hey everybody and welcome to another
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area so welcome and yes as advertised this week we’re talking all about some
of the new sewing machines I’ve been seen around stay with me because that’s
all we’re gonna be talking about this hour it is Sunday August 27th and I
don’t know about you guys but I am pretty excited about tonight’s season
finale of Game of Thrones if there’s any Thrones fans out there let me know I’m
gonna pop up the chat window shortly so that we can all secretive he’s talking
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alright we got a couple comments already we’ve got Vic is it Jett Jess I’m not
sure if I’m doing that totally for Alling let me know from Mississippi
Canada Delaware and Thank You Vicki yeah I don’t know I just I feel like I’m
coming down with something and it feels kind of gnarly so yesterday I was a
little bit like totally out of it but yeah I didn’t get I in full disclosure I
have not done any sewing this weekend just because I was like well so I don’t
know what I’m gonna do that I did get a little bit of editing done and if you’re
if you are a get a fellow Game of Thrones fan let me know
what okay let’s let’s have a couple questions so you’re any of you are not a
Thrones fan I apologized but I’m just so excited about this show that I can’t
help myself if you’re a game of Thrones fan what do you think is gonna happen in
tonight’s episode wait do you know especially after last week which I I was
following some comments on Twitter and people were talking about the dragon and
I I’d never thought I could bring myself to feel so emotionally invested in a
fake computerated dragon but I am I loved those dragons they’re the best
part of the show I just loved all like their motions
I know drag is not real but I wish they were and I just love what they’re doing
with the dragons I love seeing them fly and I’ve loved seeing them you know girl
from little baby dragons to being like the size of a jet plane
I think the dragons are like by far the coolest thing on the show for me for me
personally but yeah Wow Denver Oakland okay JP is going to a game of Thrones
viewing party now I have to ask what I wonder what kind of snacks they’re gonna
have are they gonna have like some themed snacks you know maybe some like
dret you know what me I really do want to do some some Game of Thrones like
crafty stuff maybe I will try that and if you haven’t checked out the video
from earlier this week I did make I did reveal my Game of
Thrones sewing project my Dracarys pillows so I’m linking the video below
if you’d like to watch it feel free it’s not really a tutorial it’s just more of
like a video showing how I made it but it was a lot of fun and it was a really
quick and easy project and I’m really loving what you can do with all the
Apple case stuff especially with heat and bond you can really take about
anything you want and make and applicate out of it and but yeah so anyways let’s
let’s get into it but yes Game of Thrones let me know what do you think
what do you think is gonna happen in the season finale I I am really looking
forward to it and I can’t I feel very sad that the next season is gonna be
like a year away that really kind of bums me out but what are you gonna do
but anyways we are gonna be chatting in this hour so over the past few weeks
I’ve been seen a lot of ads for news like I know it’s that time of
the year you know it’s like new car season I guess it’s a new sewing machine
season so I’ve been seeing so many ads in so many just like announcements about
new products coming out so I thought we would talk about I thought we would talk
about some of the some of the machines I’ve seen the impressions I have of them
now obviously um we all know you can’t buy every single sewing machine that
exists and sometimes I kind of wonder like if you just got a new machine last
year what makes these sewing machine makers think you’re gonna buy a new one
the next year like I’ve had my sewing machine for over two years and I really
don’t have an intention of getting like another one for a while just because I
still have I still am suffering from sticker shock from the first purchase I
have been trying to add some different types of sewing machines like again I’ve
been playing around with that cover stitch machine I have a serger I also
have a sailrite machine that embarrassingly I never use so that
there’s that and then the ever son company they a few about a year ago they
actually lent me the ever son sparrow 25 to test out and make videos with and I
was actually very pleasantly surprised and impressed by how much that she
machine can do and the quality of the machine for the price so that’s actually
one of the first that’s actually one of the first machines that first lines I
wanted to talk about so let me pop this up and yes hello I can’t believe how
many states where we got California Montana Montana is pretty awesome okay
Judy says drink some have some vitamin C I think that’s a good idea Louisiana and
to devan Louisiana I hope everything’s okay I know there’s a lot going on
weather-wise and if you are in Texas my heart goes out to you and your family
because I know Texas is dealing with a lot right now and there’s a lot of
there’s just a lot of turmoil in that area from from hurricane now tropical
storm Harvey so if you are in their area I hope you’re staying safe and I really
will be praying for you and your family families because I know that there’s
people there suffering and I feel very lucky to be here
so anyways that’s my my random random sidebar of the day that in the game of
Thrones thing all right so we got Vic I’ve had my son machine since my
birthday in January and I was looking forward to getting a more advanced
machine with more options I own a Janome my style 100 and it’s
very basic and you know that’s a good thing I do think we should touch on that
later in the show like and actually I think next week I do want to talk about
more about prices so this week let’s talk about new the new machines I’ve
seen and I think next week I really want to talk about the mindset that’s behind
how much you should spend at a sewing machine because I think it’s a very
interesting thing to discuss and you know there’s the prices of sewing
machines are just so all over the place it’s especially if you’re just getting
into sewing it’s really hard to to tell what you need and also how much you
should spend there are machines that are hundred dollars and then there’s
machines that are twelve thousand dollars like are they really that much
different and also you know how much you should how much you should you really
spend in a sewing machine so I think next week I think that’s what the top
base good topic is gonna be but uh let me bring up the first let me bring up
the first machine and I’ll keep reading comments okay so the first one I do want
to talk about is the ever sewn so ever sewn I have the obviously I’ve got the
uh I’ve got the twenty five so ever sewn is sorry I’m gonna move over ever so it
is coming out with the thirty so see and by the way some of my pictures they’re
gonna be an interesting orientation so I apologize in advance let me just try to
move the camera a little bit this way here we go so ever sewn is coming out
with the sparrow 30 and I’ve linked saw in the description box I’ve linked
websites where you can go to learn more information about any of these sewing
machines that we’re talking up because I’m obviously not an expert I don’t work
at a sewing machine store I’ve never sold them before and I don’t work for
these companies I just keep seeing these all over the place I thought it would be
worth kind of just kind of just discussing so this is the ever sewn 30
