This tool is a great idea in theory!

hey everyone welcome to Hedgehog Hollow
so today I have a cool new tool another one of those that kind of fits in that
in between wasn’t it creative Asian but we’ve had it since and I saw it recently
at Joanns I picked this one up and they didn’t let me use a Cooper on it I know
some stores do some de saucé don’t but I’m gonna add links below so that you
can buy it and I have found it on sale for you so you want to check those out
and but this is the foil quill cutting kit and there’s a couple of different
things you can actually use with it I’ve had a few different ideas I want you to
share with you and a few different things you might like to use it with so
I’m just going to open up this packaging a little bit please start it off and the
idea is is you know when I get that foil out and it’s all staticky and all those
kinds of things well this is supposed to put an end to it so we’re going to try
that out and if this works as planned I have some really cool ideas in different
ways you could use it so let me open this up here we have a cutting mat that
comes with it you have your foil clips and then you also have your mat and you
have a little cutter so these pieces up so you can see this is how it comes so
this is your magnetic match right here it’s a little bit thicker just because
it’s got that magnet in the bottom that and then you have your ruler which of
course is also taped down very much packaging – there we go
okay so this is how it works it’s you’re supposed to put your little Clips on the
edge of your mat like this and same on the other side just like so and then take your foil so
this could be your foil quilt foil it could be your thermo web foil it could
be vinyl all sorts of different things anything
really that kind of comes on any role may be like interfacing if you’re sewing
that’s what I was kind of thinking as it works for a ton of different things and
then all you do is you take your roll and you position your clips so that your
roll fits on there you see just like this so I’m just pressing that in so you
now can see that this roll is nice and freely a bit like a roll feeder and then
I’m going to snip this here and now we are ready to go so you measure out
however much you want so you just kind of pull your roll okay I want this March
or however much it is now everyone this is a magnetic ruler so my thoughts are
because this is just these clips on here if you could take these clips you could
put them onto any rotary mat if you want to cut vinyl just with your regular
ruler and rotary cutter you could also take the clips and put them onto the
large magnetic map that we are memory keepers does and then of course you can
measure out because the only thing I would say about this and if I thought as
soon as I bought it it has no gridlines on here so you don’t really know where
you’re cutting you so this is plane and it’s playing on both sides because I did
check that there but if you of course had gridlines on it you could measure
out okay here I need six inches or seven inches or whatever you need for that
project so I think that would be a really nice addition you don’t
necessarily know if your ruler is straight the only way I’ve managed to do
it is to actually line up my ruler to the edge of my mat so I’m just feeling
that it’s flush so a couple of things I would probably change if I was designing
this but then it comes with your nice little rotary tool in here which just
flips away just like that I mean Houston pulls that and then you just hold your
ruler put this along the edge and it’s a metal ruler so you don’t have to worry
about cutting it and you can see this so let’s cut it and
then you just pop that away and you’re done again a nice little functionality
would have been if we could have some kind of magnet or maybe little thing to
store this and but then when I am done is I just lift it up and I have a nicely
cut piece of work which is just a little bit easier than trying to like snip it
in the right ways and it makes the role a little bit easier to manage and say I
would use it with other things too like vinyl rolls HDTV roles and fusible ink
rolls all sorts of different things you can use this with of course the rule is
gonna go on any magnetic mat or you could use those clips on any road
treemap because they are that thickness so I’m hoping they start selling those
clips separately because that would be super cool so hit on this I’m going to
go hit because I can see a lots of different things I can do with it lots
of times I would use this as well and but it would be nice if they come out
with a version too so they are my two cents as I always say you know tools are
completely personal some things you may love some things may not but try it out
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little bit different but in the meantime happy crafting and have a great day I’ll
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