Thursday 12/26/19 Galatians 2:8 – 3:14

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teaching approach brings God’s word
alive with meaning, as he takes you on a
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letter to you, the Bible. (organ music) And now, here is
pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, say, welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel, welcome to this Family
Bible Study Hour, back in our father’s
word, book of Galatians, the land of the Gauls. You know, Paul is a
little disappointed in the church here
among the Galatians, because it would seem that so
quickly after they converted into the liberty
that Christ gives us, that’s what Christianity
is, is setting you free from bondage and from
hangups that a lot of people will put you into, and he said, I am amazed at how quickly
you’ve gone back to legalism, listening to people
that are legalist, rather than the freedom
that is in Christ. He was a little bit amazed
by it and certainly, you wanna remember, before
Paul and Peter were approached by God saying, this is
open to the gentiles also, don’t you call any man common. If they love the Lord
and they believe he died for their sins, then they’re
saved also and they do not, the circumcision any
longer was of the heart and it applied to
both men and women. Because all of the blood
rituals and ordinances were nailed to the
cross with Christ. And the church was wanting
to revert back then, saying you’ve gotta do this
and you’ve gotta do that, when the real honest thing
is, you gotta love the Lord. You gotta love our
heavenly father and follow his word his way. So having said that,
Paul still teaching and saying you got
some of those people that claim to be super
preachers and you’re listening to them, and there is
nothing new under the sun. I gave you the
gospel, that is it. Okay, so chapter
two, verse eight, let’s pick it up there and
we’ll go with it again. For her that wrought
effectually in Peter to the apostleship
of the circumcision, the same was mighty in
me toward the Gentiles. In other words, as God used
Peter to teach the Israelites and God’s election, so
then also, he sent Paul, as you would read in Acts
chapter nine verses 15 and 16, to the gentile, okay, in that
trip both to the gentile, to Israel, and to the kings
and queens of the ethnos. A threefold ministry,
that’s what Paul had. Verse nine. But when James,
Cephas, and John, who seemed to be
pillars, I mean, they really helped
the church up, perceived the grace
that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas
the right hands of fellowship; that we should go
unto the heathen, which is to say the gentile,
and they unto the circumcision. That we would teach the gentiles and they would teach
the house of Israel. And so it was knowing. Why is Peter called Cephas here? And you know from John
1:42 what Christ said, it’s important. And when he introduced Peter,
he said, this is bar Jonas, which is to say,
son of the dove. And he was the
stone and he said, you will call him
Cephas, that’s stone. And the stone is right here in
the middle of these apostles. And that stone, of course,
is Christ ultimately, Peter was a chip
off the old block that Christ is that rock
which established the church. And that’s what Paul
is talking about, you stay on that rock. Don’t you allow some
misfits to come in and change things or to teach
things as they are different. And that’s as it was, verse 10. Only they would that we
should remember the poor; the same which I also
was forward to do. In other words, I was zealous
to see that the boys down in town were taken care of. You know, and Paul always was, he always did look out for them. Even though they
mistreated him, in a sense. Verse 11. But when Peter, now changed
back to Peter from Cephas, but when Peter was come to
Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because
he was to be blamed, he was at fault. How come? Because verse 12, for before
that certain came from James, he did eat with
the Gentiles, see, that was forbidden just before
Christ opened up salvation to the gentile. But when they were come, he
withdrew and separated himself, fearing them which were
of the circumcision. He was afraid of
what they might say, because he was chowing
down with gentiles. It’s hard to break old customs. And this is what
Peter was doing. Peter, and this is
difficult to understand, it’s what one man
will do for another if they’re good friends. But Peter being up
on the roof that day in Acts chapter 10
when Cornelius’s men
came to the gate, God sent down three times
three sheets of unclean food. Insects, scavengers,
told Peter to eat. Peter, no, Lord, nothing
unclean has ever passed my lips. And then Peter understood
that it was allos, which is to say other,
God was telling him, don’t you ever call any man
common that loves the Lord. Common meaning not fit to that, anyone that loves the
Lord becomes a Christian, they become a Christ man. And Peter knew that. I mean, he was spoken
