Szydełkowy element kwadratowy – tutorial – część 1

Hi, welcome to all of you on my channel after quite a long break, today I will show you how to make such a crochet element in the shape of a square that I will use to make a tablecloth. I will make a few or a dozen of these elements, then combine them with them and at the very end probably in the second part of the movie I will show you how to make decorative ones finish the whole tablecloth. I do not know yet whether it will be a tablecloth or tablecloth, we will see. I will use a cordon today to make this item DMC BABYLO 10 It’s very nice to work on it, so I highly recommend it, and 1.5 mm crochet hook As for the scheme and graphic design itself, I will use the ready one from newspapers with crochet diagrams, of course, as always, after the recorded tutorial I’ll put it graphically on my channel in the COMMUNITY tab you can also find a direct link to the card in movie description. We make 4 chain stitches, we connect the chain in a circle single eye. In the resulting circle three chain stitches as the first column, one additional stitch, and eleven more bars. In this tiny circle. In total, there will be twelve bars on the circle, separated by one chain. three one eye four one eye fifth bar one eye sixth post one eye, I already have half. So you do until the end of the lap, The round is closed with a single stitch here in this our first post consisting of three stitches, knocking into the third eye in total there will be twelve bars on the lap separated by one chain. I start the next round with eyelet passage under our tiny bow, which we made from one eye in the previous lap. Now we will work on these arches between the posts. We make three chain stitches, yarn over we’re sticking to the same place we make a post, but we do not finish it, we drag it only through two loops, I have two loops, yarn, and again in the same place, for two, I have three loops and only now we combine everything together. We will have three posts connected to each other from above. Now three chain stitches, overlay and we go under the next loop, and we repeat the same. for two, overhead, for two, overhead, and for two and only now everything together, and we have this motive. Three chain eyes overhead and again under the next arc the same, for two, for two, for two and only now we combine everything together. Three posts connected with each other from above. Three chain eyes, we pass under the next arch, and again for two, for two, through two and through all, we process it anyway until the end of the round, we close the round single eye sticking to the top here of our first set of three posts. In total, there will be twelve such on the lap sets. I finished the second row. After the second lap our element it looks like this I will start the third lap with the transition in the first eye here left arch consisting of three meshes, now we will work on our bows, I’m in the middle of the chain I make two stitches, this will be our first half five extra stitches, and hang the chain on another bow here, in the middle of driving half-pillar, arches will be created, loops. And again five and on the next arch a half-pillar in the middle. I suggest sticking into the chain, not under the chain, because when finished, after stretching these bollards will not ride us on these bollards. I made five stitches and hang again another chain I already have three such loops I will do the fourth with you and half bar and you you make these loops until the end of the round, we close the lap by hammering here in our first half-stitch in the second stitch single eye. We’ve done the third lap, now the fourth lap. I start with a narrow loop under the first loop here on the left and on this loop makes three stitches as the first bar, four additional bars, so we have five bars in total, three eyes, on the same loop again five posts, these will be the corners of our square element, this is the first corner one stitch and in the next loop in the middle I make a half-pillar now I make five stitches in the next arch on the left I make a half-pillar, one eye, overlay and in the next loop we do the second corner, i.e. five bars, three, four, bake, three eyes, in the same loop five posts again, and look we have done it as if one page our square. Now one chain stitch and you repeat what I was doing here in the middle, i.e. we stick in the next loop in the middle with a semi-pillar, five meshes, another loop in the middle, half-bar and one eyelet, overlay and in the next loop we do another corner five bars, three chain stitches, five bars, and then you repeat the same thing to the end We close the round with a single stitch here on our first post. I’ve finished the lap, our element slowly begins to resemble a square, we start next, we start from move one bar by stitch strict so we’ll start as if from the second bar here. three chain stitches as the first column, and three additional bars, we work on the bars below, i.e. the bar in the post, I have four bars now I make two posts on this loop here, for a total of six bars, two bollards on the loop, two stitches, on the same loop again two posts, two, and again four bars, we work already on these posts below, once, two, three, four, one bar remains free, four stitches, in the next loop on the left in the middle I stick półsłupkiem, four meshes, and we work exactly the same corner I miss the first post I get into another one, I make four posts on the posts, four, two bollards on the loop, two stitches, two bollards on the loop, we turn off, four posts on posts, below, one bar is free here, four meshes, on the first loop from the left in the middle, Side cabinet, four meshes, overhead and I’m starting rework, not driving into the first but into the next here the bar, the next corner. and you work until the end of the round we close the round here in the first column, single eye, and it remains to be done penultimate government, which we start the same as previously, from shifting from the close loop here one post left, we make three stitches as the first bar, as before, in addition three bars on these bars here, not three but four, I’m sorry four bars, in total we have five and two on the loop, it will be seven and now we turn off the two chain stitches, on the same loop I make two posts again, markup and now we’re working on posts below, i.e. five more, one bar remains the same as before slow, we make four stitches on the first loop here on the left, in the middle makes a post, no longer a half-bar, we’ll have a loop four meshes, on the next loop as well post, and two loops, four meshes, we skip one bar and continue the next corner, i.e. we do it once, we are working on posts now two, three, four, bake, two bars come out on the loop here, i.e. six, and seven, two stitches, I start on the same loop from two posts, and now we turn it on, work on posts, we make five of them, that there would be seven in total four, and five and one bar is free, it is supposed to be four eyes, on this loop here from the first on the left, in the middle I make a post, I always dig into the chain four meshes, in the middle of the next loop the post, four meshes, and we start the next corner from bar, we skip the first bar from the second here, and you work until the end of the round we close the round here in the first column, in the third stitch, single stitch. And now we will make the last lap remember that this is the last lap we will do now we make only the whole of the first element every element which you will do you do without the last lap because you make the last lap while joining these elements because this lap is just to connect ours squares. So when I finished the previous government it does, two chain stitches, this round will be folded only with half-pillars. On each post, I make one half post in the next tutorial I will show you how to combine these elements just together on the arch I always make three half-pillars, on the posts normally half-pillar on the post, here as we have a bow composed of we work four stitches in each stitch one half post or four półsłupki, and here we still have a post, so on the post one bar and then again we have a chain, or four bar – one, four here on remember each post and arch that we do three bollards, we do it all the way and we close it encirclement in our first half here in the other stitch with a single stitch. And that’s how we ended ours first basic element now every single element we will connect here on the banks mainly with myself, this one I will use it to make a tablecloth I don’t know yet what size it is very cool in these elements that alone I can adjust the size your needlework. Using the right yarn for example COTTON BABY the item will be great to make pillows or a blanket, thank you today for your attention, I invite you to another tutorial where we combine elements, try oh … this is my bandit well … we combine elements maybe we’ll try to do some decorative finish already whole napkin, thank you and welcome again.