The Silly Goose Quilt Tutorial

Isn’t this adorable? This is the easiest
flying geese quilt you are ever going to make. I call it Silly Goose because I have geese
running this way and geese running this way and this way. They just can’t figure out
which way is south. Anyway, like I told you before this is such
an easy quilt. So what you are going to need to make this quilt is two solid charm packs
or a background color. And then you’re going to need one printed charm pack. The printed
charm pack we used is called Florence and it’s by Denyse Schmidt for Free Spirit and
it’s just a darling little line. So let me show you how to make this little quilt.
This is the easiest thing ever. First you’ll take your charm pack, all of
them, I mean all the little charm pack pieces and we’re going to cut them into fourths
cause you’re looking for two and a half inch squares. And it just makes it so quick
and easy. So now we have four. We’ve cut our charm pack into fourths just like this. And we have our one solid charm pack. And
what we are going to do is we are going to put one square on two corners of this block.
One two and a half inch square on the five inch block like this. And you put them in
opposite corners, and we’re going to iron a line so we have a sew line. And put that back on there like that so we
have a place to sew. You’re going to put right sides together, there we go, and we’re
going to go to the sewing machine and just sew these two blocks down on this one charm
pack square. This is going to crack you up it’s so easy! I love these blocks where
it looks like you did all this work and it turns out to be the sinchiest thing ever. Alright, now we’re going to swing this around.
Oops there we go. Just hooked a little bit on there. And I’m going to sew the other
side down. There we go, and then we’re going to cut off these extra pieces here. And I
just lay my ruler about a quarter of an inch from the seam line and cut off that excess.
And then we’re going to iron this open, so we just set them and roll those back. I’m
going to trim off my threads, and this block my friends is the whole quilt. So let me show you how we put these together.
So when you lay them out you’re going to match up two geese on this side and two geese
on this side. You’re going to make your rows, if you want to make this size you are
going to do 9 across by 9 down. That gives you 81 squares. The cool thing about this
whole method is if you wanted to do this with a bigger square it’s just as easy as that. You just choose the square, put two corners
on the opposite side and you have geese going every which direction. So then we are going
to go ahead and put this second row on and it’s going to fill out just like this. So
you have geese running this way and geese running that way. And it’s really just that easy. So we hope
you enjoyed this tutorial on this easy flying geese method from the Missouri Star Quilt