to by God himself to say it’s all right. But when that peer
pressure comes along and those old habits
and traditions, Peter eased off from
eating and being relaxed with the gentiles and moved
over with the circumcision, which is to say, the Israelites. 13. And the other Jews, that’s to
say, the people from Judea, dissembled likewise with him;
insomuch that Barnabas also was carried away with
their dissimilation. In other words, it
influences new people as well when you see this. Just old habits
are hard to break, traditions are hard to break. Traditions of men can
make void the word of God, and that’s basically
what these apostles are doing themselves. God himself addressed Peter
and made it very clear, no man will be called
common, and he addressed Paul on the road to Damascus and
sent Paul to the gentile. I mean no ifs, ands, or maybes. You see, Paul was not a gentile. Paul was a Benjamite
of the house of Israel, of seat of Abraham. So he was not a gentile,
but he had no regard of eating with gentiles because
that’s where God sent him. And his message was very
effective to whomsoever will. Verse 14. But when I was that they
walked not uprightly according to the truth of the
gospel, what God had said, I said unto Peter before
them all, if thou, being a Jew, you be from Judea, livest after the
manner of the Gentiles, and not as do the Jews,
why compellest thou the Gentiles to
live as do the Jews? If you’re not gonna live
as they do by God’s plan, why should you want
them to live as you do, that means to be a legalist
and put those legal things on the gentile, which
was not necessary. I mean, as a matter of fact,
it goes deeper than that. If you were to continue
the blood sacrifices, which is what circumcision is. If you insist that the
gentile be circumcised for religious reasons,
it’s all right for hygiene, if that’s what you
want, no problem. But don’t do it for
religious reasons. Because once Christ was
nailed to the cross, all blood ordinances were
nailed to the cross with him. And it becomes sacrilege
to go otherwise or to do otherwise. And here, you got the
head officials saying they’re edging
back and listening to these boys from
downtown, these legalists, that are trying to turn
back to the old way after Christ died on
the cross for our sins. That is bad, and Paul
was totally in his right to do what he did and
to do it in that way. If you have a little problem
understanding that, make a note of Acts chapter 15 and
read verses 10 through 15. It’ll help you out a little bit. Paul sticking, you have
to give Paul the credit. He, once he was converted, boy, he was zealous,
he stuck with it. He stood for the word of God. Verse 15. We who are Jews by nature, in
other words, of that family, and not, and we have
who are Jews by nature and not sinners of the Gentiles. Now, who was Paul then,
how, in other words, I came from Judea, I studied
there under Gamaliel. But Paul, as you would read in
Romans chapter 11 verse one, Paul was a Benjamite, not
of the tribe of Judah, but a Benjamite and from
the house of Abraham, of the seed of Abraham. He was an Israelite indeed. But yet here, he
studied that law, he knew that law inside and
out, probably better than most. Verse 16. Knowing that a man
is not justified by
the works of the law, but by the faith
of Jesus Christ, even we have believed
in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified
by the faith of Christ, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law
shall no flesh be justified. By the law alone. Men can’t make it,
why, we all fall short. And if you break one,
you broke them all. So therefore, God
so loved the world that he gave his
only begotten son that whomsoever would believe
upon him should not perish, but have eternal life. That’s a gift to
God, to set one free whereby he has that
freedom to know and to love and to follow the living
God, how precious it is. You know, you cannot,
in other words, if the law could save
people, then it would’ve been a waste for God to come
in the form of Immanuel, God with us, die on the
cross for those sins when the law could’ve gotten
it done, but it can’t, okay. But let me instill in your mind, the law is not bad,
it’s man that’s bad. The law is good, I mean, if
you live by every law strictly, you would be fine. But in the flesh, you cannot
accomplish that usually. You’re not gonna make it. Therefore, the grace,
that is to say, the love of almighty God
giving unmerited favor, favor you don’t really
merit, you don’t deserve it. But he gives it to you when
you ask for it, repent. Change of mind, change
of heart, verse 17. But if, while we seek to
be justified by Christ, we ourselves also
are found sinners, is therefore Christ
the minister of sin? God forbid. In other words, even
Christians fall short, that’s why you repent. Don’t ever make the
mistakes of saying I’ve gotta get saved over again, because it is Christ
that does the saving. He saved you once. After that, you can
drift so far away from that salvation