and I’ve linked that below you can actually get it on Amazon right now and
that’s one thing I really like about the EverSewn
is just how readily available they are you don’t have to go to a dealership if
you don’t want to you can just buy it online it comes to your house and I also
really like the eye I really like the affordability of this line if you’re not
familiar EverSewn is actually made by Bernina
because I actually met them at quilt con and the like I think it’s the fifth I
want to say the fifth generation Phillip Ulchi he was in charge of the Everson
line so we talked a lot about that and that’s how he ended up sending me one to
try out I have been very impressed by the 25 and if you have the 25 or if
you’ve tried it the 30 is even better so that ever since pero 30 okay let’s talk
about the first thing that you notice and that’s the color the color is blush
pink which i think is such a genius move for the sewing-machine community because
sometimes the sewing machines that are coming out in my opinion they’re just
not that aesthetically pretty and I know that’s such a superficial thing to touch
on and to have to think about but you know it matters to me I like something
that looks good and I think this spero 30 looks awesome
it’s such a cool color I mean they’re really going for that millennial pink
trend which i think is really cool alright joe says anyone have a thought
performance eyed Joe I do not but yes we’ve got it we’re getting a couple
comments so yeah if you have questions feel free to answer them and maybe
someone else if I’ve I don’t know the answer I’m sure someone in here is bound
to know so the ever sound okay okay and JB wants to know that ever since pero
thirty is 399 I looked it up and and I want to talk about some of the
differences between the 30 and the 25 I’ve made a few videos on the 25 if you
want to check them out they are on the sewing report Channel and yes so the
ever since pair 25 is great the 30 has more stitches it’s got like I think the
one I have is like over 200 stitches the ever son sparrow 30 has 300 in 10 stitch
designs stitch patterns including a 32 utility 84 decorative in two full
alphabets which for $399 I think is pretty impressive the
decorative stitches could be set up to a width of seven millimeters and it also
is a memory functions so it can remember your individual stitch combinations to
be saved and some features that I’m also really excited about the 30 is they’ve
added a thread cutter the 25 did not have a thread cutter although it does
have a need it does have a needle threader so the sparrow 30 is adding the
thread cutter this one also has adjustable presser
foot pressure which is something that 25 does not have it’s got a sewing speed
control which the 25 does have and it’s you know like the 25 it also has a
start/stop function and a needle stop up-and-down and it also includes seven
standard presser feet and here’s the big difference for me too is is it comes
with an extension table the 25 does not come with an extension table but I think
you could buy it for like 50 or $75 extra the 30 does so the sparrow 25 I
think is 329 and the sparrow 30 is 399 but you get a lot more stuff with the 30
plus let’s be honest the blush pink color is kind of amazing so if you’re in
the market for sort of an entry-level machine that can do a lot and is within
a fairly reasonable price I really think this 30 looks pretty cool all right we
got a couple more comments okay does brother have machines that are the same
as the sparrow Linda brother does have brother has so many machines and we’re
gonna get to some of the new ones I saw on the website but let me get another
picture of the sparrow okay so this is another picture of the this is the hand
wheel doesn’t that look awesome it’s like rose gold I’m kind of in love with
this machine I don’t need it but for some unexplained reason I’m just very
drawn to the ever-so Sparrow 30 and it is link below if you’re interested in
checking it out you can get it from Amazon Prime 399 and I think it’s a
really good price for the features you get I’ve actually tried out the alphabet
feature on the 25 and it was it was solid the stitching on it is solid if I
had one criticism for ever sewn it’s the it’s the buttonholes the I have a Janome
7700 and the eversince pair of 25 the buttonhole stitching on the Janome is
better but keep in mind the Janome 7700 that I have was $2,500 so $2,500 versus
a $300 machine you know there was gonna be a few things that may not be the same
but you have to figure out is it worth the price difference to you that is like
my one honestly out of all of the things on the machine that is my like one
criticism and the fact that I only have one is pretty amazing I have oh and um
you can also get a package I link to links to the ever since pero 30 there’s
one package I saw where it comes with the walking foot and the quilting
accessories so that was one of the packages I think that was for an extra
$30 or something which I thought was a real bit it’s still a good deal I think
the the package the extra feet I have it came with like a walking foot a stitch
in the ditch foot it came with the quarter inch foot with a guide on the
side and I think it came with one other foot I forgot what it was but that was
like 35 dollars so if you are looking for if you if you don’t really need a
huge throat space and you’re looking for something affordable but also that can
do has a lot of features I think the sparrow 30 looks like a
really great deal to me and if you love pink you got to go for it I have not
seen the only other machine I’ve seen that comes in pink are those Janome like
models that are more meant for kids you know what I’m talking about like the
ones that are like $75 but the colors on the Janome they’re a little more like
juvenile like they’re very bright I love the elegance and the color of the
sparrow 30 I think it’s a gorgeous machine and if you put it in your craft
room it would look amazing I I kind of want one just for that purpose even
though logically that makes zero sense okay Vic says how can we tell disposable
machines from those higher quality ones Vic I would really yeah and Heidi says
you can see the burning influence and that’s totally true you know and I would
agree I don’t think all machines are made equally but
at the same time I think that from what I’ve seen I think most manufacturers
have lower end and higher end models so I think it really depends on I think you
need to read a lot of reviews try it out if you can look at the machine in person
if you’re able to but I’ve owned Brother machines the only brand I haven’t really
owned I haven’t owned just I don’t own any modern singer machines I only have
the vintage machine and I would also say I haven’t really tried for actually yes
I’ve no I’ve not really tried fought except for a demo at a sewing machine
convention I have tried Husqvarna Viking during a
workshop I’ve tried burning as during workshops and I’ve also tried baby locks
and the baby lock domestic machines I will say so I think baby lock and
brother are somehow connected baby locks are a little more expensive I
will say the baby lock I used at a sewing machine workshop felt really nice
to sew on it had awesome functions it had very intuitive computerized
functions like it had some features like if you put your took your foot off the
presser foot it would automatically like dues like it would automatically like
put the needle down and like raise the presser foot or something so it had I
will say the baby locks I’ve used have had some very cool features I have not
seen elsewhere they are a little more expensive than the brothers I think the
