Tunisian 2 Together or Decrease Stitches

Let’s review doing Tunisian Simple Stitch two together. So essentially it’s telling you that it wants to put stitches together to do a decrease. So to do that what we have to do is that we have to just sink in behind. So if I wanted to start a row and I wanted to decrease I’m just gonna, instead of going through just one vertical I’m gonna go through two and then just pull through just like that. So it depends on the stitch that you wanna do. So if you’re doing like something maybe like a top of the hat, you would probably wanna do that and uh, that would be how you do it. So you just go in behind two verticals at the same time and pull through. So what if they wanted three verticals then you just go around behind three and pick them up and et cetera. And that would be how you would do decreasing with these kind of ideas. So that would be the Tunisian Simple Stitch for a decrease if you wanted to do that and then you would just do your return pass like you would normally do it with what that it states in the instructions. So if it’s actually decreasing itself when you do the return pass when you pull things together you’ll see that everything will just kinda line up perfectly. So that would be how you would do a Tunisian Simple Stitch as far as like decreasing if you would like to do something like that. 🧶