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Pattern: Paper shopping bag seam
Entrance and bleeding: 1cm / side line: 1.5cm We cut two nonwoven interface without seam. Cut one of the interfaces 1cm apart. Temporary attachment to the outer surface. Make flower patches / Create various patterns of ‘circles’ with paper. Fold in half. Fold square paper into diagonal lines and divide into 3 equal parts. The semicircle is separated by the radius of the circle pattern, and connects with the center. It becomes a petal pattern. The center of the flower should be bigger than the circle of the petals. Cut flowers and petals in various colors.
I did a lot of work for the following. Flower patches in a suitable position. Attach the flower fabric of a blue color thread. Finger gloves and rubber thimble must be worn when hand stitched. Attach the inner surface to the lining. Temporarily fix the lining and outer. Seams that no longer work when turned upside down: sewing finished line Please leave a reversing hole. Stitch outside the finish line (5mm away). Fold the seam to the lining. Attach the interface, which is reduced by 1 cm, to the center of the body plate. Turn it upside down. Sew the lining and seams (not visible from the outside). buttonhole stitch.(Bag sewing thread, quilted sewing thread, multiple nylon sewing thread, etc.) The remaining thread is sandwiched between the stitches. Remove temporary thread Attach the magnet button and sew the holes. Attach the ring invisibly from the outside. Handle making width: 5cm / Length: 70cm After passing through the loop, connect both ends. Thank you.