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Today Excuse me I just had a sandwich Today is more or less the first day of spring It´s gonna be 22 degrees And is you can see I am really excited But i have to take my antibiotics But we are going to the hospital now As I told you in my last video, I have a blister on my right foot And that blister got kinda infected really bad And it looked so gross that I went to the hospital, because my family dcotor was closed And I had a little surgery And I was like.. And when they said little surgery, all my warning bells were ringing! Three injections, anesthetization, cutting it open and stuff I was so delighted, honestly… I can walk even less than before And today I have to go back, so they can change the bandage Actually I wanted to go to an open air today It is probably going to to be super crowded, but I mean 22 degrees And I can´t I don´t know is this is working Whether you can see me or not But I am sitting in my car right now And I am gonna drive to work Because I have to work today Red trafic lights Do I record, anyway? COBBLESTONES Ha, I am gonna get ya Now I should not stall the engine, that would be very embarrassing My car is such a little scrap bowl, that every time another car drives by really fast it wiggles Just so you know what the weekend was about. And on Sunday I met Ena Am I right? No, I took this turn last time and it was wrong right? No Yes I am talking so much bullshit I think I drove too far. YEAH, I am right! I am right! I am always excited, if I get the right way with out GPS Huh? F*uck I am wrong. I don´t know where I am. Where the hell am I? Oh, Boxhagener Okay, Boxhagener is going back to Warschauer.. I am not at Boxhagener.. I am at Boxhagener. So now, I need to pick up two parcels Such a beautiful song So I the first package contained this amazing sweater Wolf and dreamcatcher unified What else could Mel ask for? Nothing. I purchased this sweater by auction on ebay Now I need to pick up the second one, I think I am going to take the bike It is from the brand VOLCOM I am really excited to see what is inside, because I do not have a clue! Come one, open up I don´t get it. They send me a freakin leather jacket OMG I am a little gobsmacked right now But that is ok Because you need those days too. @phillmai What is that? Is that One Direction?