brother brand is also a solid one I had a $400 se 400 it was a solid machine it
worked as performed and it was I think it was $400 when I bought it but I think
the prices dropped and that was a sewing and embroidery combination
I wasn’t we weren’t too impressed with the embroidery functions and in fact if
I had to get an embroidery machine I was telling someone I would just get a
separate embroidery only machine rather than get the combo
I don’t like switching stuff out like I would never get a serger slash cover
stitch machine combo because I would never use one of the functions
I like UI for sewing machines I actually have found over the years I like unit
askers I like sewing machines that can do one thing and then I could switch
from machine to machine so um I am potentially in the future
interested in embroidery and if I do that I’m definitely going to get a
machine that just does that does just embroidery versus trying to switch off
the unit and everything to me that’s just kind of a hassle joe says I made
the mistake by my machine right away as it was released I know the color the
color of this the ever sewn is just so gorgeous
I do wish more makers would jump on that bandwagon and make machines that were
just prettier like something that was more of a conversation piece in your
home rather than have like you know kind of strange colors you know again not
everybody likes red not everybody likes you know like like some of the colors
that these machines are so I think ever sewn is making some very smart marketing
decisions marketing and manufacturing decisions in that and again this machine
is a really good price it’s 399 and it comes with the table it comes with the
extension table so I’m I would be very curious to try it out I have not tried
it out although I’ve heard a couple of people who have but I have obviously
been using the Everson 25 for about a year and I’m a fan I like the machine I
think if you do some like light home decor projects you know maybe like some
baby quilts and you do clothing I think it’s a good machine I think it’s a good
machine for that especially if you’re not doing like larger quilts if you’re
mostly doing garment sewing I think the ever sewn sparrow line would
be a good one for you especially if you like burning into machines but you don’t
necessarily have the budget for a like a burning knit machine so I think it’s a
really smart idea that they’ve started a new brand that just has the same sort of
quality and engineering but it’s it’s more it’s more of a price that someone
just entering sewing can afford I think that’s awesome
alright we’ve got okay yeah and I’m Joe I’m curious as to why you felt it was a
mistake when you got something just as it was released what was your experience
let us know in the comments all right and we’ve got Linda maybe it is jukey
that has the same machines as the sparrow you know Linda I’m not sure
and I jukey is another brand that I don’t have a ton of experience with I’ve
tried out some of their long arm machines at shows I thought they were
they were good I’ve also had some experience long narrow mean on the handy
quilt doing long arm classes on the handi quilter machines and on the gamble
machines and I thought all of them were were solid
we’ve got Barbara September is national sewing month so that is why the new
machines are coming out I bought a Viking two years ago no
upgrade anytime soon yeah and Barbara I think a lot of us are
in your same situation you know a lot of us aren’t looking for his new sewing
machine every single year maybe every 10 years I don’t know but I the only thing
I don’t know at this point the only machine that I don’t have that I might
want would be like would be like an embroidery machine maybe but again I
don’t absolutely need one obviously I can make do with what I have I already
have like five sewing machines as it is so at a certain point I do feel like if
the sewing machine makers want more customers they need more people to so
rather than to try to get people who already so to upgrade their machines
because let’s be honest not all of us have the money or desire to upgrade a
machine or to get a new machine so let me know what you think of that – I do
think that I do really think that if the sewing machine industry wants to grow or
at least be future be sustainable in the future it’s gotta find new customers
it’s got to find different customers that don’t already so so let’s look at
some another machine so okay this next one I am I’m curious to know what you’re
gonna say about this so the next one is from baby lock and hold on a second all
right so the next one is from baby lock okay this is the baby lock triumph okay
sorry I’m gonna so this is the baby lock triumph this is a serger and I do have a
friend oh so Angelina and she works as a sewing
machine dealer and she is telling me that this baby lock triumph is gonna be
somewhere in the neighborhood $7,000 I love you say that again $7,000 I do have some of the stats for
the triumph and it does look cool so the stats on the triumph it says it’s got
something called revolution era threading and I know baby lock already
has cornered the market on the whole like jet threading air jet threading so
you can thread the loopers with just the touch of a button and then thread the
needles automatically with the touch of another button so this is I think the
first surgery I’ve seen that promises to have like push-button threading like not
just your typical threat like you know drop-down needle threader but this will
automatically thread the needles now I mean for $7,000 I would certainly hope
so it does seem to have the capacity for like seven spools of thread this is very
obviously a very very high-end serger so let’s chat about that if you own a
serger what how much would you spend on a serger that’s what I’m curious about
and I really wonder like what like what kind of customer is going out and
dropping $7,000 on a serger it’s definitely not me and I you know again I
don’t know I I have heard now I’ve gone to some sewing machines before the
sewing machine shows before and I remember having a conversation with a
couple people and they were basically like babylock sergers are the best you
can’t go wrong with the baby lock serger and they are worth every penny now I
don’t doubt that and I’m sure there are people out there that really swear by
their baby locks sergers now I have a 200 dollar serger the brother 10:34 D
and I think it works just fine it was $200 it’s a little bit noisy and
it does vibrate a little bit but $200 vs. $7,000 I don’t know if I could get
to $7,000 being that much different in the quality like I again even though I’m
sure that I have no doubt in my mind the baby lock triumph is about
surger I don’t know if I can get to the place where I would see that much more
value in paying seven thousand dollars I don’t know maybe I’m crazy yeah we got a
couple people just I was looking at financing this baby Locke machine we’ve
got a couple burning in two fans in the house too and I know I guess the gut
Sandra says she really likes to Everstone 30 yeah and and Stephanie says
what’s with the seven spools that’s throwing me okay kate says my husband
can buy a tramp motorcycle for $7,000 good point and in just as it says this
machine has tubes the thread goes through and yes I read that too and I
was like that that’s interesting now let’s run through some more of these
stats it’s got the revolutionary threading the automatic thread delivery
system no these are all trademarked pure lighting with six LED lights and a wide
workspace of five inches to the right of the needle and three inches tall it’s
got a full-featured differential feed it’s got a knee lift on it and it has
