Turnovers – Brand New to Quilting Series – Quilting Tutorial

Hi I am Sarah from Missouri Star Quilt Company
and welcome to our brand new quilting series. Today we are going to talk about the turnover.
The Turnover is 8”, and it’s 8” triangles, so you can actually do. They’re several
different things you can do. We are still, we’re actually still playing with them and
learning different things. But a fun thing you can do is the half square triangle. So
if you think, if you are doing half square triangles you just, it’s super easy. You
open it up, you lay it all it out, just kind of mix and match, and put them together. And
it makes a 5 1/2 “square, 5 ½ “square. And so like you could, you could put them
together with the charm pack, you would have to do a little bit of trimming. But with seams
it comes out 5”. And we’ve actually put a little book together that’s really cute,
that was, it was just really easy, it was the same, you know, no cutting concept. We
just put them together. And turned it really cute, did some sashing and I’ll show you
that in a minute. But I just wanted you guys to these different, all these different options,
you know, depends on your colors your into, it’s the same concept with 40 different
fabrics. And just putting them together. They’re fun, it’s like a puzzle. That’s what quilting’s
about, so come and see the quilt and let me show you what we did with it. Alright, so when we are talking about turnovers,
you’ve got to think half square triangles, pinwheels, braids, you can you lay them out
different, you can put them together just, just try to be creative with the with the
options here. And then here’s our quilt that we put together that I was telling you
about, that we did. This is just a snippet turnover. We made it, it’s a really cute
little baby quilt, we put the, the sewed the turnovers together and laid them out, did
some sashing between them, did a cute little border and scalped it and it was just easy
and it was fun to play with. so Good luck, get out there. Buy a turnover and try it.
And this is just a few tips from the Missouri Star Quilt Company, see ya!