Simple Stitched Flipbook (with Vivian) | Natxhypy

Hi people!
My name is Nathália and this is my very first video speaking only in English (sorry for my bad English) So, this video is actually a international collaboration with Vivian from The Paper Letter Blog (that’s why this is in English) I’ll leave her channel linked up here and down in the description, go there and subscribe her. If you like creative ideas for snail mail, creative things to send to your penpals, you should definitely check out her channel, she has brilliant ideas, I’m pretty sure you guys will like it! You can also check the video where she shows a bit of the creative process of the swap she created for me, I’ll leave the link up here and down in the description. In this video I’ll be creating some kind of stitched flipbook to send to Vivian in the swap. We agreed with a swap until 50 grams, so it came out a little bit small like, my flipbook didn’t came like really big, but, ya know, it’s a really simple and really small flipbook. And as you know I don’t really have the best stationery in the world I have really simple things and most of the things I have I get from my penpals. So my swap maybe came out a little bit simple, but I made with all my heart, and I really hope Vivian like it. Well, if you like this video, don’t forget to thumbs up, and if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe, I may have more english content in the future who knows huh? huh! And also don’t forget to visit the blog NATXHYPY.COM and follow the blog on social media, it’s Facebook, Twitter & Instagram my nickname is @NatxhypyBlog I’ll leave the links for the social media down below, if you want to check or to follow, or to, anything! I’ve talked a little bit much, I guess for now that’s all and let’s get into to the video! To first start I choose 2 papers with Vivian’s favorite colours, blue and green. I used this crochet line and a large-eye needle to sew up the pages together. I lined up the paper and punched it with the needle and put everything together by stitching it. For the cover, I picked up some die cuts and sticked in the front. I also added some confetti stickers I had here. And that’s how the cover ended up looking like. I made some envelopes using a template I had here. In each envelope, I put goodies to her. I tried to send her goodies in the themes and colors she liked and I tried to separate it by theme and color. I’m also sending her some plant washi tape sample, in this tag, because I know she’s like “the crazy lady plant”… just like me! I put all the envelopes in the flipbook by using washi tape. The idea I had for this swap is that Vivian will be able to remove everything and re-use it. That’s why I’ll be sticking stuff with washi tape because I want it to be easy to remove. I used some stickers to decorate the flipbook and put it all over the flipbook as decoration. I have used some washi tape to decorate a bit more and also used more confetti stickers, the same I used in the cover. I used this alphabet clear stamps that I got from Aliexpress to write some words to decorate the first page of the flipbook. I wrote TO and VIVIAN. And that’s how the flipbook looks like. I used this very colorful line to wrap the flipbook and make a ribbon. In the swap I also added a letter to Vivian, which is in this plastic. I also made this kinda drawing I thought that it would be cool to send her and great to introduce myself to her. It’s a world and I wrote everything which is part of my world. For the envelope I really wanted to keep it simple, and I used stamps to decorate it, I used a big bird stamp and wrote her name again with stamps. Then I put the swap and the letter in the envelope, closed it and sent to Vivian! Now you appreciate some closer footage from the final flipbook where you can see the details! I know it came out REALLY simple, but I tried my best to make a great swap to Vivian. I really, really, really hope she likes it. Well, I guess for today that’s it. See you… Bye!