STOCKINETTE Knit Stitch Pattern

Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit. Today’s knitting lesson is the STOCKINETTE
STITCH. The Stockinette Stitch is great for making
scarves. On the right side is a series of Vs. And then
you will see on the wrong side it looks like the GARTER STITCH with a series of bumps. If you need to brush up on your knitting or
purling technique, please check out my Knitting Lessons Playlist. I will have links below. So let us get started. On the STOCKINETTE STITCH, your first row
is Knit. Now, I want to point out the STOCKINETTE STITCH
does have a tendency to curl on the edges. So, what I am doing, it doing a GARTER STITCH
on the first two stitches, which is basically just knitting the first two stitches on both
sides. So, on this row, I am knitting one and I am
knitting a second one. So, that is for my GARTER edge. And now I am starting on my STOCKINETTE
STITCH and on this first row, it is just knitting again. Just keep knitting until the very end
of the row. Once you have completed that row, your second
row is the PURL Stitch. Now, since I am doing the GARTER, I am knitting two stitches of
Knit and now I am starting my PURL. So, this is my first PURL Stitch. And I am
going to PURL all the way across, up until I get to my last two stitches, which I will
KNIT for GARTER because of the edges. And there you have it. That is the STOCKINETTE
STITCH. Just keep going. KNITTING one row, and PURLING the next. Please check out my
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