variable sewing speed control I mean this thing has some the features list
for this serger and now and you don’t have to just take my word for it I have
link to the website if you’d like to see more about it and if you do have a baby
lock serger tell me like why like why do you think they cost that much more than
other sergers I have I have used a baby lock ovation during I took a surgeon
class at a sewing convention and we use baby lock ovations now don’t get me
wrong it was nice and it was very pleasant to use but at the time I think
the ovations retailed for $6,000 and they were having a show special so like
if you’re not familiar if you go to these sewing conventions or if you’re
going to sewing shows a manufacturer or a dealer will like will basically
sponsor classrooms at the convention so like they’ll be the baby lock classroom
and then baby lock might give like 20 baby lock
you know triumphs so they’ll use them for a couple days for the classes and
then after that they’ll offer the most show specials so they’re kind of like
floor models are like you know obviously very
gently used machines and they’ll offer them for a great deal and from what I
remember at the time the Ovation special now these were they retailed for $6,000
and then if you got them at the show they cost like $3,500 so they gave you
like a what like a 4050 for like a 40% discount you know on a gently used
serger so if you are looking to get the baby locked rent maybe that’s something
you want to look into go to a show where you see that they’re gonna have the baby
lock triumph and then get the show deal and I have known it and you can do like
that works on all different kinds of sewing machines they you know they had
Bernina ‘s they you know like any any time the sewing machine maker will
sponsor that classroom they will offer really great deals just for the show
only because the sewing machine dealer doesn’t want to have to lug those
machines back to the shop so that’s why they offer them for such a good price is
because you know one they’re kind of gently used at that point and the other
thing is that you know then that saves them the work that effort the resources
of having to take those machines back so I don’t know how you feel about this I I
think they look good it looks cool and it’s got like a gazillion features but
my personal feeling I wouldn’t I wouldn’t buy this even if it was a show
deal for like thirty five hundred or four thousand dollars I just can’t see
myself spending more than a honestly anything over twenty five hundred
dollars I which was the most expensive machine I bought I just can’t really see
myself doing but what do you guys think about this baby Lock triumph and all its
gazillion features and seven thousand dollar price tag do you think this is
crazy or do you think this is like you know a girl like do you think this is
it’s worth it like I just I don’t know I haven’t obviously haven’t used it that’s
why I’m using photos and that’s one thing I will do if I talk about some
machines that I don’t own obviously I yeah I’m not gonna be able to have one
you know a video about it cuz I don’t own them I’d like to try them
out and maybe in the future I may be able to maybe go to a sewing machine
dealer and do a demo with them maybe if I have more time and I’m able to to put
up more videos but I saw these machines and I was just like this is this is
interesting and I really want to talk about this $7000 for a serger and I
don’t know I honestly like don’t know what to think so but I’m gonna see what
you guys think right now all right we got a couple more comments uh all right
Stephanie my brother serger works just fine Linda it looks like it is eight
cones a thread okay so so one’s like hot Linda I guess one is like hiding behind
some stuff and joe says my brother serger it was $200 good enough for me
all right Barbara you have a baby lock serger it’s 20 years old norc’s just
fine Barbara if you are willing to share this with us what what model do you have
of the baby lock serger how much did you pay for it at the time was it new was it
like a like floor model I let us know what your experience was and also if you
feel since you’ve had your surgeon for 20 years how do you feel it is as a
value over time owning it over a long period of time like what what’s the deal
I’d I know there’s people that are like real big baby lock die hearts and I just
kind of want to know more like why because I I’m having trouble
I’m just personally having trouble kind of wrapping my head around some of the
stuff all right vixx’s I wouldn’t pay as much for a
serger as I would for other machines how many options do you have for a serger
I’ve got Josh says I have a Janome 3434 D but I totally want this one and it is
so expensive all right Heidi so serger scared wonder scared me but I have one
Johanna I hate my brother for $200 the quality of stitches are uneven jb
personally don’t have a need for the triumph nor could i ever spend that much
on a machine probably wouldn’t spend more than five hundred dollars on the
serger i have the exact same surgery as you works great for me Sandra I bought a
jukey sewing machine July and I have to say it works just wonderfully Heidi the
price for the is off-putting Heidi I kind of feel the
same way you do I again I know that the sewing machine has different price
points for everyone I just want to know how many customers out there are
seriously looking at paying seven thousand dollars for a serger if that is
you awesome I am very like happy you’re in a position to do that but I don’t
know many people that are even people that are in the sewing business I don’t
know how many folks are really in the market for that price of a serger
I’ve got snow bunny they do that for sewing and quilting on the ship give a
discount for them yeah and snow bunny I think that’s something that if a lot of
people may not know if you are looking for a great deal on a sewing machine go
to a show go to an event like that where they will use machines and provide
machines then sell them for a discount afterwards I think that’s a really great
way of getting a better price on a sewing machine you want is to go to
sewing machine conventions like quilt con they were selling all kinds of
sewing machines at a discount because they were using them for all the
workshops and then afterwards they sell them for a great price and I was kind of
I was a little bit upset because I had just gotten I think I had just gotten my
machine like I don’t know I want to say like I like I now I own the Janome 7700
I paid $2,500 for it it did come with a few years of like servicing although I
have not taken them up on it for year two or three because I’m lazy and it’s
really far away from my house so whatever but the next year I went to
quilt con and they were having a show special it was like the Janome 8900 and
it was $1,700 so they were selling a better version of my sewing machine for
like quite a bit less and at the time I was like man why why and I was kind of
it was a little upsetting even though I obviously that was my fault and in
hindsight I do wish I had waited to purchase a better sewing machine until I
knew more about what I was doing because I think I would have picked him maybe a
Janome in this when I bought my machine it was right
before the skyline series came out and I think the Janome skyline series would
have been a better fit for me than the 7700 and they cost less but you know
what you can’t go back in time I’ve got the sewing machine it is a nice it’s a
great song machine but I do think in hindsight I should have done my research
a little more thoroughly and waited so I think I will say this if you are
thinking about upgrading mission your machine wait a few more months you don’t
