Singer Quantum 9960, puntadas para patchwork

To join pieces of cloth of different colors,
it is sewn with a normal stitching, open with the iron and then you can do
these decorative stitches that in this machine They are number 19 and also 20. Press here first, it is the Utility Stitch Button
and then here to look for number 19 or number 20. that´s it. These are the patchwork stitches for
joining different pieces of cloth. In this case I will use number 20. Here I can change to make it bigger. It’s in 1, I’m going to press here to
make it double I will also change the stitch width
to the maximum. It´s 5, I press it , it´s 5 and a half, 6, and 7 that is the maximum I want it to be big because the pieces
of cloth are also big so it matches. I’m going to sew it here for example. I’m going to cut it so you can see. See how it looks like.