Theatre North West Sewing Club

[Go ahead and start with your little front backstitch…]
Here at Theatre North West we are currently running the summer sewing camp
for ages from 8 to 18 plus adults and we are making and creating things to do
with sewing and fabrics and using sewing machines yeah they get to come along and
learn how to sew. The sewing camp offers complete beginners never touched a
sewing machine ever before to experienced seamstresses we’re running
five different classes youth, beginner, intermediate, experienced, and adult. So
whether you have never touched a sewing machine before in your life
or whether you just want to come along and learn some new skills then this club
is perfect for you. I’m hoping mostly that they learn how to sew because I’m very
passionate about sewing and I want to teach other people how to sew but also I
want them to come away with creative fun experience and learn new skills and
get to take something home every day to show family, friends, give to their
brothers, sisters, that sort of thing. So I’ve made it into my career, I have been
sewing for as long as I can remember first starting out with my mom teaching
me everything that I know and then pursuing it into school and university
and now immigrating to Canada and I have used it in so many different ways from
the east coast to the west coast and I’ve actually worked here at Theatre
North West as the mistress of wardrobe so I’ve been in charge of organizing all
the costumes, making the costumes, and working with local designers and I’m also a
costume designer myself so I have the whole spectrum from seamstress to
designer to costumes on stage which I absolutely love as my job and I just
wish there were more people like me out there who could be into sewing and into
design and do what I love doing because fantastic work. [So we’re gonna do it the
professional way so we’ve got a double threaded our needle we’re gonna go
through…] I have met people out there who didn’t have mums who sewed but have got
into it themselves which i think is just fabulous if you can get into sewing by
yourself you’ve got a real talent and if you come here and you learn how to sew
then who knows where it’s going to take you. Not every school these days offers
sewing classes or home economics so it’s nice to come and learn a new skill
elsewhere because who knows where it might take them. So the best place to find out more about
the summer sewing camp at Theatre North West is to go on to the Theatre
North website at and click the sewing option and you’ll find all
the details on the ages the dates of the camp and when they’ll be running. So I’m really excited to meet all of the new
faces this year for our Summer Sewing Camp here at Theatre North West.