The Crazy Quilt – The Ultimate Stash Buster!

Hi, I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. There are some crazy things happening here at the Missouri Star, and one of them
is this quilt behind me. I want to tell you a story about this. A few years ago- a lot
of years actually- we lived out in California. We lived out close to a military base, and
there was a young man there who really missed his family. He kind of adopted ours, and enjoyed
coming over and spending time with our family. Recently we reconnected with him, and he came
out to the shop. When he found out that we had a quilt shop, he wanted to try something.
We had this great new line of templates, these Crazy Quilt templates, and we were like, ”We’re
going to get him to test this and see if he can do it!” He actually used the templates,
made this crazy quilt, and if he can do it, you can do it. So I’m going to show you how. The things you’ll
need for this project; you’re going to need some scissors, a rotary cutter, you’re going
to need a square ruler the size you want your block to end up when you’re done, (I used
an 8 and a half inch) and a set of these templates. To begin this block you want to pick what
size templates you are going to use for the middle. You’ll put it on your scrap fabric
or square; I’m going to use a square; and we’re going to go ahead and cut these. Basically
you’re just cutting the angles, so you want to go ahead and follow the side of your template,
and just cut off your square, like that. Then we’re going to finish this one up. I can make
two cuts right there… And then you get a piece like this. Traditionally, they used these five sided
pieces, scraps, whatever they had. We just made it easy with the template. Now, you’ll
find some scraps that you think will look good with it. This is where those little pieces
are going to come in handy. Now what you’ll do is you’ll put right sides
together, and again, in quilting, it’s a quarter of an inch — But you’re going to want to
fold this back and make sure your angle will follow in the right direction, ’cause you’re
going to trim this off, and want to make sure your piece is going to cover that. So let’s
lay this on here, and we’ll go ahead and sew this down. Then were going to press that here;
set that seam and roll it back. Then you’ll trim it up and get it ready for the next part.
What we’re going to do is we’re going to lay our ruler on there. See, the ruler’s just
going to follow the edge of your center piece. We’ll just cut that off… So you’re going to get some really odd looking
shapes to begin with, but eventually, it’ll get big enough so that you can cut a square
out of it. Here’s this piece. Now we’ll add the next
piece on, and I’m just going to go in a clockwise manner, go around it, keep adding the pieces
on. It’ll just keep getting bigger and bigger. Let me add one more here. There we go. And
again, I’m just going to set that seam, and roll that piece back. So, then we’re going
to trim. You trim every time before you add that next strip. And, here is the edge of
this angle, we’re just going to follow it and cut straight off. And now we’re going
to turn this- let me scoot these things over here. We’re going to cut this off there, and
you’ll just keep going around. Now I’ve got some other ones here, where I’ve
done a little more. I have added one layer, and I’m going to add a second layer. On parts
of this one I have two, and three… and you want to make sure that
your middle piece stays in the center. Now I’m going to have to add another piece over
here, and I’ll see if I have a good sized strip to put over here. You can start with
little pieces, but then you have to get some longer strips. I’m just going to sew this
one on. This is so fun; it’s such a great way to use
up all those little pieces and those scraps. This is a GOOD stash-buster quilt. Alright,
now let’s iron this back… Now periodically what I’ll do, is I’ll lay
this piece over here, and get the ruler that is the size I want the block to end up; I’ll
set it in there to see if it’ll fit. If I can make it work, so that my center piece
is still in the center. It looks like I may be able to get a square out of this; I’m a
little short on one side. I can’t seem to quite make it fit, and keep it in the center.
Oh, see, I’ve got a little piece sticking out here, so I’m going to go ahead and trim
this up and add one more strip. And then we’ll have way enough room. Then all the little
pieces you cut off you can use again in another block. It keeps it real scrappy. Let’s get
this one over here… Again, you just follow that line, keep those
angles going. You want this to be CRAZY angles. Alright, so let’s see, I’m just going to add
a strip over here. See, one two, there are two all the way around… And remember on
this too, you can use any size strips that you want, or scraps. You just keep your angles
going, so that you have some resemblance of a circular motion going on. And we’re going
to iron this open. Yes, you do want to keep that iron handy, because you do press those
seams after each block. That is really important. Now see how odd this is? This whole shape
is getting so funny, but it’s got to fit that square. Alright, so let’s lay our square in
here to make it fit now. Again you just look; I’m eyeballing this to see if the black piece
stays in the center. Then were just going to square up this block, and we’ll use our
square to do that. Here we go. And then, look at that, you have your first little crazy
quilt square block. It’s so cute. Now, when I did my quilt over here- let me get some
scraps out of the way- when I did my quilt over here, I separated my blocks by a sashing,
and kept the middle the same. On this one over here, it is just crazy, just wild and
crazy. And I’m telling you, if a soldier from Texas can make this quilt, anybody can
make this quilt. It’s really easy! So, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from
Missouri Star Quilt Company.