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hi everybody Jennifer here with the
sewing report in this video was actually a suggestion from Brenda she wanted to
see what kind of tools and goodies i usually keep in the sewing room so I
brought together a few of them and I wanted to share them with you so I will
start off by showing you elmer’s washable school glue this stuff is the stuff of
life is made up when i was in a binding class a couple years ago the teacher had recommended we use a
elmer’s washable school glue only because apparently it just has starch in it and
you can temporarily bind or baste your fabric and then it washes out
so we started using it in the class and it was seriously life-changing for me so she actually gave us this little
squeezy bottle to kind of make for more precise application and i’ve been using
it ever since I use it on anything I can get away with mostly woven fabrics that
doesn’t really work on it but anything woven i will glue baste it first so that
is an essential in my sewing room the other thing i always keep handy is a
lint roller i have several lint rollers in the two different rooms I work out of I always need one of those whether it’s
on whether during ironing or cutting or one basically quickly noticed a bunch of
fuzzies on it you always need several lint rollers so
usually keep a few one hand this one I think is by scotch 3M and it’s specifically for pet hair i find it’s
really sticky and it also helps because it’s got like a ton of sheets on it so
you don’t run out of it too quickly the next to life i have been using more
and more is this clover hot hemmer it is made up like I don’t know it’s like a
like it kind of feels like felt or wall or something but it’s got markings on it
so that you can have fabrics up to it and press it against it and it also
doesn’t no it doesn’t get affected by the iron
so i use this a lot when I’m doing precisely quarter inch quarter inch
folds or the half inch or inch so i find i use this quite often i usually keep it
by my ironing board also recently picked up these bias tape makers i got
mine from hobby lobby and it’s a there are so many brand at least once or twice
a month these are fifty percent off so i think i got these for about 250 each but
I’ve got different sizes and they work great i also love love love my air and water
soluble marker i usually use the purple side and its
air soluble so it stays on for a while i usually use it to mark lines for
stitching are for cutting or when I’m quilting i use it for marking straight
lines and then it washes out or you know after a few days it just kind of
disappears so I haven’t had any issues with it reappearing and i really like
this purple side the next thing in the list on the list
is these really cute little snips I got these off of amazon i originally
had a pair that i got from a gammill workshop but I lost them so I recently ordered a new pair and i
love these tips i keep the right by the sewing machine and I when I’m you know
done with a with a friend i need to come i usually use these or and i also use
these to cut close to the project because because the blades are curved
you can get very close to cutting something and it won’t cut into the
project so i think these were once a letter within the five-day dollar range
but I find them to be quite handy and also started using this leather tape I got from wawak i think it was about five dollars a roll
and as you know if you’re working with leather or vinyl or anything like that
you can use pins because it will mark hold them and also i find that the in
the next item on my list is wonder clips I don’t usually use wonder clips with
leather or vinyl because i find it they it doesn’t stay very well so i will
use this double-sided leather tape from doing like handles or you know putting
this together because it really stays very sticky and also doesn’t really go
up your heels so highly recommend this stuck if you work a lot with leather or
file and of course how can I forget wonder clips i think i got these off of some sort of
mass drop deal and I could get with i want to say they were twenty dollars for
50 I have these in two different sizes i have a larger green size but i find i
use these smaller pink lines a lot more see how cute they are they have
different lines on the backside markings you can mark like a quarter inch or you
know a half inch but I use this all the time when I’m so because they’re just so
quickly and also sometimes when i’m using pins I find it kind of distorts
the shape of the project so i think the wonder clips are amazing and i also use
the one on machine binding quilt binding so I use it a lot maybe we’ll do a video
on that and future leave me a comment let me know if that’s
something you’d be interested in I don’t have a lot of time to quilt so I love the look of hand binding but i
just don’t really have time so the last few quiltss I’ve done machine binding on them
completely and I think they look decent enough so if you’re interested in that leave me
a comment and i will think about doing that and the last item on the list is
not really selling related but i just find it uh it’s really handy in there i
always keep Mario Badescu special hand cream with vitamin e in the sewing
room I love this stuff it’s I think it says I
think this is six or eight dollars for a don’t know how much is in here i think
this is eight ounces which I think for a premium hand cream isn’t that bad of a
price and I usually order multiples off the website at one time and I can
usually find some sort of discount code for free free shipping or like ten
percent off so this stuff is like so with it’s like
whipped cream and it just feels really good on your hands and i usually put a
little bit on my knuckles and kind of rub my hands together because i have
really dry cuticles so the cuticles are really the the part
of my hand I find mostly moisturizing but this stuff is great and I’ve had
this stuff for like ever it is last quite a long time so if you’re looking
for a good moisturizer this Maria badescu stuff is definitely it well i hope you enjoyed looking at some
of my favorite tools around the sewing room if you like this video give it a thumbs up
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