Stack and Whack Quilt using Turnovers!

Hi, I’m Deb Strain, and I love the Missouri
Star Quilt Company! Hi, I’m Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company, and we have a great project for you this week for turnover time. We have a Friday
night sew at our quilt shop and there was a girl there making a stack and whack quilt.
She was using this book. When I noticed the size of her triangle I went and held my turnover
pack to it, and discovered they were the same size. So, I decided that I would try the same
thing with a packet of turnovers. So, what we did was, we took the turnover, one triangle,
and sewed it with another triangle of a contrasting fabric. Then we took the other turnover and
laid it with a 3” by 8” piece here. When you pair those two together, you just lay
them on top of eachother, sew your ¼” seam, and you’re going to cut off this extra piece.
What you get is a block like this. If you put four of these together, what you get is
a block like this. Now, I’d like to show you that we used the Winter Song Turnover
to make a beautiful lap quilt. This quilt is just beautiful, stunning with the black
fabric behind it. The Turnover pack makes nine blocks, with one extra block that we
thought would make a beautiful pillow. Because the turnover is all from one line of fabric
it just blends together perfectly and makes it beautiful. We hope you enjoy your time
at Turnover Week, at the Missouri Star Quilt Company!