Snowman Mini Quilt | Holiday How to EASY | Whitney Sews

Hi everyone! I’m Whitney and I post sewing
and crafting videos here on my youTube channel, Whitney Sews. Today I’ll be showing how to
make a snowman mini quilt. It is going to look exactly the same as the Snowman painting
I showed how to make last week, so if you haven’t checked that video out already you
can find it in the information icon in the upper corner of the screen. Now let’s get
onto the project. You will need blue, white, and orange cotton
fabric – the exact measurements will be listed on my blog. You will also need a light
to medium weight fusible interfacing and felt or buttons to use for the eyes and mouth. Start by making your pattern for the snowman.
I’m using my painting and tracing each section of the snowman separately. But you can just
make a sketch and use it if you didn’t want to make a painting. Then cut each body piece
out of fabric leaving a ¼ inch seam allowance for sewing and the carrot nose with a 1/8
inch seam allowace. Also cut two mirror images of each piece from your interfacing. I didn’t show this step, but go ahead and
fuse one piece of interfacing to the back side of each snowman part, including the carrot
nose. This helps the snowman look nicer and be more opaque. Place the fused carrot piece right sides together
with the textured side of the remaining interfacing piece. Sew all the way around with an eight
inch seam allowance. Carefully separate the two layers and cut a slit about 1 inch long
through the middle of the interfacing. Then turn the piece right sides out through the
slit. Use a pencil or something to carefully poke out the edges. You now have a carrot
nose applique! Now onto the snowman body. Place the pieces right sides of the fabric
to the textured side of the interfacing then sew the curved sides of the pieces, leaving
the straight sides that will be along the side of the quilt open. Flip all of the pieces through the open sides
so the fabric and fusible side of the interfacing are what’s on the outsides. Begin placing all the pieces on the background
fabric. Mine is cut to be the same size as my painting which is about 10x 24 inches.
Then one at a time, starting with the largest piece, iron to fuse in place. Top stitch all
the way around each piece too. Then go to the next one and fuse then top stitch.
Repeat until all the body pieces and carrot nose are in place. Decide how you want the eyes and mouth to
look and sew on. I used simple circles cut from black felt. To mimic the black marker on the painting
I top stitched along the curved edges of the snowman in black thread, sewing each line
three times to make it more bold. Now it’s time for the quilting. Layer with the backing
right sides down, then batting, and the top right sides up. Then baste the layers together.
I used a spray basting and will have links below to the exact supplies I used. I decided to quilt curved lines in the blue
area around the snowman using my walking foot. I’m still new to using a walking foot, so
small projects like this are perfect for practicing on. After quilting, use a ruler and rotary
cutter to square up the quilt. Now onto the binding. Cut two strips 2 ¼
inches by the width of fabric and sew together to make one long strip. Iron in half right
sides out. Line up the raw edges of the binding to the raw edges of the quilt and sew to attach.
Then bring it around to the front and top stitch the binding in place. Then you are
done! This is a fun little project that is easy
and can be changed up in many ways. If you want to see more quilting projects including
mini quilts and mug rugs let me know by hitting like and commenting because I have more I’m
wanting to make. YouTube has been acting crazy lately and not
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by clicking my picture right down there. Over on the side I will have the snowman painting
tutorial this is based on and below it will be another of my videos you can check out.
Next week I’ll be sharing a unique Christmas ornament how to that you definitely want to
see. Until then, happy sewing! BYE!