know what else is going to come out and you want to make sure you’re getting a
really awesome price – especially if you’re gonna spend over $500 $1,000 on
it so I would wait go to one of these shows and also use these machines
because you know you want to make sure that the machine you get is something
that you have tried out different fabrics on and you’ve kind of seen it in
person I would say if you’re gonna spend over $500 make sure you are you do know
what the machine is like in person so that’s my recommendation I’m and I will
say some of the machines I’m gonna be talking about during this hour I don’t
know the prices of because I couldn’t find them I tried googling like you know
how much they were and I was unable to find them you had to go to a dealership
to get them so if you are more familiar of the situation and know what kind of
prices some of these things are let me know because I know that’s one
frustration that I think a lot of us have is the lack of transparency with
pricing with the sewing machines it’s like buying a car you know and sometimes
I think that kind of annoys people like it kind of annoys me I just wish they
would just list the price you know just list the price let us decide but when we
have to go to the place only to learn the prices I to me that’s kind of
annoying and doesn’t make me want to shop there I guess I don’t know all
right we got a couple of people too expensive for a Segway – hi Tony says
she’s got the baby lock evolution because of the ease of threading and
setup I used the different settings a lot when I had no Auto threading I did
not use or change of the machine paid about $1500 Barbara has the proline paid
$400 new in box that’s actually a good price although Barbara
are you the one that bought it 20 years ago so I guess with inflation $400 would
be more expensive 20 years ago than it is today
all right Sierra that triumph better make me coffee real sewing oh boy
Tony I didn’t need her by the Ovation so won’t be buying the triumph all right
Vic remember that people often buy not what they need but what is hi Santa some
will pay whatever they could suffer just so that they could say they have one as
long as they can afford a minimum payment I remember when I see the 60,000
to $70,000 vehicles driving around people don’t necessarily have tons of
money in Vic that’s a good point I think I read somewhere that like most of the
luxury cars in America that are sold are financed they’re not bought outright
so you get a lot of people driving around in these luxury cars that don’t
even have the money to buy the car outright they’re just getting the
payment they’re just doing the payments and in full disclosure that’s not really
how my husband and I roll we like to if we know if we don’t have the money for
something we just tend not to not to buy it so that’s how we have been operating
and I think it works for us I know it might not work for everyone and I think
everybody needs to live their own lives and I know it’s a very personal decision
how you choose to spend your money and how you choose to run your household
finances it’s obvious is something that you know you don’t want to be preached
to about you know just because I do things one way doesn’t mean you have to
do it or should do it the same way and that’s why I think the sewing-machine
purchase is such a personal thing I don’t think there’s a right answer for
everybody I don’t think that there’s a certain amount everyone should or
shouldn’t spend on a sewing machine I really think it’s up to an individual
decide on their own what’s right for their situation and then go with that
argaï game on line okay all right that looks like it’s spam I don’t really want
to build my own mafia empire but game on line thank you for joining us all right
we’ve got Jess I need a serger so bad Judy I paid $50 and bought an older
singer serger maybe from that 90s my rationale was that I wouldn’t feel too
bad if I did ear irreparable harm – it turns out it really hasn’t been
used more than twice Judy that’s an awesome deal and I’m kind of jealous Joe
if you had a business and used a serger exclusively but for what I use it for
mainly hemming or decorative no I got South Florida vegan I own a Husqvarna
Viking serger and paid $3,500 all right you are you are a high roller there
South Florida vegan and a Husqvarna designer Diamond Royal pair pays about
runs about seven thousand dollars if you use your machine every day it is worth
it all right Barbara yes so Barbara you got
a baby lock surge of 20 years ago for 400 dollars which I imagined 20 years
ago that was still that was still kind of expensive Kate as for price I tend a
one-week sewing program on an island in the US every year some of the older
ladies always show up with their newest and most expensive sewing machine
purchases and Vic says don’t feel too bad if you can’t feel like you can’t
afford things not everybody can afford the things that they own and that is
such a true statement all right well anyways let’s uh let me
show you another let’s let’s talk about some new other sewing machines and now
this one I apologize for the really hokey photo um I know it feels like it’s
like floating in space like I can almost like reach out and touch this thing ah
now this is one of the machines from the new brother and Novus line now brother
so brother I think has some sort of connection to babylock and brother
machines I’ve personally had good experiences with them I have used
several different forms I have a brother serger obviously I like it and I have
used some Brother sewing machines some like more computerized versions at a
sewing class and I liked it I think I think
brothers are a great value you get a lot for your money and I think they like
some of the things you can do it the brother machines are really cool like
they’ve got the brother scanning cut which is like I guess sort of like a
cricket and by the way I think in a future episode we should also talk about
that cricket maker thing that I just saw come out because that thing looks crazy
it can cut paper so I think in a future episode I wish I could try one out I
don’t know it’s 400 bucks I don’t know if I want
by one but it looks very interesting to me so if you have a cricut maker and I
guess it can cut fabric really well so I think that could be interesting I have
an older cricut expression from like 2009 and you know it was I got it off an
infomercial because I’m a real big sucker for infomercials and I have not
used it nearly as much as I should to warrant the price but but the new one
actually looks kind of interesting and I’m kind of curious about it anyways
back to the brother though so brother has an Innovis line and when I was at
quilt con last year I did get to see a really cool one in person it does some
amazing things and the one thing I do think that’s cool about the brother
lines is that they’ve got the I Brodeur a website where you can download all
these designs they license stuff from like Disney and Star Wars so if you’re
really into embroidery I think and that’s it I’m actually kind of
interested in the brother embroidery machines like if I had to purchase one I
think I would actually go with that brand I’ve heard good reviews on them
and I do like they’re really huge library of designs so yes so this okay
we got a couple more comments Barbara that price makes the $200,000 combo
serger covers did sound good all right Judy says she splurged on the brother
scan and cut and Judy let me know how you like it like what do you use it for
I I don’t have a ton of time right now so that’s why I I feel like I don’t need
anything else but maybe if I’m ever given the chance maybe I would maybe I
