souls to the
Lord, whomsoever will, without any jealousy
or any reservation. But it’s nice to have a
full set of wear in heaven. Lisa from Florida. We are experiencing demonic
evilness in our home and I was wondering
what we should do? Is there a certain
prayer we should say? We need your help, thank you. It’s real simple. If you’re a Christian read
Luke, chapter 10, verse 19. What does it say there? God says, Christ
says, I beheld Satan fall as a star from
heaven, in verse 18, and in 19 he says,
I give you power over all of your enemies, okay? So all you gotta do
is know how to anoint in the name of Yeshua
Messiah, Jesus the Christ. You order anything
evil out of your home. You anoint the doorposts,
just as in Egypt the doorposts was anointed with the
blood of the lamb, well, the anointing
with the oil, Christos, Christos means,
the anointed one. Anointed with what? Oil. What oil? (speaking in foreign language) Well, what’s (speaking
in foreign language)? That’s olive oil in Hebrew, it’s the sacred name
of Almighty God. It is not the oil that does it, but it is your
obedience to use it that gets it done. It is not a prayer it’s
a request from God, just talk to him and order
anything negative out and you do it. Well, how do I get the oil? Well, you go to
the grocery store and you buy pure olive
oil, virgin if possible, and you pour out a
little vial of it in a little flask, or bottle, and you ask God to anoint it
as anointing oil of our people, he’ll bless it. And then you just use a tad
and you’ve got it made, okay? Father loves you for it. And many, like I said,
many people will say, well, I didn’t know Christians
believed in that anointing? What do you think Christ means? It means, Christos
means the anointed one. And the etymology of his
name comes from the fact of rubbing as anointing
with oil, that’s his name. Are you one? Lisa from California. Where in the Bible,
where is it in the Bible that I am not to judge a
man, but God is the judge? We just covered it, Romans,
chapter two, verse one. We just got through
teaching the book of Romans. Romans, chapter two, verse one. Pat from Georgia. When does the antichrist
reign on earth? When he gets here, okay? Nobody knows exactly
but we’re rounding up and headed that way. You won’t have to worry. What does antichrist mean? Anti in the Greek
means, instead of, not as anti does in English. In Greek it means instead of. Well, what does that mean? Instead of Christ, but
he claims to be Christ and he acts like Christ. It says in Revelation,
chapter 13, verse 11, that he looks like the lamb
and has two horns even, that means with power,
but it’s the voice, it’s the voice of
the dragon, why, because it is the dragon,
meaning Satan, okay? Judy from Virginia. I just wanted to thank
you for teaching the word chapter-by-chapter,
verse-by-verse. I’ve learned more
studying with you then I’ve learned in
any church, thank you. Well, you’re so
welcome and thank you for the kind comment. Father’s word is
so real, so true, and thank you for enjoying it. Our Father loves
you for it, okay? Joy from South Dakota. I’ve been having some
trouble understanding Luke, chapter 12,
verses 49 through 53, can you help
clarify this for me? God bless your ministry. I am so grateful that
you teach the word. Well, you’re so welcome. Luke, chapter 12,
verse 49 through 53, Christ said, hey, I’m
coming to bring a fire and if I find it already,
winnowed, fanned, kindled, how happy I’m gonna be. So that’s why you
wanna always have salt in your message and you
wanna fan those flames. What is the, of the
Holy Spirit, okay? God is a consuming
fire and then he makes, he follows that, in the verses following
that you request there, he said there’s gonna
be five in a family and it’s gonna split
it right, you know, three here and two there. They’re not gonna
agree on the word. So sometimes he would state, I didn’t come to bring peace, he didn’t come to bring
peace to the devil, for he is already
sentenced to death, or those that would
follow him, okay? So, that’s what it means. He means get a little
starch in your backbone and be a little salty and teach
God’s word as it’s written. You know some people, well,
it’s just a sweet sweet message. It is, but at the same
time it’s a message that enjoys a little
righteous indignation when you see our nation and
our people mislead as they are, then that’s,
righteous indignation is a lot sweeter
then syrup, okay, because it’s being honest
and true with people in the word of God. Bill from Texas. Pastor Murray I’ve
often, I’ve often, I think they left
the word heard, you say spare the rod
and spoil the child. That is not in the
King James Bible can you please
explain this to me. Well, you know you
paraphrase a little bit but it is in the
King James Bible. You’ll find it in Proverbs
13:24, Proverbs 13:24. And have you ever read
Hebrews, chapter 12, verse six? That’s where God says,
I chastise my children if I love ’em, okay? Has he ever took
the paddle to you? Again, Proverbs 13:24, if
you got a Bible read it. Cindy from California. My question is on
the forgiveness which when someone
has really wronged you yet you’ve forgiven them how
are you supposed to treat them if they want to come
back into your life. Do you let them in
or cut them out? Cindy, I couldn’t judge that without knowing both
sides to the story, or the person that
you’re gonna let back in after they have repented. I don’t know what, you know, that would leave me, a wise
person never gives advise when they don’t
know the full story, meaning you have to
decide for yourself. If, and God gives you the right, but if someone has wronged
you hurtfully and harmfully they cannot expect you
just to take their word, I’m sorry, and it’s all, no,
