The costume

I am about to cut out the holes which the gymnastics are to put
Their arms into, when using this as a dress. They preferred it being made simple
However, offering many options. The legs can also be put through,
When used as pants. The first & most simple thing to
Do is a skirt. The funniest part has been
The making of the square piece of fabric with the holes in it. There are holes for the arms and in the middle at the stomach. To make a dress out of this, a skirt.
Tie two end together, to get a pair of trousers. When they dance, it will
Swing forth and back. It is a different approach,
Working with external people. Normally in our world of gymnastics
We are used to saying: You are to wear this. Here we get something from outside which we have
Influenced ourselves. It is different,
because it is not traditional. When I think of gymnastics,
The first that comes to mind is tight leotards. So it has been fun to
Try to create a bit of volume in this respect. I have made a t-shirt, which can also be
used as a knapsack. New play mates
Are about to cooperate. The Design Academy TEKO in Herning. Skals Folk School for design og needlework. A dramaturgist: Per Bech Jensen. And the Danish designed clothing company BON’A PARTE
As main co-coordinator of the project. In co-operation with the representative
Gymnastics team from Viborg & Silkeborg Create a total new gymnastic experience. Having clothes and settings brought from outside
Has added presence and energy. Also when external parties inspire you.
They also add some energy to you. I think it is going to be really great. As soon as we are up & running,
I am sure we will get everything right. We haven´t tried on the costumes yet.
We are going to this afternoon. It is exciting to see if we are able to t
Make gymnastics at all in the clothes they have made. When the gymnasts wear the dress there is
A large hole on the stomach and they wear black jumpers underneath. It is a bit a-typical to have
A whole in a suit right in the middle of the stomach. There was at least one of the gymnasts,
Whose smile became bigger and bigger. It has been really exciting because we have
Tried something totally different from what we are used to do. We normally only make clothes for ourselves. Now it is the plan for you to keep the clothes,
You have got. Now they are yours to keep. It is very different in respect to the clothes
And the settings and in the thinking. Next time we will see how the representative gymnastics team,
Will embrace all the ideas and transfer these into l
A new and different gymnastic show.