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Although ears are really a tiny feature, they do frame our face. And they can either enhance or take away from our beauty. I became aware of my stretch earlobe I think in college. Cause I was wearing these hoop earrings and at the part where you connect them, it’s supposed to stop there. But it would just keep going. And the whole hoop would just go through. My earlobe has expanded a lot and now I can barely wear any type of earrings, especially if they’re heavy. My name is Rachel and I’m gonna get earlobe fillers. I probably knew that I wanted to be a doctor since I was about eight years old. So the two fields that I really enjoyed when I got to medical school are surgery and psychiatry. And in dermatology it really is an overlap
of the two. There’s a lot of psychiatry and psychology
that goes into treating skin. That goes into dealing with skin cancer patients. And I really love that aspect because I really love engaging in patient care and talking to my patients. I am seeing more and more patients come into my office with complaints about their earlobes. So a lot of people say “Why the earlobes? This is just far too much vanity.” But there really is an emotional component to wearing jewelry. And so not being able to wear them, it really takes something away from a lot of my patients. And so it’s something that’s really important to kind of restore that quality to them. Beyond the fact that earrings are beautiful
and it helps to frame your face, there truly is a sentimental quality to a lot of the jewelry that we wear. My name is Dr. Michelle Henry. I am a Manhattan-based dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon. I found out about earlobe fillers because
I was actively on Google searching for a way to fix this. Initially I thought maybe I could get it sewed up and then just leave it as is. I just won’t have a piercing anymore. And then I think one day my coworker sent me a video of this woman just getting her earlobe injected with fillers and it looked
amazing. It closed up the stretch and I was like, “Oh
my god. This is what I’ve been waiting for.” For years. Initially, how I started doing this is that
I’d have women that would come in. And maybe I was filling their lips, or their
cheeks and we had just a touch of filler left. So we would inject their ears. And they really didn’t realize before that
what a big role that played in their overall assessment of
how they look in their youthfulness. As we get a little bit older our collagen
starts to deteriorate. And when that happens the ears start to deflate, they start to sag, they start to become floppy. But another problem I see in the office is
something that I call fashionista ears. So these are really young fashionable women who are wearing maybe really large statement earrings that could be quite heavy. And so with time they start to pull on the
piercing site. And that piercing site starts to stretch and stretch and stretch. And become elongated, and eventually it might even tear through the ear. In middle school there was a phase where everyone was so into the gauge earrings. And they come in different colors and they look like unicorn horns. I really liked them so I bought them and I
tried to stuff it in myself. So over time it just stretched out to the
way it is now. So when you look at her ears you’ll notice
that her piercing site has become longer and longer and longer. And she’s a very young girl. That damage can start quite early. I’m very excited about the procedure. From what I’ve seen, it looks like it makes
a drastic difference and I hope that it’ll allow me to go back into wearing any type
of earrings I want to. First step of the procedure is to actually
numb the ear. We use a very strong topical numbing cream to reduce the pain of the injection. So my filler of choice is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is essentially a complex sugar. It’s very important when we’re injecting
the skin to avoid infection. I like to inject very slowly, introducing
small aliquots into the ear at a time. And all you really feel is a tiny pinch. And after that you feel a gentle filling of the product, which is not uncomfortable. I like to watch the earlobe slowly fill, and
to watch the piercing site slowly contract. You inject until the area looks full and looks plump. And until the piercing site contracts in a
way that you like. I typically try to overfill the area just a bit, because when the swelling goes down you’re gonna lose some of the immediate
effect. After injecting, I gently massage the area
to make sure that the product is nice and even. And then we ice. By the fourth day the swelling will start to go down. I don’t expect you to have swelling for more than about five or six days. I typically ask my patients to wait about
one to two weeks before starting to wear earrings again. It didn’t really hurt. It just felt like something was stretching
through your skin rather than pain. The process was actually much shorter than I thought it would be. I think when I went into this process, I was just looking for instant
gratification, but I think I just have to wait it out. Now I don’t have to worry about if the earring is gonna stretch out my earlobes even more because all the filler around it is gonna
hold up the earring in its perfect place. Thanks so much for watching Refinery29’s video. To watch more videos click here, and to subscribe click here.