that you can go to hell, but on repentance,
it’s washed away. The salvation is
there for the taking as long as you repent. Verse 18. For if I build again the
things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor. If I, these things that
Christ destroyed through, on the cross, if I,
and Paul himself, the way he followed
the old religion and persecuted the church. And then he had this
conversion, if he would revert, if he were to revert
back to legalism as these are trying to
do, these super preachers that are coming
here, then certainly, he would be a transgressor. In other words, he would
be out of God’s will. Paul did not like that, he did
not feel comfortable with it, that’s why the correction. Verse 19. For I through the law
am dead to the law, that I might live unto God. In other words, with
that Christian faith, knowing the difference
between the law, statutes, and ordinances,
this you must know. Because a blood
ritual is not a law. And a statute given by God
concerning customs is not a law. Many of those were
nailed to the cross and you got to know
the difference. Galatians two will
always lead you through and help you a great
deal on that, verse 20. I am crucified with Christ:
nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth
in me through the comforter, the Holy Spirit, and the
life which I now live in the flesh I live by the
faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and
gave himself for me. In other words, when
Christ was crucified, I know why he was crucified,
who crucified him, why he was crucified and
where he was crucified. The Ws of Christ
crucified, it’s important that you know all those things. And you know why he
died on that cross, why? Because you can’t
cut it on your own. So he did it for you. Fulfilling Psalms 22
on that cross boldly in front of everyone. That we could have Psalms
23, which is the song of resurrection,
meaning the Lord is our shepherd,
we shall not want. And we can walk through the
valley of the shadow of death, which means these people
are spiritually deader than a hammer, and you can
walk anywhere you wanna go when you have the
light and the truth. That’s walking in Christ,
with Christ, and for Christ. We walk by faith, not by sight. Verse 21. I do not frustrate
the grace of God: for if righteousness
came by the law, then Christ is dead in vain. If you could find and do
what is right and overcome and be justified in the
law, what would have been the purpose of Christ dying,
there would’ve been none. But you see, the law, though
it is good, man is bad. And you need that grace
and love and mercy from almighty God that
he paid that price for us on the cross. That, when you repent,
your sins are washed away, they don’t exist. In God’s face, he said, don’t
ever bring it up to me again. Why, because it’s gone,
it’s erased, God erases it. When you love him and
repent, Christ crucifixion, having done that for
us, on total repentance, change of heart
and mind gives you a clean start, a new life. That’s how precious it
is that the law just could not do that, because
man could not follow the law, that being the reason. Chapter three verse one. O foolish Galatians,
who hath bewitched you, why have you let this happen? That ye should not
obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set
forth, crucified among you? It was taught, the real
truth, it hasn’t changed. How did you let
somebody come in here, some super preacher bringing
a new doctrine to you, and you are bewitched by them. Verse two. For this only would
I learn of you, let me just ask
you this one thing, this is all I wanna
know, this one thing. Received ye the Spirit
by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? Which was it, well, naturally, they were heathen
when Paul came there. And it was the preaching
of the crucifixion, the preaching of Jesus
Christ and his saving grace that established a church there and brought them into
the Christian life. Wasn’t the law, the
law had been there from the beginning
of time, basically. It certainly hadn’t done it. But Paul’s teaching the
gospel, the good news, have established
it, verse three. Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit,
the comforter with you, are you now made
perfect by the flesh? And of course, the
answer would be no. The flesh, if anything,
tears you down, it doesn’t build you up. You remain perfect
in the spirit, which is to say walking in
Christ, and Christ in you, that comforter leading
you, directing you, strengthening you. Verse four. Have ye suffered so
many things in vain? Is this all for emptiness? If it be yet in vain. You know, vain means void
and empty, their heads, he’s saying, is your head
empty, in a way implied. That you would go
along with this, turn back to the old,
the old legalism. When you had that
beautiful truth, the freedom of Christianity,
to be free to love and to serve the living God,
and you turn back to this? This is, I just wanna
ask you this one thing, explain it to me. Verse five. He therefore that ministereth
