Stitching a Hem

The next step is actually sewing your
project now you’ll see that I already have my machine threaded in the front machine there is the tray put
your hand on it and just pull your hand toward you that tray will open up, and in that tray you are going to find a magnet this is
going to help us close the tray up, in order to place
the magnet correctly what we’re gonna do is lower the presser foot, then we are going to take this long side of the magnet you’re going to place it right up next to the presser foot. What
the magnet is going to do is its going to help us keep same
distant because the space between the needle magnet will not change. This distance is half of an inch. Now that the magnet it set, it is time to sew. Lay your fabric so that the wrong side faces up and that you can see the fold that we
meet earlier the goal the magnet is to help keep your
fabric straight so in order for it to work
we’re going to take our fabric and just touch it to the magnet we don’t want it
on top for the magnet we don’t want a big gap, so just right up
next to a touching it you may have to take out that first pin slide you fabric so that it’s under need the presser foot, and then we’re gonna lower the presser foot now we’re gonna sew forward remembering that the fabric is going to move all by itself we want it to just flow away from us let it go let it go, and were are going to count to 5 1 2 3 4 5 At 5, we need to make a backstitch and
in order to do that you’re going to press and hold the reverse
button so you press it down and you hold it and
your machine will go in the opposite direction We’re gonna go all the way back to the beginning of the fabric. the reason that we do this is to lock the threads in place to ensure
that your stitching doesn’t come undone So now as we sew, you want to keep it just touching the magnet keep your fingers light and keep
them away from the needle know when you get to a pin you need to
stop because this pin is gonna get stuck on the magnet so we need to take it out and and then we just keep sewing remember nothing that we’re doing is permanent if you make a mistake all right we can fix it when you get to your second or third
pin do stop, take your foot off the pedal don’t
lift up the presser foot but just take your fabric and flip it
over and make sure that you’re actually making stitches
that’s a big deal if you’re not making any stitches don’t keep going. This on is fine so I’m just going to keep going here now if you happen to get off to the
magnets do not pick up the presser foot or the needle simply steer your fabric
back light fingers let it move stop and take
out that pin staying next to the magnet. If you want to check again you could just kinda peek back here make sure you’re still making stitches now as you get closer to the end
your notice your fingers are going to have to come a little bit closer to needle but they
should never get so close that you’re gonna hurt yourself. But slowdown because as we get to the end of our
fabric you’re going to want to you stop and make a backstitch. So we are gonna press the button, hold it and count to 5. 1 2 3 4 5 then take you hand off the button and sew forward again. When you get to
be edge of your fabric there is a button on the front or sewing machine as a picture
of a scissors with the presser foot still down press
that button once. and then lift up your presser foot it will cut your string for you what we’re looking for is that our
stitching keeps our fold in place we don’t want
to be able to unfold this a whole bunch just a little bit is OK but your goal is
to have the stitching nice even in straights all the way across your fabric