The Quilt That Took Nine Years | SewBrenna

howdy hey hello there! I was digging
through a box of stuff that my parents brought over that was my stuff at their
house- sorry mom and dad but your house is bigger than mine and I found a kit
that I had abandoned in April of 2009 because the kit didn’t come with enough
fabric for me to do what they wanted me to do so I was frustrated with it I had
just started quilting at that stage Wow eight years ago no nine years ago holy
cow anyway this is the fabric these are all the colors oops these are all the
colors in the kit and then it will just be a simple three by four type of
structure and then it doesn’t even have binding which I find kind of odd because
you just sew it and then leave a space for turning in flip it but anyway the
fabric that they shorted me on is actually the backing piece but I also
need to be able to have two squares just like these four colors so I’ve decided
what I’ll do and I don’t know why I didn’t figure this out nine years ago. I
will go ahead and cut these squares out of this that I need and then just use
minky or yeah probably minky on the back either green or purple or something I’ll
find something and make it work so hang on for the ride and I will see you
shortly I guess I mean everything’s all cut out
besides the green stuff but we’ll see how this goes I’d like to finally finish
this [up beat music] yah-hoo I managed to finish this today
the binding is hand-stitched on the back so that always takes longer but it
really looks nicer so here is the finished nine year old abandoned project
and I kind of match it today which is pretty cool because the sewing room is
purple and I’m wearing green. purple and green overall I am very happy with how
this turned out I have decided that I’m going to list it in my Etsy shop if you
would like to visit me there I would love to have you there the link is in
the description SewnAndThrownStudio is the name of it if you just want to
search for it me and my husband Jake are hoping to boost that so if you’re
watching this recently you could be the lucky owner of this great quilt oh it’s
so soft it’s so so soft cuz this the purple is soft the binding is soft and
of course the binky- the binky? the minky backing is very soft it has my artist
mark on the back so you can definitely tell that it’s homemade cuz I’m still
really bad at freehand letters I could trace them out but I’m just too lazy so
anyway I would love to know what the longest project you have been working on
is whether it’s a cross stitch quilt did you abandon it for a long time and
then get back into it did you lose it and find it again I would love to know
please let me know down in the comments see you next time! Bye! [outro music]