The Notebook (2/6) Movie CLIP – The Breakup (2004) HD

Shh… – No.
– ( sighs ) – I’m gonna go.
– No, I don’t want
you to go. I got to think
about some stuff. What do you
got to think about, huh? Come here
and talk to me. Talk to me! About what?
You want– You’re going away! You’re leaving. And I’m staying here. And I’m so happy
that you’re doing it, But you’re gonna
have a million
things to do. – No.
– You got so much
ahead of you. – Don’t talk like that.
– It’s true. I’m not going to have
nice things, fancy things. It doesn’t– It’s never
gonna happen for me.
It’s not in the cards for me. I don’t have
to go to school, okay? – Yes, you do.
– I can stay here. No. Do you see,
that’s exactly what
I am talking about. Then you can
come with me. – To new york?
– Yes. What am I going
to do in new york? Be with me? Yeah. I don’t know.