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it’s candy time quilter’s style! welcome to the Sewing Report i’m your host Jennifer Moore if you’re interested in sewing we’re going to help you discover your love of it feel free to subscribe if you’re interested in that and in this edition we are doing an unboxing of something called the quilters candy box awhile back I did several unboxings of the stash builder box and I really enjoyed them and in fact another company called Quilters Candy Box reached out to see if I wanted to review their box so i said heck yeah and then i found out that this month’s box february was actually created from one of my buddies in the quilting community Suzy Quilts she is amazing i actually met her at QuiltCon last year and we talked a little bit about her quilting journey you’re welcome to check that out i’m going to link it below and at the end of this video so let’s open it up and see what Suzy has picked out for us for this month first of all I love the little washi tape on here I think it’s adorable and it’s got Quilters candy box stamped right on it alright so let’s see all this is so cute look at this little flower and included a little note for me that’s pretty cool so all right let’s see what we got here is Jennifer we hope you enjoy your February quilters candy box we can’t wait to see and read your review oh and by the way in honor of this video i’m wearing my donut earrings i got it from this amazing Etsy shop (Chapel View Crafts) and I will also link that she makes really cute miniature food items necklaces keychains earrings all sorts of stuff that look honestly like the real thing so it’s very cool and because this is a sweet video right we’re going to do that so let’s open up the box oh this is cute i love the tissue paper i’m going to assume this is some sort of Valentine’s Day like love type of themes although I don’t really celebrate valentine’s day but this can be my replacement Valentine’s Day surprise right even though we’re a few days late okay oh this is awesome so okay the little card kind of tells you what’s in it so this is a fat quarter bundle of cloud nine Cirrus i think that’s how you pronounce it Cirrus solids, Cirrus like the cloud and i really like the colors so it’s got like a like a purple its got like a pink sort of i don’t know it’s like a muted more the muted pink I love this color it’s more like a mustard color more future color and then feels like us like a mean mr. screen so i will say i like that included solid I think solids are a little less taste specific so i think more people are likely going to enjoy the selection of fabric i think the colors are pretty spot-on very cool oh and this is awesome soon Suzy actually designed this Quilter for Life pin by a patchwork threads and I was actually interested in buying this but when I went to the patchwork threads website they were sold out now and now I don’t have to keep looking forward I have my own pin all right let’s try to get you out of the package here alright so we got the fabric and there are five side that quarter bundle so and i will say cloud nine fabric i believe there i believe most of them are organic so they are a little pricier than regular quilting cotton so good value there i am so excited about this will be open this up right now what cute so cute right oh and it’s a little okay you also get a little bit okay oh you get a sticker you get a Patchwork Threads sticker here ok a little thank-you and twenty-five percent off your next apparel order to bed i’m not buying any clothes this year but maybe they’ll have like some mugs or something that I am allowed to buy and a little coupon code on the back you know why i’m actually going to go ahead and put the pin on let’s go ahead and put it on this is three there like three little three little spools of thread ok this is finca perle threads i don’t know if i’m pronouncing never i’m actually really terrible with pronunciations which is awful there’s white there’s like a white sort of a lavender color and then i went i would also describe this color as creamsicle I don’t know if that’s an actual color name but i’m gonna go ahead and say it is oh look at these these are awesome they’re little scissors and the handles are hearts we take these out things are awesome and you know why i was actually I feel like you can never have too many pairs of small scissors for whatever reasons like I feel like I’m always transferring my sister’s between rooms so now i can maybe keep these near the serger for what I have to cut my threads because our awesome just remember don’t run with them yeah it’s not noticed something about these subscription boxes they all have these little like I don’t know like accordion little paper things i’m not sure what the meanest and they get all over the place so I feel like I want to tell the subscription box people you don’t really need this the tissue paper is totally awesome i think this is cute but the same you know save the money i don’t personally I don’t need these in a subscription box oh well there’s a lot of a lot of stuff in here ok wow this is filled substantial okay i want to make sure the edges actually empty i think this oh so i would say the packaging – Quilters Candy Box you get an A-plus for packaging every thing is wrapped really cute you actually hand stamped ‘Choose Joy’ on a bag that’s dedication this is a clover double needle threader very cool actually don’t really own a good needle threader so this is cool i’m not sure why it’s double ended but Suzy you know me way too well actually bought this same pack of embroidery needles but it’s always good to have one of the one of him so this is great i’m trying to open everything for you just so you can kind of see it and get a first impression of what it is i will say though so far I like everything in this box I think it’s adorable it’s got a really cool modern aesthetic and it’s all stuff that I like and I could see myself using how cool is this tape measure does this retract it? this is pretty cool okay so yeah so you pull this out okay and then it stays but when you hit this