The 2 1/2″ Mini Tumbler Quilting Template!

Hi I am Natalie with Missouri Star Quilt Company.
And I am excited today because I have something new to show you. Take a look at this quilt
behind me. We made this quilt using the 10” tumbler and the 5” tumbler. And these are
products that we have had for a while in the store. And you may be familiar with them.
This one works with the 10” squares or layer cakes, and this one works with the 5” squares
or turn packs. So we have a great new product to add to our tumbler family. This is a cute
little mini tumbler. It is 2 ½” tall. And I think it’s adorable. So this works great
with Motives Candies, which a 2 1/2 “square. Or you can cut your own 2 1/2 “squares from
you stash, or you can use it with Jelly roll strips, 2 1/2 “long. So let me show you
how this works. So what I would do if I was using squares, is just set it right on the
square, and cut off both sides. And I would just turn that or you might use your spinning
matt, like mom likes to do. Just cut off both sides, and there you’ve got a cute little
tumbler. It’s all cut out and ready to go. So now I am going to show you how to do that
with a jelly roll strip. So when you make your first cut, just lay it on the edge. And
I like to cut towards the fold, because sometimes when you get to the fold you might be able
to open that up and get an extra one. So we will start down here. We will make that
first cut and then flip it over. Put your tumbler ruler back on there and cut it one
more time. You’ve got your first set, because it’s folded I am getting two at a time.
And then going all the way down this strip, we will just keep using that first cut and
then you are just going to flip the ruler and not the fabric. So you can do this all
the way down the whole strip. It is very efficient, hardly any waste at all when you do it this
way. And you can just keep cutting all the way down. And then you can take your, your
tiny little tumblers and do anything that, that we’ve taught you how to do with the
larger rulers, you can do with this little one. They make the same kind of patterns.
Let me show you a couple that we have made. We took this, this table topper is made using
a printed jelly roll strip with a solid. So we combined these, these little tumblers and
made this cute little wall hanging or table topper. Whatever you want to call it. And
I think that turned out great, it’s really cute. And then this one we made using leftovers
from a couple of other quilts that we had made but they were 2 ½” strips as well.
And we just put them all together scrappy, and I think it, it has a great effect, it
looks really cute. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company.