to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the
works of the law, or by the hearing of faith? In other words, Paul came there
and there were many healed and many touched and
demons driven out. I mean, miracles
performed, documenting and proving that he
was a man of God. And he said, how did he do
this when he came there, and speaking of himself. Did he do it by the
law, did he say, I cast a demon out in the
name of the law of God? No, of course not,
that wouldn’t cut it. Cast them out in the name
of the Lord Jesus Christ, crucified. And they had no choice
other than to go, those miracles performed. He said, you saw it
with your own eyes, let me have this one thing. Why are you reverting back,
why are you listening? Are you fools? Miracles are not uncommon. But they certainly
document a lot. The law, to my knowledge, has
never performed a miracle. It would be a miracle if you
could follow every last one of them without breaking one. Verse six. But the hand of Christ
performs many miracles. Verse six. Even as Abraham believed
God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Now, why are we bringing
Abraham into this? He was under the old law, the
old testament many years ago. Why would we be
bringing him in here, but it was the same thing. Abraham believed and God
called it right, righteousness. And changed his name
from Abram to Abraham, meaning he would be a
blessing to many peoples. Why, because through
him would come Christ. So don’t belittle Christ’s
death on the cross for the law. Verse seven. Know ye therefore that
they which are of faith, the same are the
children of Abraham. In other words, it’s
that same covenant, the covenant made with Abraham. Verse eight. And the scripture,
foreseeing that God would justify the
heathen through faith, preached before the gospel
unto Abraham, saying, in thee shall all
nations be blessed. You see, what are we
quoting here, Genesis 12:3. Or what is he really
saying, I mean, get right down there where
the rubber meets the road. How did God tell
Abraham the gentiles were gonna have salvation? I mean, way back then? How could that be,
because it didn’t happen until Christ died on the cross. It was a promise. And you see, the
very name Abraham, as you read for yourself
there, that through, in thee shall all nations
be blessed, that’s what his name means, and when
you have nations plural, that is not only Israel, that’s
also the gentile nations. God promised way back
in Abraham’s time in Genesis chapter
12 that the gentiles would have salvation. That’s what he’s
talking about here. You think it’s so unusual,
you go back to legalism and cut out the gentile,
which my commission from God gave me
authority to convert them. It was still in
existence way back, even in the very name of Abraham whom God made that
covenant with. Verse nine to continue. So then they which be
of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. It’s faith that gets
it done, faith in God. That if you love him
and if you follow him, if that son paid the price
and you believe upon him, that it was Immanuel, I mean,
where else was it written in the Old Testament? Isaiah chapter
seven and verse 14. A virgin is going to conceive. She will bear a son and
you will call him Immanuel, being interpreted God with us. And so it was that
God was with us, that that savior would come. That virgin did
conceive, it was Mary, and that son was the
Lord Jesus Christ. And through him, we
have that salvation. Next verse please, verse 10. For as many as are of
the works of the law are under the curse:
for it is written, cursed is every one that
continueth not in all things which are written in the
book of the law to do them. In other words, that’s
exactly the way it is, Deuteronomy 27:26. If you break one,
you break them all. You have to live by the law
and be saved by the law, you’ve got to do every one. And I dare say. In this day and age, I would
hate to see an inventory taken to see how many people even
know what the law says. I really don’t think
you would have too much of the population would
know what the laws say. They might be able
to quote 10 of them. But there were many other
commandments and ordinances, if you’re gonna go
that way, and rituals, that you wouldn’t be able to
quote them or even live them, you wouldn’t know when
you did break one, most people wouldn’t. But in Christ, it’s so
simple to believe upon him and to follow his
teachings, the gospel, the good news which
is the law as well, the law is not bad, man’s bad. Then certainly, you
have justification and eternal life through Christ. Verse 11 to continue. And verse 11 reads, but
that no man is justified by the law in the sight
of God, it is evident: for, the just shall live by
faith, I wanna read that again. But that no man is justified
by the law in the sight of God, it is evident, I
mean, it’s a fact, for, the just shall live
by faith, Habakkuk 2:4. I’ll say it again, Habakkuk 2:4 in the minor prophets is quoted. You live by faith,
I mean, by the law, no man can justify