would do some more crafting I don’t know but uh okay and Tony says some baby lock
and I guess brother machines are made in the same Factory
alright the Cricut maker machine says it can cut sewing patterns out oh it is
linked to simplicity now Linda I wonder can it only cut like small sewing
patterns or do you think I can cut will be able to cut larger stuff cuz that
actually would be kind of cool all right sherry says I would not buy it unless I
was a professional seamstress and could afford it
Barbara that brother machine is sewing did showing Disney motifs which makes it
expensive I looked at it and felt it was too expensive for me and here’s the
thing I was trying is so brother has a bunch of new lines and I’ve linked to
the website below they’ve got the Innovis and asks 1750 D now these names are all like very long and complicated this is a
so a combination sewing an embroidery machine they also have the Innovis NQ 3600
D which I believe is the machine that’s on your screen right now this is also a
combination sewing an embroidery machine with the Q Series line-up and brother
has so many machines I get them I get them really confused like a lot of
brother has so much stuff out like it’s kind of crazy this offers new
state-of-the-art features such as automatic thread trimming system giving
you the opportunity to cut every jump stitch for your convenience the large
Burke’s face automatic height adjuster feature and pivot function all make it
easy for sewing and quilting projects expand your design capabilities with the
generous 223 built-in embroidery designs including 35 designs featuring Disney
characters obviously they’ve got the lock down on Disney because they’ve got
Minnie Mouse up there they also have a new embroidery only machine called the
ANOVA’s and q 1600 e this is it says it’s durable and affordable I have not
been able to find any prices for any of these so I apologize I have no clue how
much these cost if I had to guess I would say some of
them look like they’re three to four thousand dollars retail so like
especially this one the one that’s on your screen that definitely looks like
it’s at least 3 grand to me I don’t but again I’m just guessing I don’t know and
um you know when you click on it it’s like you need to go to the website to
you know go to a dealership to find out I’m not gonna do that
so I guess I’ll never know or I’ll have to wait and I even tried looking at like
sewing machine forums to see if I could find answers but I was not able to find
any otherwise I was gonna report back all right we’ve got some comments from
Jill a more pricey machine buy from a dealer I have a $100 brother backup
purchased from Hancock along with my pricier one I think that’s a good thing
to go so you have one in case something happens to your good one like it’s in
the shop or something and then you’ve got the good one for most of the time
all right we’ve got Linda I think the Cricut maker would only make
all our sizes since the width of machine is restricted yeah Linda that’s what I
was thinking too because I think it’s only you can only do things that are 12
inches wide so unfortunately for dress makers that might not be that helpful
because then you know you could only cut like I know like doll clothes or baby
clothes or something all right Judy’s since I want to be able
to do my own designs I thought this would give me unlimited options and
don’t have to buy everything cutting kam okay so she’s got the brothers scan and
cut this brother and Tony says this brother is the same as the BL adventure
adventurer – I think people complained about the small screen this does
actually looked like a cool machine and oh and the other thing that I saw
its that brother has some new and I’ve linked these below too so brother has
some new cover stitch machines that look intriguing to me obviously I’ve been
using the the 1000 CPX that the fine folks at pink castle fabrics have hooked
me up with for a short period of time to make some videos with it is nice and but
the brother machine is actually look kind of interesting so let me talk about
the brother cover stitch machines so this one I think is like I think I saw
it is like $5.99 or $6.99 it’s the brother CV three four four zero now this
one this one kind of looks more comparable to like the the Janome I
guess but it does look like it has it has a slightly smaller bed on it so this
one I think I saw on some website it was available for I I think it was six I
think it was $6.99 so the brother CV three four four zero was $6.99 so that’s
actually more expensive than the Janome one thousand CPX but they have another
model called the Brother CB three five five zero and that is okay so this
machine I don’t have a photo of it but it is a brother it’s a it’s a
double-sided cover stitch so it’s more like an industrial cover stitch machine
as to where instead of on one sided having a twin or triple stitch it just
has that cover stitch on both sides and I saw a video on a deduction
look kind of cool I have no idea how much it costs so obviously it’s got to
be more than the the low like lower tier model so it’s got to be over $700 if I
had to guess I would guess $900 if I had to guess I would say the double-sided
coverstitch is probably at least $900 or above which is a few hundred dollars
more than the Janome 1000 CPX so again these are not super cheap machines and I
know brothers uh brothers coverstitch machine is like what three I think it’s
like $400 now although around credit the holidays I noticed the price dropping to
like 320 so if you wait until the holidays and you want to get the brother
lower and cover stitch machine usually around the holidays you can get it for
you know like maybe 50 bucks off all right we get a couple of our comments we
got a guess bleh Disney is like trademarked or something yeah so yeah I
think if you do if you sell clothes you make on it you don’t get in trouble but
double check all right Claire Sierra wants to know if you we talked about the
ever sewn hero Sierra we did not although that is available on Amazon and
I think it’s five I want to say it’s $5.99 so I did that does look like an
interesting machine I don’t know how the embroidery is on it but it does look
cool and that one is about so that’s $200 more than that ever sewn Sparrow 30
but I guess Sierra if I was gonna get an embroidery machine I would actually just
get a separate a totally separate embroidery machine I was kind of eyeing
those brother ones up I think it’s like what the p7 70 or something like that
and that they have great reviews and again I like the idea of going with
brother because they do have the ivory library so they have a lot of options
for designs and I think they look pretty cool got Barbara oh and Vic yes we are
all talking about American dollars us this is us I’m in the good old US of A
so just do some machines go on sale on Black Friday would that be a good time
to buy Jess I did see on Amazon I saw a lot of deals around Black Friday and
during the holidays with the Lightning Deals so you definitely want to keep an
eye on that especially because I noticed and I’ve
noticed the prices of sewing machines have been fluctuating throughout the
year like the brother cover stitch machine I kind of almost wish I
obviously have the Janome now but for a while the price was had dropped from
like 394 to like 320 and I was like oh now that it’s 320 I’ll have time to
think about it but then the price jumped back up so if you do keep your eye on a
specific machine and you see the price drop I would get it then but around
Black Friday they do have a lot of Lightning Deals the only thing is you
got to be real quick with it because they only have so many they offer that
