Understanding & Making Sewing Patterns : How to Read Sewing Pattern Directions

Hi, I’m Terri Turco with Expert Village and
today what we are doing is we’re looking at patterns, at fabric patterns, and how to really
decipher how to read a pattern, how to prep that pattern and eventually cut out that perfect
item that you want to make. We’re in the inside of the envelope now and we are looking at
the pattern instructions. And you are probably thinking, my gosh, there’s so much there,
how am I ever going to make way of this. Well, it’s really simple when you break it down
so let’s do just that. First of all, in your first box, obviously they have the pictures
again of the items that you have the choice of making. Now we’ve chosen to make item B.
So, then you go down, you go item B, and you look down here and this shows you not only
the pattern pieces but it lists the pattern pieces just to be very clear about what you’re
working with. Then when you go up to this section, this is just a basic understanding
of sewing. This talks about folds and salvages and reading the pattern. Whether it’s right
side or wrong side. Now, I know this doesn’t involve the pattern but I just want to show
you that when you are working with fabric, a fold is exactly what it is. It’s the fold
of the fabric where the fabric comes together and it folds over. Whereas the salvages are
the ends of the fabric, as you see here. So there’s your ends and there’s your folds and
you already learned two more things. Now, the next thing you do after you are looking
at the folds and the salvages which is basically what this whole section is about. It really
deciphers sewing terms and fabric terms for you. Now we are going to be showing tab B.
So you just go from tab B to the instructions and layout for B, as you see here. I’ve highlighted
it for you. And it shows you which pieces your are going to need, as you see here. Well,
basically we just need two pieces, we need piece one and piece two. That seems pretty
simple. Now when we come back we’re going to show you how to unwrap the tissue and cut
out that pattern and prep it so it really works well for you so do come back.