they have to earn that back. It may take a year
for them to earn back that respect and the love. Like I said I’m talking
in the dark here I don’t know what
your problem was, but respect, you don’t
take somebody back in just on their word. If they’ve harmed
you you remember that because they could do it again. And they, and they alone, can,
only they can prove to you they won’t do it again, and
that doesn’t happen overnight. That takes time. Flack from Florida. Pastor Murray I am
concerned and confused over the way America is going. Should I stand up and try to
fight against the government or should I just sit back and
let the Lord take care of it? No, you vote. We’re a unique people,
we don’t have a king, though I understand some
people are setting czars, which is the same as a king, but we don’t have a
king, okay, we vote. We have a government
of the people, by the people, and
for the people. And when you don’t like
something you vote it out, it’s that simple. And you make sure that,
not only that you do, but all your friends do, that’s what this
nation is about. You don’t let, well, I’ll just
sit back and let it happen, no you don’t, you be
a person of action. Marilyn from Oklahoma. How do you feel if a father
disowns his child on earth, how does God feel about that? Well Marilyn, again,
I have no idea why a father would
disown the child so I can’t give advise, okay? I know, I can only answer that
Father is always righteous, he always does what is right. Now, if the child
brought this on, if the child repents
to the father to the point that he’s forgiven, then that’s something
worth working for, okay? Matthew from Mississippi. When I was younger and
didn’t know any better I cursed God, do you
think God will forgive me? Of course he will, you know, we all makes mistakes
and when you repent let him know you’re sorry for it and didn’t know any better. He is so very
understanding and loving. You know God doesn’t wake
up every morning saying, well, I wonder who
I can zap today? I just would like to
really zap a bunch of ’em. He loves his children
and just like you would your own children you want the best for
them when they deserve it. Ervin from Florida. What does the Bible
teach about usury? Well it teaches to be
very careful with it and personally it’s best
to stay away from it. But young people
in this modern day don’t have much of a chance, but to go into usery some time, but use if very wisely. Never, never buy
something on time that is not a way to get
you to work, or a home, something you have to
have to make money. Do not use usury to buy
something you do not need. And I’ll say that again. Do not use usury to buy
something you don’t need, have to have, to help
you sustain your family. Well, what do I do about that? Can I have one? Sure, make payments to
yourself until you have it and then you can afford
it and it’s yours. But usury causes
you to have to pay twice as much as anyone else, why would you wanna
do that, okay? Rosa from California. Even though we have free-will doesn’t God already
know who will be spared and who will not
since he knows us from beginning to end? Also, will people be
saved in the Millennium? People that did not
have an opportunity to know the full truth
will have an opportunity to find salvation, why? Because God is fair. You know if God knew
who was gonna make it and who wasn’t he
wouldn’t put us through this second Earth age. You see, you Rosa, are
not understanding love. God loves his children and God cannot force
someone to love him, he cannot order
someone to love him, he cannot demand or
buy somebody’s love and have it be the real thing. And he won’t have anything
but the real thing. It isn’t a matter of
people getting around and giving their souls to God, that is silly, he’s
already got ’em. Ezekiel 18:4, all
souls belong to God, he’s got ’em right there and he judges them rightly. So, if, so naturally
God doesn’t know what everybody’s going to do because he gives them free-will. He does have his election,
as we just covered in Romans chapter eight, that were predestined
from before. They stood against Satan
in the first Earth age. They weren’t just pretty
boys or girls that he was, that were popular with
him, they earned it. And he uses them, he can
interfere in their lives and put ’em where he wants ’em, but everyone else is free-will and he loves all of them, okay, so he doesn’t know what
everybody’s going to do or we wouldn’t be
going through this. He would’ve smoked the
whole bunch startin’ out that followed Satan,
but he wants us to try to save as many as
we can through his name. Nancy from Wisconsin. What is the scripture you quote on how to send your bad
things away from your life? Well, again, I said it earlier. Luke, chapter 10, verse 19. God gives you power
over all of your enemies using all of our people. And I’m outta time. Hey, you know what,
I love you all because you enjoy
studying our Father’s word chapter-by-chapter,
verse-by-verse, letting God speak to
your heart and mind. You know something when
you, I love you for that, but most of all God
loves you for it. When you take his letters
you do and study it it makes his day and
when you make his day boy is he gonna
make yours, okay? We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offerings. If we have helped you you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God he will
always bless you. Most important though, you
listen to me, listen good, you stay in his word, every day in his word is a
good day even with trouble. Do you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua,
is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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