Washing instructions: Wash and dry the DOWN DUVET properly.

♪♪♪ How to wash a Down Duvet? Check care labels Inspect duvet for damages and stains Check washing machine capacity Use gentle liquid detergent for down or wool Do NOT use fabric softner
or heavy duty detergent Choose gentle or delicate cycle TEMPERATURE
Recommented 40°C, Maximum 60°C Spin speed, Recommended 800 RPM ♪♪♪ Only use dryer No drying on radiator No Drying in sun No line-drying Select auto or timer program for delectes
(low heat) Remove duvet from dryer every 30 min Shake duvet (long side) and fluff up
feather clumps Repeat procedure untill it is completly
dry and fluffy again Let duvet cool down before putting cover back on A perfect day begins at night ♪♪♪ Billerbeck
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