Stuffed Animal and Doll Sleeping Bag | Easy How to | Whitney Sews | Beginner Friendly

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post sewing and crafting
tutorials here on my youTube channel, Whitney Sews. Today I’ll be showing how to create some easy
sleeping bags for stuffed animals or baby dolls. My mom made sleeping bags for my beanie babies
when I was a kid so it’s fun to share the project now with you all. But before we get into the tutorial, if you
haven’t subscribed yet make sure to hit that red subscribe button down below and also click
the bell icon to get a notification each time I upload a new video. Now let’s get into the project. To make your sleeping bags you will need two
different fabrics – flannel or quilting cotton works best as well as some stuffing. I made these sleeping bags in two different
sizes – small and medium. One for smaller stuffed animals or beanie
babies and the other for your more average sized
stuffed animal or baby dolls. You can find the cutting measurements for
both sizes on my website The direct link will be in the information icon
as well as in the description box below. Once you have your fabrics cut you are ready
to start. Lay the two fabrics right sides together and
pin or clip the two layers together. I’m using my new craft clips and really like
them. There’s a link below where you can check them
out. Sew the two layers together starting on one
short side. Sew all the way around with a half inch seam
allowance until you get back to the first side and leave a 6 inch opening. Clip your corners to reduce bulk then turn
right sides out through the opening in the side. Smooth everything so it’s laying flat and
iron the side seams. Measure the designated amount down from the
side with the opening and mark a line all the way across. Stitch right along the marked line from one
side to the other. Bring the long end up to meet the line you
just sewed. For this style you want your favorite fabric
to be on the outside for this step. Clip along the sides and sew down both with
a quarter inch seam allowance. Now all that’s left is to stuff the pillow. You don’t want to overstuff it, just put enough
for it to be a little fluffy. Then turn in the edges of the opening and
sew across the entire short side to close. I’m going to quickly go over this again with
one slight variation. You lay the two fabrics right sides together
again and sew around leaving the opening in one short side. Turn right sides out and iron everything flat. Mark and sew the pillow line. For this one fold up the long end with the
pretty fabric on the inside of the bag. Sew down both sides. Then flip the piece so the pretty fabric is
now on the outside. Then stuff and sew the pillow closed. The only difference in the two sleeping bag
styles is having the side seams exposed or hidden inside. Since there are no raw edges it is just whichever
style you prefer the look of more. So there you have it! Sleeping bags in two different sizes so all
your kiddos’ fluffy friends can be tucked into their own beds. If you make this or any other projects using
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a new video. Happy Sewing!