Using Up Scraps of Quilting Fabric for a New Quilt

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my name is Laura. I hate throwing away scrap fabric, especially quilting fabric. Anything larger than a 3″ square, it just feels to me that I should be keeping it for something. I have found a notion where I’m going to be able to take those 3″ scraps and bigger and hold on to them for a quilting project. The notion is a set of rulers from Creative Grids. This is a set so you get all of these pieces in one set. When they’re put together they make a 6″ square. It’s called Scrap Crazy. There’s cutting directions for regular fabric, but what I like to use it for is for scraps. The smallest piece of the template will work with a 3″ square scrap. From there the pieces all change size. They’re not regular shapes; they’re irregular shapes. That makes it so you can use up lots of different scraps. We’re going to be able to use these templates and cut them out. Once my projects are done I’m cutting these shapes out with whatever scraps I have left over. The smallest shape I always seem to get a little bit more from. I’m not cutting to get an equal amount of everything. I’m just cutting until all of my scrap fabric is used up. Then I put it away for another project. Let me show you my little storage box that I’ve created to go with these little rulers. I’ve taken this old box. It’s 12″ by 9″. Anything that size or a little bit bigger is going to work. What I’ve done is built little dividers in this box so each template sits in its own section. The dividers were very easy to make. I just took cardstock and made long strips at 3″. I folded those strips in half lengthwise, then just made a little lip so this area here could be glued on the box. I glued them on and then I put a row of tape on those edges just to hold them down so this bottom surface is nice and smooth. I started with the long strip and then just added my two extra arms. I made those pieces so that they would fit the template shapes. As I’ve been finishing all of these projects, it doesn’t matter the fabric, I’ve just cut whatever shapes I could, using these little template pieces. Over time I’m going to be able to build this up and get a nice stack of a variety of colors. Then I can mix and match them and sew them together. The pieces sew together really well. The templates match up perfectly. All the dog ears have been cut off so they match up. We can take A and B and match up those edges and stitch ¼” down. A bonus with template A is you can cut scraps into two different pieces A and E. So if you have even smaller pieces, you can join them together. Regardless if that seam is pressed to the B piece or the A piece, you have no dog ears and they match up perfect. The next is sewing the C and D together. You’re going to sew it along this top edge. If you press up you have no dog ear or down you have no dog ear. From there you’re going to be able to stitch those two pieces together. Just like puzzle pieces, they’re going to match together. And stitch ¼”. With that last seam pressed we don’t need to do any trimming; it’s done. This is a 6½” block, which will equal 6″ when it’s all sewn together. This is a fun block to make if you want to try out some of those fancy stitches on your sewing machine As you sew each piece together, press the seams open and flat and then just use one of your decorative stitches to top-stitch. Then as you sew your pieces together you’re going to continue the same thing: Press those seams open and flat, do one of your decorative stitches, and then sew the next row together. Do a row of decorative stitching. This is a fun way to use up your different threads or to try out new threads. This is going to be such a fun project. I’m going to go through my scrap bin and cut up whatever I can. I’m actually looking forward to the scraps from my last project. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun to see all of the different fabrics that I’ve used in all of my quilting projects. I’ll put a link in the description to the Creative Grids ruler and as always, thank you for joining me today on SewVeryEasy. Feel free to subscribe and, as always, come on back. Let’s see what we’re sewing next time
in the sewing room. Bye for now!