price so if you don’t get it at that time oh excuse me you’re kind of Sol so
just make sure that if an Amazon will advertise the upcoming Lightning Deals
so you can see like hey the sewing machine I want is gonna be a lightning
deal at nine am so just be ready by your computer or by the app and just be ready
to hit hit hit Add to Cart all right vixx’s is the Viking considered an
embroidery machine or domestic Vic I know that Viking does have a lot of
combination ones I did use a Husqvarna Viking at a sewing workshop once it was
okay I wouldn’t say it was personally I didn’t know I just didn’t feel like I
was jogging with the machine it could have been just me because I know a lot
of people that swear by Husqvarna Viking but I used a combination sewing an
embroidery machine and I just kind of found it to be finicky for me and I had
some issues with it but again it could just be me so if you are interested in
that I would recommend trying it out for yourself and seeing what you think
because as you’ve seen from even these comments everybody likes something
different so there’s really not one right answer or a wrong answer it’s
pretty much what you what is the best thing for you all right oh and there’s
another machine I do want to talk about as well we’ve got a couple more all
right so the next one if you are in the market for a an industrial or
high-performance machine but you also want features there is a new machine
coming out from Janome and this is called the 6700 P and I’m actually
pretty just about this area let me just I don’t
know if I should cover up my face or whatever but let me put this up on the
screen cuz I’m actually pretty excited about this one and I saw Brenda from
pink castle fabrics talking about this and demoing the machine and it looks
pretty cool I don’t know what the price is gonna be on this again again
sometimes it’s hard to find the prices cuz they don’t put them on the websites
and stuff but this actually looks like a pretty cool looking machine if you’re
into I would say if you’re into quilting pretty hardcore this might be a good one
so this is the Janome memory craft 6700 p professional sewing machine it’s the
first domestic flatbed sewing machine with the one-step needle plate
conversion the Janome memory craft 67 or 6700 p is the fastest domestic machine
in its class it sews up to 1200 stitches per minute and it’s got ten inches a
flat seamless work area once the large extent of the okay it’s got a 10 inch
work area and you can also get a large extension table for it so this will be a
great machine it’s and one complaint you know again one frustration people might
have about the industrial machines like the dukey’s or you know the Janome 1600
is that it doesn’t have some of the features of a domestic this one is a
marriage of both basically it’s a high-performance more industrial machine
but it’s also got like a lot of computerized functions which is
something that some of the other machines that are high performance do
not have alright Tony don’t oh and Tony says she missed the Everson 30
discussion don’t worry Tony because you can watch the replay and catch it all
over again so don’t worry and Tony if you collect sewing machines that’s
totally okay Jess wants to know if you if they would sew leather that’s a good
question I’m reading these stats now and it does say okay so it has a very large
work area if you got the extension table it’s got 200 built-in stitches nine
one-step and holes to alphanumeric fonts
including nine millimeter lettering in numbers that’s a little bit larger than
some of the other machines I’ve seen you can customize you can customize each
stitch using buttonholes plus save as a favorite stitch plus this model has
customization of the direct stitch a screen you can you can put your favorite
stitches on I guess the home page of it and it also has the Accu feed flex
layered fabric feeding system and I can speak from personal experience I really
do like the Janome ease walking foot capabilities it’s it’s been very good to
me and I do enjoy the Accu feed feet and it’s got manual controlled foot pressure
which can be adjusted in every in very small or large increments to perfecting
stitch with your perfect fabrics with your chosen fabric so that’s cool that
you could change the I really like machines where you can change the
presser foot pressure because if you’re sewing with a thick fabric versus a very
thin fabric that does make a difference and just I don’t know if it’s sews
leather I dunno Janome this it does say it’s more of like an industrial machine
but I don’t know how it would do on leather if you do have questions about
it I’ve linked to pink castle fabrics below in the description box and I would
definitely recommend reaching out to Brenda or Jason at pink castle fabrics
they would definitely have more answers for you and I do know that they do
recommend the HD 3000 for leather and thicker materials and that’s actually a
very inexpensive machine I think that one’s like four or five hundred dollars
I want to say but I would definitely check with pink castle fabrics because I
have seen them doing a lot of demonstrations and talking a lot about
this machine and that’s how I found out about it it looks cool so yeah there’s a
lot of very different machines coming out in the market and I’m excited so on
one hand I’m excited to see some new stuff come out although on the other
hand I just kind of wonder like you know how many machines can can the current
crop of people so and really buy I don’t I don’t know but these manufacturers are
coming out with new machines all the time and sometimes it’s a little hard to
keep up so let me know what you guys think of some of these machines that are
coming out is there one of these that you would actually be interested in and
also you know like what would make you want to upgrade your machine or do you
really want to just keep the one you have obviously there’s no right or wrong
answer but I’m just I’m just curious Linda says I have the baby lock
evolution and love it it has a looper threader and so is beautifully every
time Linda I am glad you have a machine you like and I have used the baby lock
surgeries I think they are very good I just know though that sometimes
they’re not in everybody’s budget and I have the 200 all our brother serger it
works it’s not the smoothest sewing experience because again it does have a
little it does tend to shake a little bit and you know it is a little bit
noisy but it was $200 so I’m pretty okay with that
you may not be but I do think next week I want the show’s topic to be talking
more about money and sewing machines so if you are interested in checking that
out be sure to subscribe to the sewing report channel and hit make sure to hit
that notification bell because that will tell you whenever I’m going live or
upload a video so you don’t miss anything and okay we got a couple or oh
we got amber joining us and amber if Amber’s a friend of mine and she
actually has a small business she sells some baby items it’s called milk and
sugar baby she has some really cool stuff be sure
to check her out and amber says I love ugly new machines but in reality I’m
usually just doing a straight or zig-zag stitch amber aren’t we all and I would
like to start using some of my decorative stitches on the machines I
just you just don’t get around to it so maybe someday maybe someday I will
I don’t know you’ve got Tony Cobra machines are for leather specifically I
think there was almost an almost home version for about twelve hundred dollars
that’s actually a good price and I know the sale right I have is good on leather
I just I personally haven’t found it to be that user-friendly for me so I
haven’t used it my husband’s used it a couple times he
