[SUB] 잔잔하고 평범한 일상, 소소한 취미 배우는 일상 브이로그 / sewing vlog

Sunny afternoon, I will add happiness to my calm life I found a hobby. I went to the studio ‘Beautiful Sawing Pattern’ in Gumi City. In the hobby class, we learn to draw patterns. This process is called pattern copying. From the first learning process, you can feel professional. And if it’s different from other workshops, Classes are designed with teacher-designed patterns Next, draw a pattern on the fabric, Cut the fabric. Because hobby classes are taught as meticulously as professional courses, It seems to be able to make work with high maturity. The fact that you can make only one piece of work through a sewing class I think it’s a great sense of accomplishment. Finally, if you attach a button, Precious work is completed. After making it Try fitting each student There are also small fashion shows Expert course also learns ‘pattern making’ The clothes I’ve only made with imagination You can design and make your own It’s more advanced than a hobby-learning class. And in this workshop we design new patterns every season. So you can learn more specialized courses than the general workshop. There are many designs such as jackets, coats and dresses. And you can learn by level in each class. So you can concentrate on learning like a man to man class. This is done before sewing You can make clothes a bit more delicately. This is what you do for the correct fit. You can learn to improve the quality of the finished product. After basic work, through sewing and fitting You can make corrections and supplements to make your work more perfect. It is not made in a day. Created with time and heart
I seem to fall in the charm of the sewing completely Thank you for coming to see my video. Please Like, subscribe, leave a comment Have a happy day.