Sharara Lehnga 2 Stitching

Now we’ll start stitching the lehnga. We’ll give 1″ belt canvas at the front. Elastic at the back. We’ll stick this canvas over a cloth by press.. Now we’ll attach it with the front part. First we’ll give a raw stitch by joining the fabric and lining. We’ll do this for both front and back. Now we’ll do the same for the back. Now we’ll fuse the canvas with the cloth to attach it on the front side.. We’ve fused the canvas with the cloth like this. Fold this 1/2″ like this. then fold it again as shown. We’ll cut out the extra cloth leaving just 1/2″ for stitching. Now its time to attach it.. Font is ready! Hip is 30″ Front is 15″ We’ll reduce 2″ at the back which will become 13″. 1/2″ for stitching. 13″ It will stretch when worn. First we’ll join this. press with nails.. place the elastic and stitch together. join the other side as well. fold like this and give a stitch.