Hi boys and girls, today, on “Dare to sew”
with “Textil Colmenar” We are going to perform a New patchwork technique. I think most of you know which one it is,
when I mention the “windows of the cathedral” technique. This technique has two modalities, An easy one and a little bit more complicated one. Today we will explain the easy one,
But adding another application type. And now, the materials. We are going to use this technique to create
A Christmas table runner Already having the materials on the table
The first thing we are going to do is to search the pattern, which you have available to download in
Our website (www.textilcolmenar.com) in the free handcrafts Patterns section (‘manualidades gratis’) We have the pattern and the fabrics The first thing we are going to do is: let’s
cut 16 circles of two Types of printed fabrics, I will use
Red and beige To make the flower effect. This table
runner or centerpiece is for a table of 1.50 meters long since the table runner
will measure 1.30 m long approximately. We cut 16 circles of the fabrics and 16
Circles of the fine wadding It needs to be very thin so it does not bulge.
Ana María: How long does it measure this circle approximately? Mariana: This circle measures 22 centimeters
Diameter so that it can have a long length. We already have the fabrics cut
Let’s put the print face to face Right with right and the circle
of the wadding, let’s go to the sew machine And sew it all around leaving an opening
in order to be able to turn it around When it is sewn, it would be like this.
This is the opening where we have turned it around. You can sew it by hand
or using a sew machine You can see it here, I have done it
With sew machine to make it faster. We have the circle completed. I have here four of them, then the
Next step would be to put face to face the color that we want for the
Flower, in this table runner the flower will be in red. Then we put face to face in red. We put our pattern
above the beige side, we make a mark on the center and the sides. In the four extremes
of the diameter lines The next thing is,
We have our mark here, here, ok?. As long as we have the hole
where we have turned it around, “At your left”, ok? We have a mark here, we measure 3 cms
We write a line and That’s where we’re going to join
The two circles, so that when It is open, that in this case
I have it here, I have sewn it to three centimeters We open the two circles and
We have a complete petal and that’s what we will do it consecutively in all
of the circles But first an important thing, why I have
put 3cm? Because, the petal, after we set all circles and
complete the table runner, the Petal we are going to put
Between circle and circle measures 6 Centimeters, that is to say that I am
Putting a half here so that when We open it, it will be more or less
In proportion to the size. If it appears to be a
Little big or a little small it doesn’t matter, because that is the joint
that we are we going to have to finish the full flower circle. Another important thing:
I have it here as you can see, it goes from 4 in 4
Circles. Maybe some of you prefer to make all of the circles in a
complete way and then join the petals separately. But in my case I prefer to do four by
four why? Because I rather to go first
creating flower to flower and then executing the final seams to assemble the
complete table runner as you can see here. And then, from behind it will be in this way.
The union of circles in beige is going to be behind, and the rest
in red. It has to be passed, folded or Stitched using hidden stitches so that
Petals do not rise and do not disturb when it has to be put on the table.
As you can see, I already have two joint circles on its central part already forming two complete petals
of the flower, the next step would be to join them to create four petals
of the complete flower, and what we do is to put red with red which
in this case is my flower. We must check that it has to be flat below, to avoid
that the flower is not going to be like this because if it remains that way, then if we sew
it, it will be wrong, and before sewing it Of course it’s required to iron Then we continue in the same sequence
we have followed by now, we measure three centimeters with a friction pen
that is the ballpoint pen that dissapears with the heat of the iron. 3 cm, 3 cm.
We sew all of this, complete, taking both the top and the bottom circle,
and then we already have two more petals. Here I have sewn with the machine by taking the
Two circles, and these two circles completely. We open it and we already have four
complete petals, and look the way it looks like behind Totally flat. The next step is,
after having all of the Petals sewn with a printed fabric of a
Different color on each side and the wadding in the center and turned around, and
by the way, I haven’t said you, it’s going to be 32 petals for this table runner. But don’t worry, as you
will have it written on the pattern (downloadable). AM: How big is the table? M: Is for a 1.50 mts long table.
The next step is, start putting Our petals between petal and petal of
Our circles. We put here Put at this side
And here the last. And now you possibly can see the way the flower
looks like. How to put this flower together? How to put the petals in the circle? There are
two ways: one is, you Can glue it with fabric glue I usually use this brand, Which is a specially
designed glue for fabrics, it’s Textile. Or the other way, as I have done with this
almost finished, you can see it here. It has a seam I’ve sewn it to grab it
Down and up to the beige circle as you can see. A central seam that
I’m going to explain right now We put the petals in this
way as you can see there and then we pass the sew machine through all of the center so that it will be pleated
in the center and the ‘little petals’ of the sides could be lift and are not
crushed, because this way is ugly and that is not the intention of the table runner, it has
to be as a three-dimensional table runner. We make a petal, we raise the one
that we have sewn and we sew the other one, all the way up to down and so in all of the petals.
As you can see all of them are sewn. We already have the flower almost completed, then the only
thing we need is to add it to the Table runner, that we have in a 50% advance.
So we put it flower with flower Putting red towards to you,
We crush a little so that it doesn’t bother, we put it flower with flower and let’s take
the two circles that we want to join and we do as before We measure 3 centimeters and 3 cm
here and we sew from here to there Completely so when we open it the flower is attached to the table path.
And now let’s sew Joining the two circles so that it is secured and
then being able to set completely our Table runner. You can see it here
Fully assembled to the table runner Which I had previously half-way and
The last section we iron and in the center We put a button I usually put a button because it is
much nicer and I can get more colors, pearly, bright, mate, you
can put a pompon, you can even put stamen pompoms for those watching in
Latin America, or in wool just the way you want. The last thing, we turn around our
Table runner and as you can see Here it is sewn with hidden
stitches so that by putting it in The table it is not raised and
It’s the same thing you can do here, sew using hidden stitches
all the way, iron all the table runner, turn around and it’s ready. For Christmas, this technique can also
be used, almost in the same way as a christmas tree foot craft
It’s performed in the same way but with the only difference that
in the middle no button is used, it goes with nothing, because it has to
be open from a side in order to put the tree. It is closed from the stem upwards.
Let’s get a little closer here Approximately five centimeters
using hidden stitch as you can see here This is sealed, it is sewn To avoid raising, then we join
two circles and the other two circles are the same as on the table runner but
with the only difference that instead of joining the two in a central seam, we are going to join
Only for one side Ok, so that here it is
Fully open Okay and we can put it on tape
the tie as I have it here and put the base of the tree inside and it is really
Beautiful, I can make sure because I have already put it here and it looks beautiful. Ok
Guys, this is the technique of today. I hope you have enjoyed it, and
I’d like to remind you that all of the materials are available in our
shop here in Colmenar Viejo (Spain), and in our web site www.textilcolmenar.com,
all of the fabrics, wadding, also in facebook, all of the models we have.
You know, any questions please do not hesitate
To consult us by facebook or using the comments on youtube and also
on our website. “Dare to sew”, and I want to make a
challenge, let’s see who dares This video will be available next Wednesday Let’s see from Wednesday to
A week or a week and a half Who dares to upload at least a flower on facebook.
I challenge you, I hope your pictures. see you soon