himself before God, why, I forestated and I
won’t repeat it again. Is that there are
very few people, we’ve got a few
scripture lawyers. Scripture lawyers, many
of them have turned into, rather than being true
scripture lawyers, they’re higher critics. And it would seem that
higher critics get bled off into criticizing God’s word
rather than upholding it, expanding upon it, and proving
it in the positive sense, that people could find truth. But rather, they like to
make their living trying to tear down the word of
God, calling themselves higher critics of what? That’s a good question. It’s so simple, don’t
be a fool and let men, some dignified would
be so called legalist throw you a curb. You live by faith, faith
in the fact that he is real and that he loves you
enough that he died for you. Verse 12 to continue. And the law is not of faith:
but, the man that doeth them shall live in them. He lives them within
this, and so it is, how precious it is
that our father leads and guides and directs
and, in Leviticus 18:5, we have this very statement
and following his law, his way. Verse 13, Christ hath redeemed
us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for
us: for it is written, cursed is every one
that hangeth on a tree. And so it is, Deuteronomy 21:23. And how precious it is that
our father lets us serve him and live with him, in him. And how precious it is. I thank our father for his
word, Deuteronomy 21:23, that Christ certainly
was not cursed, but he took on the
curses of the world, don’t ever let anyone
tell you otherwise. He stood instead of,
in place, for you. The Antichrist comes
standing in the place of Christ claiming to be. But Christ stood
in place for you. Satan really doesn’t
care anything about you, he’ll deceive you,
tear you down, rip you up, he loves
company in hell. But Christ did it
for you so that, in believing upon him, you
escape that curse through faith. That is to say, of
having to answer for all your problems once
you’ve repented for them, they’re gone, they don’t exist, and don’t ever let somebody
tell you they do, they don’t. Verse 14. That the blessing of
Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus
Christ; that we might receive the promise of the
Spirit through faith. And that would be
a very wonderful, Ezekiel chapter 11 verse
19, it’s beautiful. How beautiful it
is, Ezekiel 11:19. Paul’s given us quite
a Bible lesson here. I mean, it’s going pretty deep. But that’s as it is. Those blessings of
Abraham were opened up, that he would be a
blessing to all people, including the ethnos. Any time you see nations plural, it cannot apply to only Israel,
okay, just doesn’t happen. It means all nations. So how precious it is. What Paul is saying here, why are you letting
people handcuff you with legalism when
it is not necessary when you walk by faith
and you have that freedom, those shackles are removed. And Christ removed it on
the cross, doing it for you that you could
have eternal life. Don’t ever forget to thank
him for that, all right, we’ll pick it up here
again in the next lecture, listen a moment,
won’t you, please. – [Announcer] The
book of Ezekiel. What a fantastic study,
this book of Ezekiel. The book of Ezekiel that
covers, if you would, those vehicles,
those circular disk. In the Hebrew, it states very
clearly that that whirlwind with the color amber
traced back to the Hebrew, highly polished bronze. What an exciting thing
that God’s word informs us on all things, Ezekiel,
one of my favorite prophets of the Bible. Probably more
written, not probably, but absolutely more
written on what will happen in the millennium age than
even the book of Revelation, Ezekiel guiding you through it, what God will expect
at the final battle, Armageddon and Hamon-gog,
recorded in this great prophecy. I know you’re going to enjoy it. The book of Ezekiel. (calm music) – We are back again, let’s
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praying anywhere, any time. They wouldn’t even
know you were. But God does, that’s
what’s important, father, around the globe, we come,
we ask that you lead, guide, direct, father, touch
in Yeshua’s precious name, thank you, father, amen. Okay, and question time, we’re
gonna go with Pennsylvania, and this would be Joanne. I was introduced to
Shepherd’s Chapel when I was at my lowest
point in my life following the sudden death of
my beloved husband. Since studying
God’s letter to us and really learning the
Bible for the first time, I now greet every day with joy. Can never thank you
enough for what you do, well, it’s the word of God,
it’ll do it every time, thank you, dear, for that. I’m reading Genesis and
listening to your tapes on the subject, but I have what is probably a really dumb
question that is bothering me. I know that Eve was tempted
to partake of the fruit of the tree of the
good and evil, Satan. You said she was wholly seduced,
the Bible says that, yes. I just assumed that
that was how she came to carry Cain in her womb,
