The Lovely Honey Bun Circle Quilt

Hi, itís Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. Weíve got a fun idea for you today using the Honey Bun. The Honey Bun is a 1
Ωî strip, of an entire line of fabric, all wrapped into one cute little Honey Bun. So what youíre going to do is youíre going
to open up that Honey Bun and youíre going to match some strip sets together for this.
What weíre going to do, weíre going to use this Easy Circle Cut Ruler. We love this ruler,
it makes just the best circles ever! Weíve got the wonderful cutter that goes with it.
Let me see if Iíve got one here, here it is in itís package so you can see what it
looks like. Itís available here at the Missouri Star Quilt Company, and what weíre going
to do is we are going to make an adorable circle square quilt. So, what weíre going to do is weíre going
to take some of these Honey Bun strips, and weíre going to sew them together. If you
sew ten of them together, you can get four 10î blocks. Because the strip, remember is
40î long, and so, if you sew ten of these together, four times ten, forty. So, weíre
going to sew these together in strips of, I probably did them in strips of four, and
let me show you just how I did that. So, you lay the two together and you sew and
ºî line. Just along so your strips together, then you press it open, and then youíre going
to sew two sets of two together, and press it open, and
then youíll just keep adding to that. You know, youíll sew another set of four, and
you want to make sure that you get your colors intermixed up so you donít have any right
on each other, and youíre going to sew ten strips together. Youíll cut them in 10î
blocks. So, now weíve made this wonderful 10î blocks
of Honey Bun strips right here, and weíre going to cut it with the Circle Cut. So, we
fold it in half, just nicely in half. We grab our Circle Cut ruler and remember that right
here on the line it says fabric fold line, and thereís a dark line right there, and
what weíre going to put these on is a 10î layer
cake block. So for this project youíre going to need a Honey Bun, and a Layer Cake Block
thatís a solid. We love that Moda makes these solids. So, weíre going to lay this ruler on here,
and we are going to cut this out on the 6î line, and you just want to make sure
youíre pretty even here, because what weíre going to do is weíre going to make two blocks
out of this one. Now this circle cutter makes it so, itís just so easy to work with. It
has this little space right here that fits in the groove. So, you just push that little
blade down there, and youíre just going to make sure your fingers are out of the way.
We donít want to lose any fingers, and weíre just going to roll this down like this, and
it does one little cut around and hopefully we cut all the
way through it. Well almost, here we go. Let me cut these little, wherever we have a seam
we probably need to press a little bit harder, so that we make sure that weíve got a nice
round circle. I guess I just didnít press quite hard enough, one more little snag. Iíd
worry about this, but I know this happens to you at home as well. So, now what weíre going to do is weíre
going to lay this circle right here on this square. When I go to center them up what Iíll
do is Iíll take my square and Iíll fold it and just finger crease a little line, and
then Iíll fold it again, so that you can see the center of my block, and Iíll be able
to center it up on there. So, you can do the same thing with your little circle. Where
you fold it and you can kind of match that up
on the center of there. So, you know that thatís pretty well in the center. Isnít
that adorable? Now there are several ways. Well actually let me start here, what weíre
going to do with this then is we are going to use this outside one as the next block,
and so when we put these together, I mean itís just going to look so cute! Itís going
to look opposites. There are several ways to finish these. You can sew around the outside
edge about ºî in and do a raw edge appliquÈ. Which is very, very cute. Or you can just
sew this down using a blanket stitch, or a zig-zag, something that will attach it down
and it wonít leave quite a raw edge on it. The other thing you could do if you were really
industrious is you could actually do a kind of needle turned appliquÈ on this. Where
you fold it under and you do that, but for this project I think Iím just going to, Iíll
probably do a finish stitch around here. Blanket stitch, or something like that, because I
like it a little more finished. So, now that weíve got these on here, letís
head over to the sewing machine. Iíll show you how I stitch them on and weíll sew these
two together. Iím not going to put the whole quilt together. Iíve got a million projects
Iím working on right now, because it is that season that weíre all working on a lot of
projects, but Iíll show you how we sew these together, and sew these blocks so that you
can kind of see it come together in a big quilt. Itís just adorable. So join me at
the machine. So, weíre here at the sewing machine, and
I am going to use a blanket stitch, and I want to check to make sure itís the right
width that I want it and how itís going to look, so, I just grab a little piece of scrap
fabric and sew the stitch on there a little bit, and you can see this is what a blanket
stitch looks like here. Itís got that, you know, where it goes up and grabs that fabric
and I like this one, you can see that I lengthened it a little bit. So now weíre going to do that on this round
piece in the middle of this quilt. Now itís probably a good idea to pin this on here.
So, that it doesnít move around too much. There we go, and weíre just going to go ahead
and start. You want your blanket stitch to be on the edge of the fabric, and youíll
see this as it comes out from under the presser foot, how itís going to look. OK, so Iím
just going to finish this up and Iím going to sew this one and the other block and then
weíll join back together and see what weíve got. So as you can see, these where so cute that
I couldnít resist, I went ahead and made another set. So, now we have four together.
Thisíll allow you to see a little more what a quilt will be like. This is the little stitch
I used right here. Itís a little blanket stitch around there and it just looks so cute
together. So weíre going to go to the sewing machine and weíre going to sew these two
together right here, and then weíll sew the bottom two together, and then weíll sew the
two rows together. So, join me over at the sewing machine. Alright, so here we are at the sewing machine,
weíre going to sew ºî. Sew our seam together, at this point itís all three blocks, because
itís the stripped block, and the two solids. So, you can see weíve sewn these together.
Weíll take our pins out because theyíre all held down now, and then what weíre going
to do is weíre going to sew the next two together. This is kind of fun because of the
strips on this we can decide if we want them to be straight, you know and match that, or
if we want to turn them, and go a different direction. What are we thinking here? I think
weíll do it straight. Iím not feeling that wild today. So, weíll go ahead
and sew this down. So much of what you do sewing wise, really does depend on how you
feel. So, I just donít feel that wild. I know youíre surprised and shocked! (Laughter) Alright, so now weíve got these. So letís
go ahead and sew these together, and weíll make a square. The first four patch of our
big quilt. Thisíll probably end up a table topper though. We can take some more of that
Honey Bun and strip it and make a cute little piano key border for it. This is really a
versatile pattern. Really fun! Now you check to make sure those middle seams are lined
up. Especially when you do a table topper or a four patch, you want to make sure that
that middle where they come together is really lined up well. So this, you can easily feel
these have nested. So, theyíve laid together very nicely, and then weíll go over to the
ironing board and press them out and see how they look. Alright, so weíre pressing these down. It
helps if your pins are out, so that you donít run into a pin. See that matches up real nicely
there in the center. Iíve got some threads to trim then weíre going to head over to
the cutting table. Now you can see how cute this would be. This is darling just like this.
I mean itíd be so cute on a little table topper on this. Put a little piano key border
or a solid border around it. The other thing that I want to remind you of is that the Circle Cut stuff will work really with a Charm
Pack and a Layer Cake as well. You just check with your circle so that you have a little
bit of extra. You put the circle on one block, and the outside on the other block, and you
can do that with a Charm Pack. This would be a darling little girls quilt. You can finish
it with a blanket stitch, you can finish it raw edge. Itís just a very versatile block. We just love this Circle Cut Ruler. This is
a great little ruler and we hope you enjoy this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt