Sewing Projects for Kids : How to Make a Shepherd Costume for Toddlers

Hi Shelly Cordsen here with Expert Village
and we’re finishing up our Sheppard costume. We’ve sewed up the sides and now we’re just
going to turn it inside out and there we are, ready to go. And then what we do now is we
are going to take our ribbon, as with our angels, or we have our rope here for our Sheppard’s
and we’re just going to feed those through the grommets so you’ll come in one side and
then come in again. We seem to have a fraying problem. Ok, then your going to pull it through
the other side and the other arm hole and all this is really doing is, is giving a form
fit to the costume, to the toddler. And now you just slip that over there head and put
their arms through and we pull this through tie it in the back and there’s our Sheppard.
Now we are going to work on the hat for the Sheppard.