that’s absolutely a fact. And it is so
written, first John, first epistle of
John chapter three around about verse 14, 13 or 14. What I don’t understand is the
part where she conceives Adam to partake, where she deceives,
convinces, rather, Adam to partake of the
fruit of the tree also. What exactly did Adam do, I
am probably misunderstanding the whole thing, no,
you’re in good shape. She gave of the same
fruit, repeated again, she gave of the same fruit
to Adam and he partook, okay. Jeffrey from Texas. I am 64 and I’ve read the
Bible six times from cover to cover and I am in
my seventh reading at second Corinthians, even
so, I am absolutely amazed after following your
TV broadcast for
about three months. It was as if the proverbial
scales have fallen from my eyes. Your teaching with the
ability to bring forth the Greek, Hebrew,
and Aramaic words used from the manuscripts has opened
my eyes like never before. I thank God for your
teaching chapter by chapter and verse by verse,
as you often say. Well, it’s the word that
does it, it’s a pleasure. You also often say that God
knows what you are thinking, and that is true, my
question is, sometimes, errant thoughts go
flipping through my brain and are often cruel and
lascivious, that’s, you’re in, as long as we’re in
the flesh bodies, that can, the flesh can talk
to us or we can even allow an outside force to
try to talk to us. That’s when you declare the
name of the Lord Jesus Christ and order it out of your life,
you do not put up with it. You don’t have to. Hey, welcome aboard, it’s
good to have you with us. Barb from Michigan. Thank you for what, thank
you, I appreciate that, I am old and I have a lot
to learn in a short time. James 5:16 says confess
your faults to one another. My church says I have
to tell them all my sins because the Bible says so. I have your tape on James,
but it does not explain, please explain before
I am forced to do this. Barb, let me ask you a question. Deacon boards sometimes
can be, you know, they just, they haven’t
quite got it in gear. If you’ve repented for all
your sins, where are they? They don’t exist. You don’t have any sins to
confess, nada, zippo, none. If you believe the Lord Jesus
Christ, when you repent, erases and forgives sins,
you do not have any sins to repent of before that board, that board cannot forgive
you anything, okay. Maybe they could pretend. But sometimes, you
get a deacon board, they just like to hear
the good stuff first so they can belittle you. If you have repented of your
sins, and I know you have, I can tell by your letter. They don’t exist, so what,
you don’t have any sins to repent to them. Don’t ever let Christ in his
forgiving sins, let some, don’t you ever let some
legalist who doesn’t understand the word of God put
you in bondage, okay. You don’t have any
sins to confess. They’re erased,
gone, gone forever. So don’t let them put
you in that position. Men, sometimes men
can be very cruel. If I did not believe
that Jesus Christ is true and that he forgives
sins and erases them, I would not be teaching him. But I guarantee you, he does. Barbara, you don’t have
any sins, they’re gone. Leanne from Arizona, my
husband is a non-believer, he does not accept
Jesus as our savior. Both of our children
are Christian believers, every day, I continue to study and plant seeds
whenever possible. My question is, am I
doing the right thing, I feel I am and I pray
every day for my husband and I try to be a good example. He sees me study with you
and he thinks you are great, but he will not open the Bible. What do you think? Well, you’re doing
what is right. Make a note, first Corinthians
chapter seven verse 13. First Corinthians 7:13 documents that what you’re
doing is correct. You can be married
to a non-believer, and as long as he does not
prevent you from studying or your children, then
if you stay with him, you could even cause
him to be converted, so you’re doing the right thing. Bless you, it’s good
to have you aboard. Ronald from Maine. What would happen if
Satan should repent? It’s too late. Satan has already been
sentenced by the living God to be turned to
ashes from within. And repentance is
not possible for him. He had every opportunity
in the first Earth age. Well, how can you say
that, is it written, no, but I know our father,
he’s always fair. Father would not have
sentenced him to death, final, fini, done, had he not
had every opportunity that you’re gonna have
or that I’m going to have or that anyone’s going to
have, and he blew it big time. And I know that we
just finished teaching second Corinthians chapter 11. And I know it says
there that don’t be, don’t marvel, for Satan
himself is transformed as an angel of light. The word is disguised,
not transformed. He comes disguised as an angel, but he’s still
the same old bird. And he will deceive
anybody he can. So there is no repentance for
Satan or the fallen angels. They left their
place of habitation as it’s written in Jude
verses one through six, and they blew it big time. Lynda from Michigan. I’m one of those who were
