TT-0004 – How to handle beverages around needlework – cross stitch x-xtitch needlepoint flosstube

Hello, and welcome to The Stitching Kitchn! Well, I’ve had a hard day at the office and
then I have to come to the Stitching Studio. And I want to tell you that this is a Teaspoon
Tidbit so that you don’t spill stuff on your stitching. We all love … I love a martini. Some of us love wine. Some of us love a beer. And some of us like plain water. And that’s OK. Whatever we want to drink. Needles are good for more than one thing. Really. Ok. So, let me talk to you about open glasses. After I eat this olive. I don’t care how careful we think are. We place it over here. We place it over there. Place it way over here. Inevitably, and you know this to be true,
you’re going to knock it over at some time. Or you’re going to go like this. And it’s going to spill all over you. So. My alternative is. I love this. I’m a princess. Or. One of these. Put your drink in there. Drink all you want. And you’re never going to have an accident. And, by the way. Go to And get your water bottle. So you can put your martinis And olives in. Bye! This is all about magnifiers. Some of the fabric that you’re going to be
stitching on is going to be quite fine. Like 25-count linen for the needle case …