The Quilted Conscience: Stitching the Quilt Block

. RUTH: I’m Ruth Campbell, and
I teach at Bar Middle School, and I teach Family
& Consumer Science, which old folks used
to call Home Ec. RUTH:
Listen to it sizzle. Listen. (SIZZLE) OK now, when you start
working on your memories, I know that this was representing… RUTH: I really related to their
memory blocks. GIRL: …the clouds.
RUTH: The clouds. RUTH: Because there was a
lot of things in their memories of growing up on
the African plains. PEGGY: Where do you
remember this from? Was it in Sudan
or Ethiopia? GIRL: Sudan. RUTH: Sudan, OK. RUTH: They were not so much
different than me growing up in the
Appalachian Mountains. Our cultures, we both
came from poor cultures. RUTH: And just do
one stitch at a time. RUTH: I’ve always quilted. Not quilted in the way
that I quilt today, but we used our feed sacks and
we covered our old comforters every spring to get them
ready for another year’s use. And we would take our work
and go out and sit on the porch swing in the
evenings sometimes especially and quilt. We lived very rural. RUTH: Go right down that leg. RUTH: No running water. No electricity. That sort of thing. RUTH: Perfect. So, down one more
stitch and back up. Good. Oh that’s looking so good.