Trip to the Fabric Store | At Home With P. Allen Smith

I don’t know about you, but I have a favorite
place I like to buy fabric. And it’s right here at Cynthia East Fabrics. I’ve been buying
fabric here for years. I’ve known Cynthia, well, forever. I love this place, because
you got a wide selection, and she’s got a great group of gals that work with her, and
they’re always really friendly and very helpful. Come on, let’s go in. Well, hello, Cynthia.
Hi, Allen. Nice to see you. Good to see you. How are you? I’m doing great. Me too. I’ve
come by to take a look at a pillow. You all called me, and said you had something ready
for me to look at. It is really great. I think you’re gonna be pleased with it. Wow, look
at all the fabric. Hi. Hey, Abby, nice to see you. It’s good to see you. We got your
pillow here. Oh, my goodness. That’s great. We just wanna see if you like the flange on
it. Oh, I love how it’s made up. That looks great. Isn’t that wonderful? Are you gonna
go? Bye, Cynthia, thank you. Wow, that looks great, Abby. Yeah, we did this extra detailing
here, and then this is custom with this little split. That’s cool. This is what you wanted
to show me, the little flange? Yes, I wanted to make sure you liked it, before we did the
other one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it a lot. And we backed it, so you didn’t have to use
the fabric on both sides. It’s lookin’ good. Alright. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When do you think
the other one will be ready? Oh, probably tomorrow. Yeah, okay. She has it all cut out
and ready. Okay, excellent. I need to pick up some fabric or look for some samples for
this project we’re underway with. We’re decorating a whole new house. Oh, that’ll be great, yeah.
Good. And just leave this here? Yeah, we’ll leave it here. Okay, alright. I’m lookin’
for something that might be sort of be in the brown tones. Okay. I need something, I
think, probably in an upholstery way. What I wanna do is: I got a headboard I wanna make.
Alright. So I found this headboard, and I wanna upholster it, so are there any rules
of thumb that you all follow if, you know, gonna upholster a head board? Yeah. In terms
of the weight of the fabric? Yeah. I like this, by the way. Yeah, this is a good one.
It’s nice and thick. I tend to look at fabrics to see if I can see light through it. Yeah,
that’s a good. And it kinda helps me see if it’s gonna be thick enough for upholstery.
You know, you might see something like this: This is really willowy. Right, yeah. Not such
a good choice for something… Yeah, much more transparent. …That’s gonna get a lot
wear. This looks great. I love this. Yeah. Those are both similar. This has kinda a little
herringbone to it. Now, what about something like this, Abby? That could work as an upholstery,
couldn’t it? It could, yes. Yeah. It’s got some weight to it. This feels like it’s 100
percent cotton. It is. There’s probably a little bit of mixture in it. Do you recommend
a blend or would 100 percent cotton work for an upholstery? I always recommend 100 percent
cotton, if it’s gonna need to be cleaned at some point. It doesn’t really matter if it’s
in a head board situation, because it’s upholstered and it’s gonna stay there. Cotton cleans easily.
It does. Yeah. And so does polyester. Yeah. So, Abby, I’d like to get a sample of this
one and this one. This one maybe a little lighter than I’m thinking, but you never know.
That’s true. That would be great. And I’ve noticed up here this head board you’ve got
that you upholstered. That’s quite a fabric. Yeah, isn’t that nice? That’s beautiful. Thank
you. Okay, let’s look for more of these brown samples. Would linen be a good choice for
a head board? Linen is a wonderful choice, yes. It allows for a lot of coordinates to
go with it. This is really handsome here. This feels like a thick linen. It is. It’s
nice, and it also has a little bit of a strea pattern to it, and a little slip. I like that.
Solids become more interesting when they have some texture. Well, with a head board, I mean,
I’m thinking that– that has a beautiful pattern on it, but it’s a little, you know,
loud for what I’m trying to do. It’s a little loud, yeah. But I think if I do a neutral
backdrop, I can really dress up the bed with some pillows. You totally can. That’s a wonderful
idea. So I’m also lookin’ for something for a slipcover for some little chairs. I like
this a lot. Oh, isn’t that pretty? This has a lot of color. Yeah, that’s nice. And it
would work for a slipcover pillows. Is this a linen? It is. It’s a linen blend. Yeah.
It has cotton in it. I like it. I like it. I like it a lot. Why don’t we get a little
piece of that. Sure. Yeah. Wow, that’s a big piece. Yeah, well you gotta see gotta see
the pattern. Do you want to coordinate your slipcover to this? You know, I’m thinking,
you know, some bright pattern like this or this for the slipcover and then maybe some
kind of piping on it. You know, it would be a contrasting piping. Maybe pick up the green
or the blue or the yellow. Yeah. You could even use one of your browns. Some of these
might even work for a slipcover. This kinda weight’s good. And pipe it in a bright color.
So if you’re doing slipcovers, and you’re doing a piping around the edge, you probably
wanna use a similar weight, don’t you? Yes, it does look better. As opposed to, if I wanted
to use a thicker upholstery weight with this linen that really wouldn’t work as well. Right.
Yeah. There are some exceptions to that rule, of course, but… Yeah. It does generally
look better. Okay. Let’s keep looking for some more browns. Okay. Let me get a sample
of this one. Okay. Good lookin’ Nice medium brown. That could look good on an upholstered
piece. Yeah, excellent. Now, what about drapery? Just the rules of thumb on drapery. Like,
I’m thinking of maybe some linen drapes, making it really simple, linen curtains. Yeah, it’s
wonderful to use a linen. I love this natural linen. Yeah, that’s been a very popular one.
It goes with so many things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you could also do something a little wilder.
Look at that! That is wild! Sometimes in a room, where there’s not much else, it’s nice
to have a varied pattern drape. Or with a lot of stuff. I like a lot of stuff. Yeah,
you can make it really pop. I’m trying to find that piece of natural that you just cut
for me. I’m gonna cut some of this too. Yeah, let’s put that with it. There we go, yeah.
I like this a lot. That’d make a beautiful backdrop or drapery behind a bed. It would.
Curtain. It’d be gorgeous. Yeah, good lookin’. Love those electric blues. Fantastic. Could
I get a little piece of this as well? Yes. Yeah, gotta have the birds. Of course, put
a bird on it. Very good. I’ll give you a whole bird. Okay, great. Very good. Well, Abby,
thank you, so much. Well, thank you. It was good to see you. Yeah, and thanks for getting
that pillow pulled together for me. Sure, yeah. I’m just gonna look around a little
bit. Okay. And I’ll be back in touch, once we make a decision. Wonderful. Very good,
thanks. Thanks. Hey, if you enjoyed this little trip to the fabric store, check in with us
regularly. I’ll show you how we put these fabrics –maybe some others– to work. And
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