Twice the Charm from RJR Fabrics – Brand New To Quilting Series

Hi, I’m Sarah, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. Welcome to the Beginning Quilters Series. We are gonna talk about this new precut
we got in. It’s from RJR, it’s called Twice The Charm. So, we’re excited! We have
some new fabric. Different companies are in on this precut
thing. This is 5 ½” x 22” with the pinked edges and it’s the entire fabric line. I’ll
open it up and show you. So, it’s actually really kinda cool because it’s in longer
strips. So, you can kind of be more creative and follow different kinds of patterns. Let
me open this up and then I’ll show you. So, this is the twice the charm that we were
talking about. You open it up and it’s a whole 5 ½” strip. So, we’ve opened this up and as you can
see you get the 5 ½” wide strip and then 22” long. So, you can take it and you can
cut it into different strips and different things for your blocks. Just in contrast,
a charm pack is the 5” square. So you can actually do things with it. You’d have to
cut it down a little bit, but just so you can see it’s a little bit bigger, but it’s
longer. That’s what makes it twice the charm!