little button on the front it retracts it the last item in the box actually Suzy’s own patterns this one is her Stars Hollow quilt it’s sort of like a star block but I’m totally getting the gilmore girls reference here and then you also have this is sew mojo quilt pattern Suzy made this series of four mini quilt patterns called sew mojo quilts sort of if you just want to play around you don’t want to commit to a whole huge quilt you can make a little one and it’s meant as a mini quilt like decor or she actually cut the edges raw and then framed them which i’m going to guess that’s why she included those cloud nine fat quarter bundle because the fabric on this kind of does seem to be from the cloud nine collection so this is awesome i’m going to have to try this out i have haven’t tried as many of Suzy’s quilt patterns as i would like I’ve tried the retro plaid quilt we have also link below and i did a little sew along video for it that was a great pattern for beginners it looks a little more complicated than it really is but it would only take about one day to make the whole top which is sort of the point it’s quick and easy so take a look at the pattern the asset pattern kind of shows you all the nurses video ok there’s a she is a little video tutorial which is cool supposed to make an unfinished mini quilt that’s 11 x 14 and it’s using its basically using unconventional lines so each of her quilt patterns have a different technique so one looks like it’s like curved piecing another one like a log cabin actually I do want to try this little curved one on the back that looks pretty neat so that’s february’s quilters candy box let’s take a quick rundown of everything that comes in a you get a fat quarter bundle of cloud nine fabric solids you get the love tape measures the love scissors very appropriate for Valentine’s Day equal to four life pin that I have put on you get through these sew mojo one and Stars Hollow patterns a variety of the Perle threads and Suzy’s favorite Clover brand double-headed needle threader and embroidery needles so let’s kind of stacked up against the individual prices of each item and i’m actually going to try to research and figure out how much everything costs add up the value of it to see if this is a great deal or not so the value of this is probably about fifteen dollars i would say i don’t know about the scissors and we have to look that up i think i got these embroidery needles for maybe four or five dollars this looks like maybe a four dollar item this thread looks pretty nice this embroidery thread i’m going to get the value of this is at least at least seven dollars for the three of them seven to ten dollars the tape measure probably a couple dollars and then her quilt patterns probably combine these are maybe maybe ten maybe ten dollars something like that so overall I think you’re at least getting the retail value of all these items with the box but i will do the final math in the description box and let you know what the tally is because I don’t know offhand and I don’t know if they sell these things oh yeah and there is the pin to i mean i think this pin I don’t know how much this costs so I’m definitely gonna be looking this all up but that is just so slow down and everything that comes in the box I like everything in the box there is actually not one thing in here that I dislike or wouldn’t consider buying I don’t buy a lot of patterns anymore just because I’ve been getting so many free ones and there are so many roaming around on the internet but i actually do want to try out the film mojo quilt just to see how that goes I’m actually planning to go to target soon hopefully I can get that done and I don’t actually did not already have a needle threader and it’s always good to have more needles on hand so I’m pretty happy with that and I think it’s funny that she actually created one item that i already own so that’s kind of a kind of hilarious i like the tape measure and i think i was looking at some of the previous boxes to see if I would like them or not and i actually do i’m i’m actually interested in getting the March box because i read that it was going to come with a noodle head pattern and I love Noodlehead patterns so it seems like each box kind of have enough goodies for one project like this obviously has the stuff you would need to make this sew mojo quilt pattern so I think it’s really cool that each box is kind of centered around not only a seam but a specific project that you can make so I do think this box would be great for a beginner who doesn’t have a lot of supplies but also someone like me who I do have a lot of supplies already but i actually didn’t have most of these things and i like it so this actually box that i would consider subscribing to and I’m actually you can buy the boxes she kind of gives you a preview of what’s in the upcoming box you can decide whether you want to buy it so I’m actually interested in the March box and I may just go ahead and take the plunge in order we will feat but this box was sent to me for review which was awesome i’m always up for getting something for you guys to show and give my opinions on and i’m so far I’m a fan. I don’t see any downside I you know and we’ll see i do think that this stuff does equal at least 42 dollars for the value and if you like getting mail and you like getting surprises you would definitely like this box so especially like everything in here kind of modern and cool Quilters Candy Box i give you two thumbs up love everything in here and i’m actually very intrigued by the march box what do you guys think of all the stuff have you done a subscription box before let me know what you think and if you have another suggestion or want me to try something out let me know and maybe I’ll do that i do have a few reviews that i’m working on of products that i have that i do want to demonstrate talk about also i’m doing a sewing machine tutorial in the future to show you how to use sewing machine so i’m working on that I’m on vacation this week so I am excited to fill the more videos this year so i will see you later and have a great week