Square Quilt Block

Hello there and welcome to my channel in
this video I’m going to show you how to make a very quick and simple square
quilt block in this video I’m going to show you how to pre-cut your squares to
size now you can buy already pre-cut squares you can get them in 10 inch in
five inch and two and a half inch I think those are the only sizes but I
could be wrong let me know in the comments down below. So I have my
rotary cutter my fabric my ruler and my cutting mat I’ve just folded over my
fabric and it’s perfectly straight from the backside to the front side so just
double-check on that that’s up to you you can put it over to
there the one two and three and cut it there or you can just match it up to any
square and just go one two three. So I don’t know what size quilt you’re going
to make so I’m going to show you the technique of putting these squares
together so cut as many squares as what you think you’re going to need for your
project so I’ve cut mine along the free inch mark here and then I’m going to
open this fabric out and I’m going to find my three inches of squares and I’m
going to cut along there so just make sure it’s all square and cut and then you’re
left with a three inch square so obviously the bigger the squares you’re
going to use the quicker your quilt is going to be to quilt and obviously the
teeny tiny squares that you cut is going to be much longer so just take that into
consideration if you are a beginner and you are starting off so I have a whole
batch of three inch squares all cut out here and let’s go over to the sewing
machine. Now because my fabric is a light color I will always use a light colored
thread to match this light color will be in both my top thread as well as my
bobbin thread if we are using on a regular polyester thread on
just general cotton fabric a 90/14 needle should be fine for this task I
recommend that you use polyester thread opposed to cotton because polyester will
hold up and last much longer than a cotton thread I also like to take down
my stitch length a little bit so i’m going to leave it on a two point zero I just
like it to be a little bit narrower when I’m joining seams together. You will
also be needing your iron so now would be a good time to turn that on so let’s
start creating this square quilt when we’re working with fabrics there’s generally
a right side which is the printed side and there’s a wrong side which is an
unprinted side and on cottons it’s very obvious unless you’re working with a
Baltic print I think that’s how you pronounce a where the print is on both
sides but as a general rule of thumb most Cotton’s have an obvious right side
and wrong side so to start creating this square quilt we are going to put the
turquoise and the coral right sides together like so now if you want you can
pin down here but there’s really no need you should be fine just hold them both
together and then we’re going to sew right along here so when you’re quilting
more often than not you’re always using a quarter of an inch seam allowance now
I have a foot for my machine that measures a quarter of an inch allowance
so however you measure a quarter of an inch that is the measurement we are
going to take when we start sewing these seams together. So here my two three inch
squares lined up right at the start of the needle and they are both right sides
together and we are now we’re going to sew down this seam
now you can take a speed dial down just while you get the hang of it but just
sew a quarter of an inch seam. So here you go this is your first square or two
squares all quilted like so now the best rule is turn it over and you are
going to press this seam down now you’re going to press it to the darker side of
the fabric with this one it’s kind of here nor there. I think I’m just going to
press it down to the teal side. Now this creates this nice flat looking finish
and it also serves a second purpose and I’ll show you why later but all I do now
is get my next square section for my quilt and I am going to put it right
sides together and I’m going to do exactly the same thing and sew a quarter
of an inch then I’m going to press this again and
I’m going to go one way with my seam pressing and I’ll tell you why later I’m
going to do my last one with you right sides together a quarter of inch down and just press one more time remember to
be going in the same direction is what we took the previous ones now you go
ahead and finish this row and also finish the second row and I’ll meet you
back here and I’ll show you how to connect them both together. Now do you
remember how I said to you have one seam pressed one way and one seam pressed
another way on your fabric now I’m going to show you why. Here are my first two rows now
I want to make sure that I get a perfect line going all the way down here and
this is why we pressed one on one side and one on the other side okay if you
look at this right here where we folded these two fabrics the opposite way it
creates this nice Center seam so the best thing to do here is get a sewing pin
and grip that into place so when we take it over to the sewing machine we don’t lose
that nice Center mark these are right sides together don’t forget and then
once you lay one flat together the next one will fall into place also so I’m
going to get another pin and I’m going to grip it and I’m going to move on to
my final section here and grip that into place so as long as you get them seams
perfectly matching right sides together you should have a straight line when you
sew straight down here so here’s my fabric in place I have my quarter of an
inch seam and we are going to take our pins out we never sew over pins I have
once sewed over a pin and it flew out and almost hit me in the
eye, so please be careful do not ever sew over your pins So approaching our first
pin take it out we’re approaching our next pen let’s take
this one out now if you need to straighten this up at
the end of straighten it up if you have to just tug it a little bit just a
match up with the one underneath that’s what you do that’s perfectly fine and
let’s continue on. here we go the moment of truth is it straight let’s
have a look, pretty much this one could be a little bit better but it’s pretty
much straight enough so don’t forget we’re gonna press this open as well so
let’s just press it down so you end up with something that looks like this this
is a basic square quilt block so if you want to make a very easy and fast quilt
the square quilt block is definitely the route to go now with this you would just
continue going across and continue going down until the size you actually need it
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