Turkish village lifestyle – A Miniature Woodshop in Çandır.

Good morning. I’m getting ready to go to my neighbor – a new neighbor His name is Volcan and he makes beautiful things from wood He told me to bring that stump and he’ll make me a bowl Exciting! This is Volcan and he’s gonna make us something today first he’s opening up the wood to see if there’s any cracks inside That such an ugly stump can become a beautiful thing Looks dangerous to me This is so exciting Coloring is really nice. Yeah Well, it’s really looking nice already It’s all very precision work I wonder where he learned it Most likely self taught This never comes flying off? Maybe.
Never happened? Cracks are dangerous He better be careful I have to admire him though. Look at the workshop It’s just a balcony with a machine on it Yeah, this is becoming a bowl But I love the wood grain in it It’s a bowl Out of an old stumb That’s so nice! Fantastic! Look at that!