likes it but I just I don’t know there’s something about it that I just can’t
I’m not meshing with it so I have really used it which is kind of embarrassing
and I apologize my desk has been shaking a little bit
we’ve got JB same ISO garments for patterns in that that it’s
really all the stitches I need and if you do sell a lot of garments I would
agree with that I don’t if you’re just sewing clothes and you’re just doing it
for fun as a hobby I don’t really personally see any reason
why you need to drop thousands of dollars in the sewing machine if I did
have a recommendation though I would get unit a scores get a domestic machine get
a serger get a cover stitch machine just for all the different functions you’ll
use them for and I think those will serve you well so we got Vic I started
with a basic machine I’d love to upgrade as mine has its limits I try using a
twin needle recently and I don’t think it’s possible
Vic I also could not I the twin needle and I did not we’re not a good
combination I tried to do a twin needle hem on a t-shirt and the stitching just
totally ripped out so I don’t know but I couldn’t I couldn’t get it to figure out
all right and I Vic says Barbara says Vic be sure to use the zig zag throat
plate but yeah I when I tried to use the twin needle I just got a lot of thread
breakage and I just and the hemming I did do just kind of immediately lipped
out so I don’t know that’s why I’ve really enjoyed being able to use a cover
stitch machine but again I know that may not be a reality for everyone right now
but you know we can always dream right we can always dream amber says I would
like to get a serger because I think that would make a ton of projects to go
faster amber it definitely would and amber if you are just looking for kind
of a budget one go for the brother 1030 for D it’s again it’s not like the most
high it’s not a baby lock but it’s 200 bucks and it has made my life a lot
easier for sure amber I’ve got a couple videos about Brother serger tips like on
threading and just some things I picked up from using a serger but amber I know
you would definitely benefit from having a serger especially with all the work
you do I know you um you know and actually you can use the serger function
you could actually use it to finish some edges if you wanted to if you like the
look of it you can also do rolled hems which is something I haven’t explored
yet but something that I want to explore with my own serger is the narrow rolled
hem and I do think having this sir would make things it would
definitely make a lot life a lot easier for you and it a $200 price point that
brother 1034 D is an is a really excellent value I don’t really find it
to be that cumbersome to thread the machine I know some people do but once
you get the threading down it takes you less than five minutes to thread the
whole thing so once you learn how to do it you you get you get it so I don’t
find it to be too much of a hassle to change out the thread colors either so I
changed the thread colors out I also have been started to use like a stretch
stretch sorry I cannot talk today a stretch thread or like a woolly nylon
thread in your loopers that will also help and if you’re doing a narrow rolled
hem it’ll give you a nice filled in stitch rather than having a bunch of
gaps in it but for garment sewing especially having a serger has really
changed my life and made my garments a lot better got Jo all my jimmies have a
speed control a Vic ID I’d be able to do a plain zig-zag with a single needle can
I Barbara can I use the same plate amber I would like to get into cloth wipes and
nursing pads and smaller items and it would be so nice to be able to finish
those edges with the serger I will look up the brother amber you definitely
should and there’s tons of videos on YouTube for how to use the serger and
also there’s a craft c class I got about using a serger and the woman used
several different types of Searchers so if you want to like go to entry level
one you could still follow along and if you had a higher end model you could
still follow along but there are so many resources on YouTube I found for the
Brother 10:34 D I think it’s a good one I and I from personal experience I have
had really no issues with my serger occasionally I’ll have to rethread it
like something will go a little funky but it’s not anything that busts up your
day and the stitch quality on my brother has been good I have not really had any
complaints once you get the tension down that’s pretty much it but again there
are so many videos for setting the tension and the one thing is I would
have the I think it’s the first the first style I always set the tension a
little bit higher just so that my stitches law
are a little bit tighter because that’s the one that stitch is the one that when
you pull your fabric apart that’s what meets the fabric so when I put my
stitches a little bit tighter I usually have it set at four and a half or five
it will you’ll make sure that your stitches don’t really come apart as much
but I love them I love the brother 10:34 D and I I just I’ve had it for about two
years and I haven’t had any major issues with it or any real headaches it’s been
pretty you know it’s really been pretty maintenance-free the only thing I do is
I clean it out every once in a while you’ll get a bunch of gunk in it so you
just need to clean it out but um anyways let me know what you guys think of all
these new sewing machines and new lines coming out let me know what you think
are you also planning to upgrade your machine or get a new machine any time
but I do think next week alright Joanna says I think I got a
lemon on a brother serger I’m so sorry Joanna that sucks and I do I do think I
I think you’re right though I think sometimes maybe I think with any brand
you may just get a bad one I don’t know if you’ve tried to contact brother but
if you haven’t you definitely should and try to see if maybe they’d be willing to
work with you on replacing it or work with you on trying to get a different
one I think that’s terrible and but yeah so anyways thank you guys so much for
joining us on this live show next week this sewing machine discussion seems to
be a hot one so I think next week we’ll definitely be talking about how much you
should spend on a sewing machine you know how to how to figure out what’s in
your budget and we can maybe share some stories about how we came to the
conclusion about you know how much we were gonna spend on a sewing machine how
did you come to that decision and also also we can talk about financing
machines should you or should you do it should you or should you should you or
shouldn’t you finance a machine so I will see you guys back here next Sunday
but thank you guys so much for joining me this has been a great discussion and
I will see everybody next week where we will talk about some money so anyways
I’m gonna sign off and um yes I’m looking forward to Game of Thrones so I
can’t wait to see I cannot wait to see what happens tonight I I mean I I’m so
nervous I will say the one thing I don’t want I
do not want tormund Giantsbane cannot die that guy
cannot die on the show he’s becoming my favorite character I think he’s starting
to eclipse Tyrion Lannister previously Tyrion Lannister was probably
my favorite character but I would say at this point I’m getting on to the torment
ship I really am tormented Brienne forever I kind of want to make a song
project dedicated to the two of them but I am very much I if anything happens to
tormund Giantsbane i may not be able to go on so anyways if you’re a game of
Thrones fan happy viewing tonight and also happy sewing today if that is in
your plans I’ll catch everybody later