Stash Builder Box August 2016 Unboxing [Sewing & Quilting Subscription Box Review]

just got my August Stash Builder box in the
mail and in this video we’re going to be busting it open in case you’re not
familiar stash builder box is one of several monthly sewing quilting subscription
boxes i don’t know all the rage right now and each month you get some fat
quarters you gets notions and usually one or two patterns and whether surprise
goodies so I have some mixed thoughts about my first box but we’re gonna I
thought i would give it three months see how it went and report back and then I
would make a decision on whether i could continue or whether i would cancel my
subscription so let’s dig into august and i did the one thing I do sort of
like about this is that the Instagram accounts dashboard box gives you a
little bit of a preview so you can see what types of fabrics are in the running
and what other one also i committed so this is what it looks like when you
first open it it’s got some tissue paper and it has been sticking this enjoy it let’s open it up and also cash for box
donate some money to children so they can get quotes so I think that’s pretty
cool cause alright so here is what and each month they include a card that
tells you what’s inside each box things like an inspirational quote this month
you get a little smack against for when your when your help people you’re sewing
it’s a kind bar dark chocolate almond coconut and we have another full bar
health read this one is sort of a dark dark blue gray and last month we got
like a dark green grey interesting right some wonder clips always candy and of
course another pencil this one says measure twice cut once I guess that’s
why I’m starting to collect pencils and we have a couple couple galleries got a block that’s called card trick and then
we’ve got a quilt pattern that’s called uncle Buster cool and the reason I got
this box was for the fabric selection and there are three fat quarters in here
and part when they were they are from the dear
stella June collection so this is texture friends and then there’s one
called net muster and the third is called Demi circles alright so here’s what I think I sleep the reason I chose stash builder box was for
the fabric selections I felt like this would have the most modern selections
but obviously Prince this Demi circles for is probably the only 1i would have
purchased on my own but still I don’t think these are bad fabrics by any means
and I’m sure I can find use for them but this is probably the only one that I
would have chosen by itself and I do already have a lot of wonder clips so I
wasn’t really in need of those i have tons of our bill thread and I have more
cameras than I think I can ever use in my lifetime so here’s my thoughts on this month’s
and sort of my overall experience in case you’re wondering what happened to
all the stuff from the July box actually haven’t used a damn thing from the
entire box that shows you how much use I’ve gotten out of the products which is
not much so far again I think the stuff is cool i don’t think there’s anything
wrong with the product but I think for for myself someone who doesn’t really
have a ton of time to sew and also has a lot of sewing supplies already I don’t necessarily think I needed this
box or just subscription box so i guess so far I think I’m thinking this would
be a good gift or something to get yourself if you don’t already have a lot
of sewing supplies if you knew you don’t have much mustache you don’t have a lot
of a lot of notions but I think if you’re like me and you already own tons
of stuff this may not be the best choice for you
because someone pointed out in a comment from my last video you know if I wanted
to buy fat quarters on their own it would be about ten dollars but i’m
spending about thirty dollars to the box really for just bleep fat quarters so I
don’t at this point I don’t think I’m probably going to continue the
subscription but you know I’m still glad I had this experience and i’m glad i got
to to do this for a few months so we’ll see what box number three has in store
for September but at this point I’m kind of going towards cancel the subscription I’m just being completely honest I’m not
being these boxes are not this is not a sponsored video anyway and i’m not being
paid for both this is just my true honest opinion but I think what stash
builder box is doing is great and I think if you’re new and you don’t have a
lot of these supplies this would be a good option for you so that’s the August box did you get
this box will be tried a subscription let me know I want to hear your thoughts
and i will see you next time for September’s box