Space Blocks Kids Quilt Tutorial

Hi I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Take a look at this great quilt behind me. Isn’t this adorable? The fabric is so awesome on this. This fabric is called Rockets and Robots. And it’s by Blue Skies Studios for Benartex. And it’s just darling. And I really thought it lended itself to this
simple design which is just like a stacked brick design. I also used a panel in it. And so it goes with our panels and pre cut
ideas. And I did, I just used a ten inch strip right
here in the middle to break up the pattern and give it some pizazz and some umpf! So let me show you how we did this. This is super easy. You guys are going to love this. So for this project, again what you’re going
to need is one layer cake and a ten inch strip of fabric and the panel. So let me show you how to do this. So you’re going to take your ten inch layer
cake like this and you’re going to just cut that in half. And so you get two pieces like this that are
five by ten. And so it makes it just really easy. That’s all you do. You just cut your layer cakes in half. And then we’re going to stagger them. So when you lay those out you’re just going
to lay out your, your fabrics like this. And the staggering actually happens on the
ends. So when you start the second row, you’re
going to put your, you’re going to cut one of these in half and use half of it on the
edge. And that’s going to give your stagger throughout
the whole thing. It just works really simple that way. So we’ll put another one here. And you’ll see over here then we have room
for a half block. So every other row will have this half block. So you can see them here. You know so you just cut your layer cake in
half, lay them out. And then you’re going to use those half
blocks on the ends and you can make this quilt. So this is the Rockets and Robots panel. It comes with 15 little pictures on it so
there’s a lot of them to choose from. And what I did to make this strip was I just
cut a ten inch strip of white fabric. And I chose the little pictures I wanted on
here. I cut them out and ironed them onto Heat N
Bond Lite. And then I, you know, peeled the back off
and I just set them on the strip. And I set mine kind of wonky. You can see. They’re just a little turned and tilted,
ironed them in place. And then I just machine appliqued around them. And you can use any method of applique that
you want. I used a little blanket stitch and just went
around mine. And once you get all those appliqued then
you’re going to put it in between your rows of bricks. So I’ve got four rows below and you know,
that many rows above. I just kind of wanted to off set it a little
bit. But do you remember me saying that there’s
like 15 of these on here. Well let me show you what I did with the rest
of them. So I took the rest of the, some of the rest
of these little appliques. And I again just sewed them on another and
I think it’s ten inches or 12 inches of fabric that goes with the line. This yellow is part of the line. And I did the same thing where I just machine
stitched around them and ironed them on, and I made this darling little body pillow. I put the two pieces together and I bound
the outside of it just like you would a quilt because I wanted this little, you know, just
something, a red pop on the outside edge of it. And I’ve got to tell you I finished this
up and one of my little grandsons was in here. And he just ran toward me. He wanted this pillow so bad. So even little guys like body pillows. And, and, and so anyway I just wanted to show
you what I did with the rest of those. So this is a super easy quilt. Just the brick blocks and a little bit of
applique to make it exciting. And we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from
the MSQC.