Tanzania’s Storied Textiles

My name is Angela Uriyo. I’m a first year doctoral student in textiles and apparel management. And I’m originally from Tanzania. It’s just that love of seeing all this colorful and very vibrant fabrics, fashions around me at a very young age that got me into this. The particular textile that I will be exhibiting at Ellis Library is called the kanga. Initially they were just rectangular pieces of woven cotton fabric. They feature many themes….abstract designs. And they now also have some sort of a slogan or saying on one end that has a meaning. “Let’s rejoice days our children’s wedding” or “our children are getting married.” So, depending on what these sayings are about it’s suited to a specific person. Kangas are typically in pairs. So, when you buy them in a shop you get two. So, typically you’ll give, you will cut it down the middle and then keep one for yourself and give one to somebody else. I want to showcase Tanzania as a country as well as all the rich culture that is part of Tanzania. I’m hoping to introduce people to something new that they’ve never even thought about or even experienced.