brought up thinking Eve ate an apple, the fruit of any kind, from the tree of good and evil, and now I think I suddenly
understand what went on there was a three way affair,
was Adam also beguiled? Well, I think we
just discussed that, Eve gave him the
same fruit she had. Gary from North Dakota. Why doesn’t it seem like
God won’t answer my prayer? Brian, my son, is in
a wheelchair and I
have prayed for him to be able to walk
and he doesn’t, why? Well, be patient, father, I
know that’s difficult at times, but have you anointed
him with the oil of our people, olive oil? Have you anointed him
and asked God’s healing, the oil won’t heal him,
but your obedience to do it might help our father touch him. We’ll be in prayer
for it too, Gary, and be patient with the father. And do it his way,
James chapter five, you need to read it,
you need to anoint him. You don’t have to
have elders there, we’ll back you up
with the eldership, we’ll be praying
also, anoint him. John, and doesn’t say
where John’s from. Before we are delivered
up before the Antichrist, are we to fight it as long
as possible or willingly? That’s your destiny. When your relatives turn
you in, and they will, because they’re gonna
know you’re not worshiping the false Christ, they’re
gonna think it’s Jesus. And they’re gonna
run to him, saying, Jesus, John is not a bad
guy, he is just mistaken. We know you’re Jesus, but he
thinks you’re the Antichrist, please forgive him,
he’s a good man. And that’s when you will
be delivered up and that, you go willingly and
allow the Holy Spirit to speak through you,
don’t even premeditate what you’ll say. You will be fulfilling Mark
chapter 13 and Matthew 24. Eddie from Oklahoma. When the trumpets sound,
will it only be heard in heaven or will we
hear it here on Earth? The seals in your mind, you
must partake of all seven before the first trump
sounds, basically. And what happens is
is you know the event of each trump and
you recognize it by what’s happening
in the world, you won’t necessarily
hear a sound. You know what’s transpiring
and which trumpet is by what’s going down. The events are well written
in the book of Revelation. Paul from Idaho. Where in the Bible
Satan comes first, where does it say
he comes first? Second Thessalonians chapter
two verses one through nine. That’s where Paul makes it
very clear, he says hey, I’m gonna talk to you about
us getting back together with Christ, it’s
not gonna happen. Don’t let our
letter or some angel or some preacher or
anybody else deceive you. Christ is not coming back until
after the son of perdition, Satan, stands in the holy
place claiming to be God. And then Mark 13, Matthew
24, Luke 21 all declare that Satan comes first. And takes that first
one from the field who’s taken by
Satan, not Christ. Where in the Bible does
it say the city of God will be here on Earth? Revelation chapter 21. And one of the first times
is Ezekiel chapter 16. In Ezekiel chapter 16, God saw
that city, Jerusalem, formed. It was called Jebus then and
it had a very unclean birth, beginning, and he likens it
to the birth of a young girl that wasn’t even swallowed,
an unclean birth. And he took her when
she grew to womanhood and became beautiful. And he made an everlasting
covenant with mount Sion. And that covenant still
applies to this day. His heaven is right
here on Earth. Okay, Doug and
Connie from New York. Who are the remnant? Well, you can read of the
remnant in Romans chapter 11. There are what God
calls his elect, who are the last to come,
the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The election are living when
the false Christ is here and they will stand against him. But as it is written
in Romans chapter 11, all down through the ages,
there has been a remnant. Paul was one of them, that
brings forth that truth that we, God’s elect always have
that truth before them. The real gospel truth. And as it is written in Mark 13, Christ has foretold
us all things. Have you read it, that’s
the problem for most. Charlet from Florida. Why wasn’t Abel mentioned
in Adam’s genealogy? Because he was murdered. He was murdered
without any progeny, so he had no offsprings
to carry on his lineage. So therefore, Seth
would have been listed as the first child. Cain was not the child of Adam. That’s why Cain is not
in Adam’s genealogy, most people would
ask, rather than Abel, why isn’t Cain in
Adam’s genealogy, they don’t stop and think. There’s a reason Cain
isn’t in Adam’s genealogy, because Cain is
not Adam’s child. He has his own genealogy and
you know who his father is. Please explain more in
detail, thank you, oh, I think that’ll get it for
you, Roger from South Carolina. What church denomination
is Shepherd’s Chapel? We have no denomination,
nor do we claim, why, that means a division,
denominational means divisions. There’s only one word of God. And it should be taught
chapter by chapter and verse by verse
by all churches if they’re churches of Christ,
