Thrift Shop Hop R320 – Shoes Best and Worst

Let’s go thrift shop hopping! This is part 3 of our first thrift shop hop of the year In this video, I’m going to show you shoes The best and the worst and everything in between This is just one of the Value Villages in this area This one is a standalone building with its own parking lot If the cars are any indicator of the kind of people that shop here Oh my goodness! This parking lot is usually full of Lexus BMWs and Mercedes And speaking of Mercedes Here’s one right here One time we saw a Bentley I wish I took a photo! However, I did take a photo of the most awesome car we ever saw This vintage Toyota Tercel All the way up from New York State And check this out! Yellow fur seat covers! This person clearly knows this area has awesome thrift shops Because later, we saw the car at Goodwill This person was thrift shop hopping too! How awesome is that?! Okay, let’s go inside Take note of this sign Seniors save 30 percent every Tuesday So bring your grandma your grandpa your auntie Ooo, that sounds like a song We actually did a parody of that song, Thrift Shop You should check it out. It’s really cute Alrighty! Shoes! You cannot believe the selection There are so many shoes I’ll have to make a couple of videos just to show you all the awesome shoes First up, is this shoe Beautiful colour Wood grain heel Rubber Soul Looks brand-new $8.99 It’s spotless! Zipper in the back Don’t think it’s leather though Look at this sparkly shoe Very stylish Ooo, it’s a Guess shoe Let’s see how much? Ooo, $11.99 Wow! It’s pretty Looks like it’s been worn They stepped on a Diego sticker The heel, looks like some of the paint wore off It’s not that noticeable though It’s still good Zipper in the back $11.99 to complete that prom dress What a deal! Next is this open toe zipper boot like shoe by Call It Spring Their bags are marketed as vegan bags So is this a vegan shoe? $11.99 for plastic Animal friendly but not environmentally friendly Woohoo, $8.99 leopard print with a studded heel No damage on the heels Looks like it was worn once Some scuffs but still in great shape Oh my gosh, look at this! Wow! Ooo! The glitter! So beautiful! L’intervalle. Did I say right? It’s French-Canadian Looks brand-new probably worn once $24.99 This brand loves chunky heels You should see how stylish they make them You could party all night in these heels This makes way more sense of those insanely high heels Oh my gosh, they’re so pretty I’d get them but they’re not my size And speaking of insanely high heels $14.99 for this very colourful shoe with the right outfit, it’ll look fabulous Heel’s perfect. No damage at all Someone put a rubber safety sole on the bottom I personally don’t like high heels Cuz I’d fall on my face? The brand, its Aldo It’s the same company that makes Call It Spring And here’s another insanely high heel $24.99 Brand-new! It’s beautiful! Zipper in the back means you do this them once and forget about it Don’t see the brand So stylish Not for serious walking though $14.99 for this one Ooo. Original price stickers Look at this! Last price was $2.97 They couldn’t sell it for $2.97 Wonder why? Must be the studded bow These studs are so last century This is a definite no No at $2.97 and no at $14.99 These remind me of Minnie Mouse So cute Hardly worn Heels in perfect condition The brand is Bumper Very cute A woman set aside these shoes to try on She was so nice. She let me videotape her They look fabulous on her She didn’t get them because they were a tad too big But holy moly! She made these shoes look great! Just goes to show you, you gotta try the shoes on! On to the Goodwill store Of all the years I’ve been thrift shop hopping I see the most interesting shoes at Goodwill If you’re into cosplay, Goodwill has shoes for you We do to Goodwill stores in our thrift shop hop Unfortunately by the time it got to the store my memory card and my camera was full so I took photos with my phone Sequin skull pumps for that sexy pirate look Red velvet ankle straps Very pretty never been worn these two just begging for my attention A cork wedge. The Queen hates wedges A coral pump from Guess This colour reminds me of summer Woohoo! Check these out! This is the ultimate stylish witch shoe You could Halloween party all night in these heels and has never been worn! Wonder why? All you Halloween witches out there, you know you want these Ooo! These green elf These will go perfect with pointy ears and bow and arrow Check out these leopard print kitten heels. So cute Studded black velvet ankle boots Black lace open toe. Very sexy Another a witch shoe They don’t look comfortable though Uh, what are these? Hmm. How would you wear these? Look how cute these are Bet you these will worn once by a bridesmaid These sandals are interesting What outfit were these worn with? These shoes are an accident waiting to happen and they’re heavy too Snakeskin with gold trim. This is a nightmare These, brand-new never worn There’s probably a good reason why these shoes are here All of these shoes are brand new. Never been worn And these probably worn once to prom get your prom shoes here for a fraction of the price. Yep Alrighty! My best pick of the day is this pair of strappy high heels What makes these shoes so awesome is how great they look on this woman So it goes to show you the shoes don’t make you look beautiful It’s you that make the shoes look beautiful And the worst pic of the day is These ridiculous chunky platform shoes These shoes will upstage you Well, you could wear these shoes and that ugly dress from part one They kind of match [laugh] Kinda sorta I have so much more to show you just from this one thrift shop hop so come back soon, and thanks for watching You like this video, give us a thumbs up Check out this video! We would love to see the treasures and trash you find Send us a photo of your best and thrift shop finds Just go to our Facebook page and share it Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!