Uncle Eli’s 2018 – BCQG raffle quilt drawing

Testing 1 2 3 – if you can hear me say hi. [Crowd shouts Hi!]
Excellent because we are now about to have a drawing for the winner of this
beautiful Tree of Life quilt. So I’d like to give you a little background
information about this quilt and about the people who made it. This quilt was made by the Burlington Carousel Quilters Guild. Many of their members are here.
They worked on this quilt for over a year, They started selling raffle tickets in February 2017, but we are hopeful that you will be the winner. The quilt is called Tree of Life, and if you look closely you will see that the blocks all represent a Biblical theme:
Hosanna, crown of thorns, Jacob’s Ladder, and so on. The quilting guild members each made
the different blocks. How cool is that!t I’d like to ask that we give a round of applause to the to the Burlington Carousel Quilters Guild [applause] And I’d like to particularly thank this lady Lisa Rawlings who had the idea that today is the day we should win the raffle. Yay! [applause] And now Lisa has decided that Mildred Guthrie who was one of the people who has been leading this entire quilting event, and Mildred is responsible for all of
the antique displays you see here as well as many of the of the quilts.
Mildred is going to draw the winning ticket. So let’s give her some encouragement please.
[applause & shouting] And my name is not in there so this is … and neither is mine. Go deep! Go deep Mildred! Counting once, counting twice and the winner is… Doris Banner That’s my Mama! [laughter & applause] You’re kidding! I am not kidding. That is my mother, and she is not here today, but she is going to be so happy. Well how wonderful is that! So thank you very much everybody. Thank you. [Mildred:] Aren’t I good?