churches of the living God. But it’s all right,
we can live in a world where there are
many denominations. But that should
not change the fact that you study
God’s word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And leave division out
of it, just read the word and make your own mind
up and do your own thing, you are free in Christ church. That’s the whole thing,
he paid the price that we can be free,
don’t let men bondage you. That’s what Paul was
fighting in today’s lecture. I just want you to
tell me one thing, I came here and preached
that Christ forgives sin, you’re free from it, and you
let this bunch come in here of legalists and hook you all
back up with the law again of don’t do this
and don’t do that and confess this and do that. And instead of enjoying
and relaxing in the freedom that Christ gives us. Lynda from Montana. The two churches that
God was pleased with, are they still in existence
today, what are their names? Their names are,
they do exist today. And it’s, how do you
spot them, by content. Not by name, but by content. Well, what do you mean content? Well, they’ve gotta be teaching what those two
churches were teaching. And they were both
teaching the same thing. Or you’re not in
God’s good graces. If your church doesn’t
teach who the Canaanites are that claim to be our
brother Judah, and in fact, are the synagogue of
Satan, your church is in a heap of hurt. Because you don’t know who
the synagogue of Satan is and who it’s made up
of if it’s not taught. So how are you gonna know
when their father comes, calling himself Christ? So any church that
identifies those that claim to be of our brother Judah and
do lie and are the synagogue of Satan are members
of that churchhood, and they’re very pleasing and
blessed by the living God. Otherwise, your church is
in a heap of hurt, friend. They’re not telling the
people and warning them of what’s going to happen in this
generation of the fig tree. Victoria from Montana. Is the time that the two
witnesses are here the same or has it been
shortened to three and a half years, thank you. When Christ shortened the time,
it applied to them as well. They will have a
shorter period of time, it will still be longer
than Satan will have. Susan from Washington. I have a question about a
scripture and its meaning, can you explain the meaning
of be wise as serpents, I’m just a layperson
with so much to grow concerning
the word of God. Well, it’s written in
Matthew chapter 10 verse 16 that you are to be
wise as serpents, that means you need to
be as wise as Satan is. But you need to be
peaceful as a dove. That means, a dove
is like a lamb, its protection is the savior. So you depend on him, but
it’s not that difficult to outsmart Satan if
you utilize the power that Christ gave you
over Satan, number one, he’s afraid of you. If he knows that you can
drop the hammer on him simply by saying in the
name of Jesus Christ, you go back where you came from, that’s almost sure death
to them, the fallen angels or evil spirits or demons,
whatever you wanna call them. And they will avoid you
because they’re afraid of you. And so that’s the wisdom,
when you are wiser than the serpent and
as peaceful as a dove, and you exercise the authority
that God has given you, they give you a wide berth. Dave from Illinois, can
you please explain Hebrews chapter four verses
nine through 11? There is a rest for the people. The rest is for who, the people. Oh, what is this word rest,
what does it mean, Sabbath. And what is that Sabbath
then, it’s Christ. Christ becomes our rest,
you’re either in him or you don’t have a rest. You will never
have peace of mind and you will never know
what the true Sabbath is. The day Sabbath was nailed
to the cross with Christ, Colossians chapter two. Don’t be a day worshiper. Be a Christ worshiper every day. Bea from West Virginia. Your teaching is
great, well, thank you, the word of God is great, okay. For this, I thank God for you. In my Bible class on
first Thessalonians four, it began, as you
state, the 13th verse. I asked them to read
and reread the 14th. The last part of it,
even so them also which sleep in Jesus
will God bring with him. They get it with great
surprise, am I doing good? You’re doing real good
and I’m doing good, ’cause I’m out of time. I love you all because you
enjoy our father’s word, most of all, God
loves you for it, hey. It makes his day when you read
the letter he sent to you. Especially when you read
it with understanding, when you can connect with him, it makes his day, boy,
is he gonna make yours. We’re brought to you by
your tithes and offering, if we have helped you, you
help us keep coming to you, won’t you do that? Bless God, he will
always bless you. Most important though,
you listen to me
and you listen good, you stay in his word, every
day in his word is a good day, even with trouble, you know why? Because Jesus, Yeshua
is the living word. (organ music) – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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