Uploading Vector Images – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

In this video we’ll show you how to
exponentially expand your creative library by learning how to upload vector
files, or you might call them SVG’s. And it all starts here with this Upload icon.
In this case we’ll select Upload Image. Even if the vector is text it’s still
considered an image, by the way. Now you’ve got two choices:
you can drag and drop, just like this, or use the standby Browse for image
method. Find your image and click Open.
Next, name and tag the image. By default the name will match your file name, but
this is a great opportunity to rename it for Design Space. Plus, tags will come in
really handy later on, so take advantage since this is your only chance.
Be descriptive, use pet project names, whatever works, because, when you search,
in the future these tags will help you find just the image you’re looking for.
Once you’ve got everything perfect, click Save. And that’s it! You’ll see your now-uploaded
image right here ready to place on your Canvas anytime.